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Slot The Dragon — Game Review

Dragon Lines

Enjoy this video slot with a traditional Chinese dragon theme. It hosts plenty of Wilds and Free Spins, and you can win up to $7,500!


Maximum profit (x Your stake)
Maximum stake
Minimum stake

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97 Rating 90 Popularity


96 Rating 99 Popularity

Borgata Online

92 Rating 93 Popularity

Golden Nugget

92 Rating 88 Popularity

Caesars Casino

91 Rating 96 Popularity


91 Rating 91 Popularity


90 Rating 90 Popularity

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Dragon Lines Review

A guide to one of online gambling’s favorite slots

This article will examine all the must-know details for the Dragon Lines slot machine. With our review, you’ll know if this is the right game for you.

ArgumentA Chinese Dragon-themed slot!
Game Name:Dragon Lines
Game Type:Video slot
Features:Free Spins
Wild Symbols
Scatter Symbols
Min Bet (all lines covered):$0.01
Max Bet:$75
Supporting Currencies:EUR, USD, GBP
Top Win:$7,500

How We Tested Dragon Lines

We review slot machine games in several different ways. We look at the game’s features such as return to player (RTP), volatility, and bonuses. We then look at the game’s mechanics, rules, and layouts. So to summarize, when we review games we:

  • Stat Check
  • Review returns
  • Game functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Bonuses
  • Rules and regulations

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You can enjoy Dragon Lines at the following online casinos:

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Dragon Lines Symbols & Payouts

Dragon Lines

Dragon Lines is one of the leading Chinese-themed slot machines. This genre has grown increasingly popular in recent times. This is mainly down to its attractive color scheme and slick layout.

The Symbols

The game’s symbols include the following:

  • Yin Yang
  • Gold Bar
  • Paper Lantern
  • Chinese Coin
  • Drum
  • Scrolls
  • Letters
  • Number 9/10
  • Dragons Head


Dragon Lines paytable 1Dragon Lines paytable 2

  • Yin Yang symbols will payout up to $100
  • Gold bar up to $10
  • Chinese coin up to $3
  • Paper Lantern up to $2
  • Drum up to $2
  • Scrolls up to $1.50
  • Letters up to $1
  • Numbers up to $1
  • Dragons head is substitute symbol

Min/Max bet, Autoplay Option

The minimum bet for Dragon Lines is $0.01. At the same time, the maximum is $75. This gives you a great range of freedom to spend as little or as much as you like. This lack of restriction is undoubtedly a great feature of this slot machine.

Dragon Lines also offers players an autoplay option. This provides players with the chance to win prizes hands-free. The autoplay feature will automatically play the slot and accumulate your winnings as it goes on. It’s quick, effective, and exciting. Dragon Lines allows players to autoplay for up to 25 spins at a time.


The RTP for Dragon Lines is 94.3%. Compared to other slot games available online, this is definitely on the low side. There are plenty of significant aspects to this game, but a low RTP is a big letdown.


Dragon Lines has a medium rate of volatility. This means it sits between a high-risk game and a low-risk game, which is excellent for players. High volatility games give players bigger winning amounts but are less frequent. Low volatility slots payout frequently but at smaller amounts. Having a medium volatility game is great as you get the benefits of both.

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Hit Frequency

The overall hit frequency of Dragon Lines is situated at 31.91%. This is a relatively high percentage for online slot machines and is definitely a beneficial feature.

Jackpot and/or Maximum Win

Unfortunately, Dragon Lines doesn’t have a jackpot game feature. This is often a desirable element of slot machines as it provides players with a chance to win big. This lack of a jackpot is certainly a disappointment and will make certain players hesitant.

The maximum you can win on Dragon Lines slot machines is a whopping $7,500. This is undoubtedly a great prize but would come only at a high stake bet. It’s good, however, to see these amounts attainable playing Dragon Lines. For players who like to win big, this is certainly a great feature.

Dragon Lines has good frequency and volatility but low returns

Dragon Lines has good elements, like its hit frequency and volatility. However, due to its low RTP and lack of jackpot feature, you may not win as big as you may like. Although the maximum win is good, the all-around chance of winning great prizes is low.

Game Features

The game features of any online slot machine are key. Poorly executed features will lead to a displeasing service. But also, good features will make for an enjoyable playing experience. It’s always worth being familiar with your game’s features before committing.

Wilds, Re-spins and Other Features

The most common features among online slot games are wilds, re-spins, and multipliers. These all benefit the player and will help provide winning opportunities.


