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Slot Venus — Game Review

It Came From Venus! Slot Review

When a mysterious plant from outer space lands in Skeeters farm, there are only two things he can do; call it Butch and feed it grain. And it’s easy to see why he got attached so quickly.

The It Came from Venus slot online is naturally a very visual video slot. It comes with a big cinematic introduction, where you’re told that the middle America farmer Skeeters encounters a strange hungry alien plant that made its way from our neighbour planet.

And then suddenly one day….

In comes the government in the form of Lieutenant Pogue who wants to capture the plant and dissect it. Because, humanity. In between all this, there’s you, the player, feeding grain to the now aptly named Butch, the giant plant, (as chopped up body parts was already taken by a little shop of horrors in Skid Row) and rescuing him from Pogue.

None of this, is really made clear in the It Came from Venus mobile slot. If you’d never heard of this Betsoft game, you’d open up a slot about… farming? Possibly farming giant plants? And… there’s a dog called butch, cause that’s a dog house… corn… army… shovel?

All the symbols are unique and beautifully drawn, don’t take us wrong. But part of the fun is knowing how each of the bonus features ties in with the story and to give it that breath taking action.

And there’s plenty of bonus slot features AND a big progressive jackpot

You won’t be surprised to hear that the It Came from Venus slot game is low variance. You’ll find yourself winning little, but often.

However, part of the joy of BetSoft slot machines is the fact that despite knowing in your heart that if you nurture this creature, look after it, and feed it coins… you may find yourself selling it for a large fortune.

Mostly, this is done through the wilds, that come with random multipliers from 2x to 4x, and with more than one on screen, accumulate. So having one wild with 3x multiplier and then another with 4x, will lead to a 12x multiplier in total.

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This is particularly effective during the free spins games where you get a sticky wild on the centre of reel 3.

Play for longer, with less

All in all however, the pleasure of having man’s best alien friend is its own rewards. It Came from Venus video slot for mobile is about entertainment, with all those wilds, collapsing reels and frequent click me bonus. On that note, we would recommend a good WiFi connection for the best experience as it can be a little slow as an Android phone slot or iPhone slot.


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It Came From Venus! slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedAugust 2014
Slot typeVideo Slot
Jackpot amountProgressive Jackpot
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 30 Paylines
House edge / RTP4.2% / 95.8%
Slot volatilityLow
Coins range0.02 — 1.00
Min/Max bet0.60 / 150
Max win15,000
Free spins12 Free Spins / Sticky Wilds
Bonus roundsFree Spins, Click Me & Random Multiplier on the Wild
Slot ThemesAliens & Space

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In-game bonus features

Stacked Collapsing Wins: Get three of the same type of symbols on a reel, and these symbols will collapse and award you a three symbol payout, as well as get added symbols for a new potential win.

You’ll need at least 2 of these to get 2x your game bet? Not a lot you say? That’s true. but they show up fairly frequently, helping keeping that budget steady.

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Of course, the big win here is if you get three reels of the same symbol, where you’ll win 40x your game bet. A sweet, sweet treat.

Random Wilds: Every time a wild appears on reels 2 or 4, you’ll get a multiplier of either 2x, 3x, or 4x.

These are accumulative and can add together for some impressive wins. The wild symbol is represented by plant food, not that you’ll be able to see it through the multiplier.

«Feed Me» Free Spins: If that wild plant food symbol shows up on reel 3 it doesn’t act as a wild. Instead it dissapears on the bottom of the screen, where you’ll be waiting to collect five of these little beauties.

One you do, you’ll get 12 free spin games, where if that same plant food symbol appears on reel three again, they will remain sticky for the remainder of the free spins and act as a wild. Usually you get one of these, and the earlier you get them, the bigger your free spin wins.

Scatter: The scatters in the It Came from Venus slot machine has absolutely nothing to do with the free spin round (as explained above). So it means they show up often and come with a nice payoff, especially if you get more than 3 on the screen.

Gamble Feature: This one is fun. And whilst it’s still your standard 50/50 chance of doubling any wins you make in the game, instead of the coin, you are feeding the alien plant.

