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Slot Zombie Killer — Game Review

Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series @ BetOnline, Oct. 23 – 30

With the Halloween season almost upon us, BetOnline has decided to celebrate the occasion with the macabre Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series from Oct. 23 to 30. 104 ghastly events populate the schedule with guarantees amounting to more than $1.2 million, including a $250,000 Main Event. The focus is on eliminating your undead adversaries, and therefore, every tournament features PKO bounties whereby you receive a prize every time you dispatch one of your foes.

Betonline and the Chico Poker Network are hosting the Zombie Hunter Poker Series in October 2022

Series Format

Each day of the series, there are 13 spooky touneys to sample. They run basically around the clock, so no matter what your schedule is like, you’ll find events at a convenient hour.

Zombies aren’t exactly known for their creativity, and there are only two types of poker on the menu: No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. Every day, there are 11 NLHE events and 2 PLO/8 ones. A few 6-max and hyper tourneys do provide some variety.

Progressive Knockouts

As we’ve already mentioned, every MTT in this series is a PKO. What this means is that half of each buyin amount is dedicated to a bounty on that player’s head with the remainder added to the prize pool.

What makes progressive knockouts different from normal knockout tournaments is that upon the elimination of any given player, only half of the bounty associated with that individual is paid out to whoever knocked the player out. The other half is transferred to the bounty on the eliminator’s head.

This leads to larger and larger bounty values as the event progresses. The bounties in a PKO thus remain a strategically important amount of cash long past the point where they would have basically faded to irrelevance during a normal knockout tourney.

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Bubble Resurrection

In keeping with the theme of the Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series, there’s a way for you to revive your buyin from the dead. This only applies if you finish exactly on the bubble of a tournament. In this case, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid to enter.

Every event in the series comes with this form of bubble protection.

Daily Zombie Hunter Shootouts

Beginning on the second day of the series, Oct. 24, everyone who collected at least one bounty the previous day will be able to enter an All-in Shootout at 9:00 a.m. ET with a prize pool of $1,000 in tournament dollars up for grabs. The starting stack in this Shootout depends upon the number of bounties collected on the previous day as follows:

  • 1 – 5 KOs: 1 chip
  • 6 – 10 KOs: 3 chips
  • 11 – 20 KOs: 5 chips
  • 21+ KOs: 10 chips

Important Events

Among the 104 MTTs on offer, there are a few that stand out as being perhaps more potentially lucrative than the others. The biggest and most important events take place on the final day of the series, Oct. 30.

Event #97 is the series Main Event. It begins at 1:30 p.m. ET and costs $109 to enter. There’s $250,000 in prize money to be won. If the $109 buyin dissuades you from joining, then perhaps the $22 Mini Main, Event #98, would be more your speed. It starts at the same time as the Main Event and has a $50,000 guarantee attached.

There’s also a Micro Main Event that costs just $5.50 to play in for a $10,000 guarantee. It starts at 4:30 p.m. PLO fans, on the other hand, may wish to check out the $215 Omaha Main, which features Omaha Hi-Lo gameplay, comes with a $10,000 guarantee, and begins at 2:30 p.m. The Omaha Main Event is #99 on the series schedule.

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Another intriguing tournament with a $215 buyin is #100 on the menu. It’s called the High Roller although there are several other tournaments in the series with the same highish buyin. What distinguishes this one is its $75,000 guarantee, which is more than any other tourney besides the Main Event itself. This High Roller Event kicks off at 3:30 p.m. ET on Oct. 30.

Sign up to Play in the Zombie Hunter Series

In order to participate in the Zombie Hunter Poker Series, you must have an account at a site on the Chico Poker Network. BetOnline is the flagship site of this organization, and you can learn more about it and how to create an account in our detailed BetOnline Review.

The other rooms hosting this series, which are partners of BetOnline, are SB Poker and TigerGaming. You can access the Zombie Hunter Poker Series events from any of the three rooms.