Dragon Lines slot machines include wilds or wild symbols. These create combinations with other symbols to help win prizes.


Dragon Lines doesn’t offer their players a re-spin feature.


Dragon Lines doesn’t offer a multiplier feature.

Bonus Buy

Dragon Lines doesn’t have a bonus buy feature.

Dragon Lines special features aren’t as good as other slot machines

Although they have wilds, which is an advantage, the special features aren’t great. Many other slots provide their players with better features.

Dragon Lines Graphics & Sound

Optimized for Mobile
Special featuresGreat animation and colour scheme

Solutions if You Have Some Issues With a Game

If you are unclear of any of the rules and regulations, this information is easily accessible at all times on the games page. Here, you can find instructions, the paytable, and more.


Overall, there are certainly good and bad qualities of Dragon Lines. Its general layout and design are top quality. If you like bright slots or Chinese-themed slots, it’s a great choice for you. Its animation is second to none, as is its functionality. Its high frequency and medium volatility give it some additional benefits when it comes to playing to win, which is, of course, a key factor. The betting range is great and accommodates all players.

The major concerns we have are its lack of features and low RTP. As a game in general, there isn’t much wrong with it. The game’s features and opportunities to win big will be a letdown to many hardcore players.

We would certainly recommend it for new online gamblers. If you’re well experienced and looking for big prizes, you might want to look elsewhere.

Other Slots to Play if You Like Dragon Lines Slot

Some similar slots you may enjoy if you liked Dragon Lines are the following:

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These all have similar themes, like Dragon Lines. They have comparable designs and layouts with slight differences in rules, features, and pay tables.

Online casinos in the U.S. offer a world of opportunities for local gamblers! With multiple casinos available to sign up with, how does one decide where to go? americancasinoguide.com is here to help make that decision a little easier.


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Dragon Slot Slot Review

Dragon Slot

Based on original drawing from the artist Ciruelo, this fantasy themed Dragon Slot on mobile is truly beautiful in both graphics and gameplay.

Though we have to admit that it’s not quite as beautiful as it is online. That said it is still as authentic a fantasy slot as you’ll ever get on mobile, considering the artist in question.

First of all though, we should make clear that seeing as saying ‘Dragon slot mobile slot’ sounds ridiculous, you’re going to have to assume that when we say ‘Dragon Slot’ we mean for Android & iOS mobile phone & tablets.

Secondly, make sure you have the latest software version on your device, otherwise part of this casino game won’t work – this is more true of iOS than Android, but still good practice.

Now for the main course. How it plays. Fans of Leander Games Ali Baba slot should start getting excited. As this is the same game, but twice as pretty.

The Dragon Slot fights bonus games

There are two main features of this game.

First, you have the red dragon VS blue dragon fight, a simple click me game where you hope the blue dragon wins for a maximum of about 50x your bet. Mostly you’ll walk away with about 20x.

It’s pretty rather than hard hitting.

Then, the wonderful, yet heartbreaking, free spin games

Then there’s this slots free spins where you pick the dragon to fight the knight in shining armour. We write more about them in the features section below, but you essentially get three choices to pick the volatility of the slot.

The downside to this, is that if you pick wrong, you could end up with just 10 free spins and 1x multiplier. Then, you’ll get 15 to 20 times your bet, and nothing much more.

But if you can get that 6x multiplier, then you are in for some glorious fire-breathing wins. Especially as the first reel is completely expanded as a yellow dragon wild.

Yet, many times, that damn knight gets in the way, and you only get that 1x multiplier, which is always heartbreaking. Stupid knights. They ruin all our dragon fun.

Still, the free spins are frequent enough that you won’t mind too much. Just budget for a good amount of spins, as this Dragon Slot can go from giving you bonus features every 20 spins, to giving you nothing for 200.

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Dragons hey? Temperamental creatures.

But it’s the graphics and sounds that enchants

So many people won’t know who Ciruelo is, unless of course, you are a serious fantasy lover.

And if you are wondering how that last one came about, you’ve clearly not had a look at what the woman in these fantasy books wear/look like. They can stop an army of men in full march with one good inhale.

The point we are making is that these are beautiful authentic designs, but they do come at a price. That being the speed of the Dragon slot mobile game. On auto-play it’s a little more bearable, but you need to have good wifi connection and not be in a rush.

Still, we couldn’t in our hearts give this game less than the 4 stars it deserves. You won’t find a better fantasy mobile slot around.