If he catches the food, you win double your money, if he misses, you lose it all.

Save The Plant Click Me Bonus Round: Get 3 helicopter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 and you’ll trigger this bonus round.

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Sometimes we’ve had to wait over 100 spins to see this feature. Other times we’ve hit it four times in less than 50 spins. It’s pretty unpredictable, including in how much you can win.

The dastardly Lieutenant Pogue has kidnapped the Plant, so it’s up to you and Skeeter to go after the helicopter and rescue the plant. You sneak onto the transport truck, help Skeeter by clicking on the crates, collecting instant cash bonus coins for each crate you click on and don’t find the plant.

Yes we know, logically you should get more for finding the plant. Instead you get cash in the crates without the plant, making you wonder if Skeeter should forget about his little green friend and keep searching those crate for more cash.

But perhaps we’re the cold hearted ones here.

About 20x your bet is a good win, 50x your bet is awesome.

It Came From Venus! Review Conclusion

It Came from Venus mobile slot will not appeal to everyone. Fans of the online slot will miss the big cinematic storytelling that brings this real money game to life, whilst newbies may find the theme a little out of place.

However, if you don’t care one bit about the slot and you are looking for a way to spend your budget over the course of a couple of hours, this progressive jackpot game will certainly help keep you steady and has some good multipliers to give you hope to come out on top.

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Review by Lucky Mobile Slots , last updated: June 1, 2020 — Rating 4

Watch Out! It Came From Venus

The farm used to be a quiet, peaceful place. But that was before our guest arrived on a comet from Venus! It’s a giant plant that grunts and growls through a humanoid mouth complete with lips, teeth, and tongue, and it’s the theme of an excellent new 30 line 3D slot machine from Betsoft.

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It Came From Venus Graphics and Sound

It Came From Venus Slot joins a long list of high quality 3D slots from Betsoft providing the same superb presentation. The game opens up with an introduction clip straight from a Michael Bay film. The comet from Venus hurtles through space and lands beside our simple and alarmed farmer. The camera pulls back to reveal the slot reels on the farmer’s barn with the farmer and his new friend standing on either side.

The attention to visual detail is absolutely stunning for a slot machine, and even for 3D slots It Came From Venus is animated to the extreme. The constant antics of the plant from Venus and his farmer caretaker create just the right atmosphere to entertain while not distracting from the game’s centerpiece, the reels.

Every element to the game has just the right sound to feel appropriate and positively add to the overall feel of the game. Besides the opening video and the humble farmer, the reels themselves are very animated with short clips or bold jumps and drops with every win and spin.

It Came From Venus Payouts

It Came From Venus Slot Machine follows a popular new trend of themed slot machines that also contain a basic storyline that will give players that slight additional interest and entertainment. In It Came From Venus this unique storyline is played out in the slot machine’s reels and payouts.

The attention to visual detail is absolutely stunning for a slot machine, and even for 3D slots It Came From Venus is animated to the extreme.

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The farmer needs to feed his new plant. After any win on the reels the player can choose to double up his bet, a feature more usually found in video poker than slot machines. You can double your bet by watching the farmer toss food at the plant and guessing correctly if the alien shrub will or won’t catch it.

The plant also knows how to feed itself with bags of feed that he will grab directly from the reels. After three of these bags the plant becomes truly enormous and the player receives free games.

It Came From Venus Bonuses abound with other features like multipliers, payouts from scatter symbols, and collapsing symbols that give you a chance to win more on one spin. The king of features of course is the bonus round triggered by three scattered helicopter symbols. The government has discovered the farmer’s alien visitor and they’ve come to take him away! Catch up with the military truck and hop in the back to pick which crate the plant has been stored in to save him from government experiments and earn big winnings!

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  • Magic
  • Betsoft
  • 5 Reels
  • 30 Paylines
  • Released in 2012
  • 96 %
  • Max Coins Per Line: 5
  • Min Coins Per Line: 1


  • Multiplier
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Games
  • Autoplay
  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
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