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Killing Floor 2 Review – War With Zombies

Killing Floor 2 Review – One of the recommended best multiplayer ps4 zombie games for gamers to play is Killing Floor 2. In April 2015, the initial version of the game Killing Floor 2 was first released for Microsoft Windows. Killing Floor 2 itself is a zombie-themed first-hand video game, with the developer and publisher coming from the same company, namely Tripwire Interactive. However, Killing Floor 2 also received support from Saber Interactive.

However, Killing Floor 2 is actually a sequel to Killing Floor which first appeared in 2009. During the year, finally in November 2016, Killing Floor 2 was here for Windows and PS4. Following in August 2017, Killing Floor 2 came to Xbox One.

Killing Floor 2 Review: Gameplay

Killing Floor 2 Review: Basic Strategy

Actually the basic strategy can last until the last wave is not difficult. If you play in a team, then like all teamwork, you have to keep working in groups and keep in touch with the members. However, there are some other basic strategies you need to do, such as trying to save ammunition, trying to get a good healer, being responsive in determining the time to escape, and understanding in reading the map, where you have to know where you can attack using. weapons freely.

Basically, Killing Floor 2 itself is a recurring game, where you will be playing a similar challenge in subsequent waves. The enemy you are facing is also a magnetic enemy whose movements are quite predictable, whether it will strike sideways, swing legs at your body, etc.

Killing Floor 2 Review: Development Journey

As mentioned earlier, Killing Floor 2 was developed by a game company called Tripwire Interactive, which previously released a video game called Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad in 2011. On May 8, 2014, this game was released for Microsoft Windows and Linux. This game development is done using Unreal Engine 3 with super big modification. Initially, the developers thought about using Unreal Engine 4, but the final decision was to stick with Unreal Engine 4 so that the work being done doesn’t get canceled.

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Motion capture was recorded in San Diego, at Sony Computer Entertainment’s motion capture studio. In this studio, the process of creating character animation and weapon animation is carried out, both from a first or third person perspective. In this way, it is possible to record weapon animations with high image detail quality in Zed Time.

There are three points that are the main focus in the initial design of this game, namely bullets, blades, and blood. These three points are to describe the dynamic of the wound and graphic violence that can be seen in detail. According to them, blood stains are permanent equipment that should be on the map.

On the original Killing Floor on each enemy, there are five slash points. However, after further development, in Killing Floor 2 this number of dots has been increased to twenty-two, so that more variety can be shown in the cutting animation.

In the first Killing Floor 2 review game, there were no dynamic lights and other objects that could be destroyed, but in Killing Floor 2 all of this can be done. If in the first series the fight is highlighted at close range, then in this second series a blocking mechanism is added, where the movement to attack is governed by the direction of movement of the character of the player himself.

In addition, drastically increased the number of levels to spoil gamers so they can level up more regularly. Then, each benefit now has great skills that can be configured with the passive bonus.

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Then, in November 2015, Tripware added an in-game, in-game, cosmetic feature. This feature can enhance the decoration, but has no effect on gameplay. Until now, Tripwire has always been developing this game starting from 2014. Then, in December 2019, they announced that Saber Interactive expressed its support for the development in 2020.

Killing Floor 2 Review: Soundtrack

Like video games in general, Killing Floor 2 also has a distinctive soundtrack that is not inferior to other video games, to add to the real combat experience. The soundtrack used for the game Killing Floor 2 was composed by zYnthetic as well as a number of metal tracks from various artists. These soundtracks were released by Solid State Records on April 21, 2015.

In this soundtrack, there is no epic orchestral sound, but only a pure industrial metal sound. Even though it doesn’t sound too amazing, this soundtrack is a soundtrack that fits perfectly with this game, where you will get a more pronounced fighting sensation.


DeveloperTripwire Interactive
PublisherTripwire Interactive
PlatformMicrosoft Windows · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One.
PriceUSD $29.99
GenreFirst-person shooter, ‎survival horror
Official sitehttps://tripwireinteractive.com/

The Review

Killing Floor 2

82 % Score

this game can play solitary (single player) or communally with your friends (multi player). The essence of making this game is that there is a Horzine company, a biotech company that is known to have destroyed the world, starting with the UK and the European Union.


  • Very good weapon
  • Perks add to the experience
  • Best playing with friends


  • Long leveling time
  • many similarities with the first game
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