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Geisha Slots Review


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Geisha Slot Machine Review

The Geisha slot machine has been around for many years and is, by all accounts, a fairly standard Aristocrat game, with 25 pay-lines, a free spin bonus and all the regular sounds and graphics you would expect to see.

In terms of uniqueness, the big thing here is the theme. If you are a fan of Japan and especially Geishas (entertainers in historical Japan, that still exist today), then this could be a good slot for you to play.

Geisha does appear in Las Vegas casinos for real money, but it is not as common as some other Aristocrat games, like Buffalo and Wicked Winnings.

Generally, you need to really search to find Geisha slots in Vegas, but I have seen it in plenty of the older casinos and also in The Venetian and MGM Grand casino. One other casino I have seen it is The Flamingo in Las Vegas — I have seen it both in the main casino and also, the Margaritaville casino too.

If you are looking to play Geisha slots online for cash, then you might struggle to find it.The reason for that is due to licensing restrictions that mean you can’t find the game in online casinos designed for players in Australia, New Zealand or USA.

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One country where it is available to play for real money online is the UK — Britain has superb gaming licensing and regulation, which made it easy for their online casinos to strike a deal with Aristocrat and get games like Geisha slots into their casinos.

Hopefully we will see Geisha online for American, Canadian and Australian players soon, but it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon. All is not lost though, there are plenty of very similar games online if you live in any of those countries.

The best place to play games that are similar to Geisha would be an online casino listed in our real money slots recommendation pages.

What type of slot machine is Geisha?

Geisha is a classic 5×3 video slot that benefits from 25 adjustable paylines. The slot pays left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, with three of a kind being the minimum for landing payouts. Betting goes from $1 to $100 per single spin. With an Asian theme, there are plenty of symbols that fit the theme perfectly, like the Geisha, Temple, Dragon, Birds, Flowers, Fans, and Mountains. The Temple Scatter triggers free spins where all wins are tripled.

Geisha Slots FAQ

Can I play the Geisha slot machine for free?

Yes, a free play version of Geisha slots can be played at penny-slot-machines.com. The game loads in the web browser and the sit’e no spam guarantee means you do not get pestered by boring pop-ups, advertising, or email requests.

Can I play Geisha slots for real money?

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Yes, plenty of online casinos offer Geisha as a real money slot machine. It is also available in bricks and mortar casinos. If you prefer playing games at land-based casinos, visit the closest one, because it probably has Aristocrat titles, most of them do.

Are there slots similar to Geisha?

The Japanese theme is quite common, so there are plenty of video slots that come with Geishas. If we are talking about the gameplay itself, most of the Aristocrat titles offer adjustable paylines and free games like Geisha does — so you can also try Pompeii, or Miss Kitty.

Can I play Geisha slots on my phone?

The Geisha slot machine is available for play across all devices. The Aristocrat title can be played on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The quality of the game is completely the same on any device.

Can I play Geisha pokies for free?

Yes. You can play the Geisha free pokie machines online, including in Australia and New Zealand, at penny-slot-machines.com.

Can I play real money Geisha pokies?

Yes. Geisha real money pokies are available in many countries, at land-based casinos, or online. However, the Geisha game is not available for cash play online in NZ or AU.

Bonus Game in Geisha Slots

As far as bonuses go, I have to say I was a little bit underwhelmed by Geisha. It gives you 15 free spins, irrespective of whether you hit 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols and then it is just regular play after that, apart from all wins are X3. So, you can win big, but there is not much to really excite in terms of unique and novel features.

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Is the Progressive Pick Bonus in Smokin’ Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel a True Pick?

Smokin' Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel by Everi progressive pick reveal

Know Your Slots

One of the more popular games on the casino floor right now is Everi’s Smokin’ Hot Stuff Super Wheel. One of the big questions about the game, based on how is designed and plays out the progressive picking bonus, is if that bonus is a true pick.

Traditional common knowledge about slots is that generally speaking, if a slot shows the outcomes you didn’t pick, it was a fair pick, or true pick, and you had complete control over the outcome of the bonus; the odds of winning one thing over another only has to do the odds of picking one over the other.

This bonus shows the outcomes. So is it a true pick?

STATUS: All evidence, other than that reveal, is to the contrary. UPDATE: More recently, this has been confirmed to be a predetermined pick.

Signs that it was not a true pick are pretty easy to spot, if you know what you’re looking for:

  • The game has exactly three of each progressive tier on the true pick. This would imply you’d have an equal chance of winning any progressive level.
  • The game has pitchforks that will remove the lowest progressive levels if picked.
  • Despite all that, how many top jackpots have you seen floating around in pictures or on YouTube? Go ahead and check; I’ll wait.

There are 21 spaces on the grid, holding 18 progressive picks and three pitchforks. There are three of every progressive level, so there’s no weighting going on. Given that, and given the pitchforks could remove lower progressives, the chances of winning the Grand are a bit better than 1 in 6. But it’s not won that often.

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So, the alternative is they show everything else but it’s not real. I can’t think of any examples this egregious previously, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were other bonuses that showed the other options but wasn’t a true pick either. That said, having spoken with slot designers previously, they’ve shared that as a general rule, if you see the other options, it’s usually a fair pick.

So what does Everi say? Slot Queen got to preview some successor machines that carry over this same bonus during G2E in October. On one of her videos, seen below, she point blank asked the Everi rep whether the bonus was predetermined. Jump to 15:32 to watch her ask (it should jump basically to that question when you hit play):

His answer? “Oh, it’s always luck.” And moved right along pretty fast. So what does “it’s always luck” mean? You’re a lucky picker? I think it means you’re lucky when the game’s predetermined outcome was a bigger choice.

The evidence available would confirm it’s predetermined. But if someone from Everi is reading this and would like to object to my conclusion, I’m happy to be corrected and shown why

UPDATE: Having spoken with the Everi team about this since this post went live, it’s been confirmed as a predetermined pick. So how and why can they show the reveal of the unpicked choices despite it being predetermined? It turns out that gaming regulations didn’t require that predetermined picks not show the other outcomes, in markets where the game was approved, at the time the game was made. This includes Nevada, where the game is prevalent.

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But it was also mentioned during that same conversation those rules had evolved, so this may no longer be allowed, at least in Nevada. How future games will handle this remains to be seen, but I do recall watching a pick bonus on The Vault in a Nevada casino and not seeing the other choices revealed, so they may simply handle it per normal convention from there, at least in Nevada and other markets where the rule change was made (since some markets will follow Nevada’s lead).

Smokin’ Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel Slot Videos

The game is a pretty fun one; if you’re nore familiar with it, check out RandomSlots‘ video of the game, which includes a bonus with a Mini progressive win:

Here is a video from All Casino Action (formerly Slotlady) featuring the game:

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