  • Dragon Slot Mobile Screenshot
  • Dragon Slot Bonus Game
  • Dragon Slot Mobile Slot Big Win
  • Dragon Slot Mobile Slot Bonus Fight

Dragon Slot slot stats

Slot typeVideo Slot
SoftwareLeander Games
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 20 Paylines
House edge / RTP4.93%% / 95.07%
Slot volatilityMedium
Coins range0.01 — 10.00
Min/Max bet0.20 / 200
Max win150,000
Free spinsUp to 25 Free Spins / Up to 6x Multipliers
Bonus roundsExpanding Wilds, Free Spins, Multipliers
Slot ThemesDragons

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In-game bonus features

Expanded Wilds: The yellow dragon is the wild symbol and expands to cover the whole reel if a wins is available during the whole game.

Can lead to some decent wins in the base game alone if you get three in a row.

Dragon Fight Bonus: 3 castle symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 triggers the dragon fight bonus game. You’ll have a second screen bonus where a blue dragon will battle the red dragon.

Stop the wheel on the right, depending on which dragon it falls on, a jet of flame will shoot out, slowly killing the other dragon.

If the red dragon kills the blue dragon, without getting hit, you get a tiny 2x your bet back.

If the blue dragon kills the red dragon, without getting hit, you’ll get 49x your bet.

Usually you get something in between and win around 20x to 30x your bet.

Free Spins: 3 Knight symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 trigger the free spins.

As a standard you get 10 free spins with an expanded wild on reel 1 and a 1x multiplier.

But you want more right? So then you get to pick one of the following options:

  • Red Dragon: win up to 14 free spins and 4x multiplier, pick 4 times. (high chances)
  • Blue Dragon: win up to 20 free spins and 5x multiplier, pick 6 times. (Medium chances)
  • Green Dragon: win up to 25 free spins and 6x multiplier, pick 8 times (low chances)

Once you choose your dragon, you’ll get to pick from 12 possible options. If you pick a dragon, you get more free spins and multipliers. If you pick just one knight though, you’ll end up with just 10 free spins and 1x multiplier.

See why it’s frustrating?

We like the Blue Dragon most of the time, though we’ll swap to red if our budget is getting a bit low, or green if we just want to get those big wins or go home.

Dragon Slot Review Conclusion

A little slow, and a little temperament this mobile video slot needs the latest software and the best wifi to work.

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Yet, once it loads, fantasy fans especially, will see why it’s worthwhile. It’s well-balanced, has the chance at some incredible wins, and beautiful too.

Dragon Slot may be temperamental, but that’s just the nature of these fire breathing giants.

Ready To Start Spinning?

Play Dragon Slot Slot at one of our best slot sites

Review by Lucky Mobile Slots , last updated: June 2, 2020 — Rating 4

Dragon Orb Slot Review — RealTime Gaming

Mobile Friendly and Very Atmospheric – Check out this Brilliant Fantasy Slot

Dragon Orb RealTime Gaming Slot Review

The graphics and animations on this fantasy themed slot simply don’t compare to the earlier RealTime Gaming slots. You’ll find a detailed mystic landscape behind the reels and hear a pulsating soundtrack while you spin.

On the reels are ancient scrolls and jewelled pots. If you look closely you’ll find some koi carp swimming between the control buttons.

This is a simple slot. You’ll find some interesting aspects to the game play, though keep in mind it is designed to be a solid and simple game, not a fancy / complex one. You’ll be paid in both directions, which takes a little getting used to. There are also expanding wilds, which come with a respin. If you are lucky enough to get 2 or even 3 of these, the prizes go from generous to spectacular.

Planet Mark’s Rec: Slots.lv look after their players brilliantly. You can get a 300% welcome bonus to start your bankroll with a bang. This is followed by 8 more bonuses, rewards through the excellent MySlots rewards scheme, Tuesday specials, chips for checking out the mobile casino and regular reloads. for the best bonus deals, you should deposit in Bitcoin (or other Crypto). You’ll be able to enjoy 100’s of slot titles from Revolver, RTG, Rival Gaming and more.

Who knows, that bonus cash could be the start of a massive casino bankroll!

Grab the biggest and best welcome bonus for yourself now over at www.slots.lv!

This offer is for US and Canadian players only.

RTG Dragon Orb Slot: The Mobile Friendly Setup

A lot of factors make this slot ideal for playing on your phone. There are relatively few symbols, which are distinctive shapes and colours. The whole game takes place on the base reels too, with no second screens or fiddly picks round.

There are only 10 win-lines crossing the 5-reel by 3 row grid of the reels. Unusually, your wins come from left to right and right to left. If you are more ‘tuned in’ to the normal left to right system (most of us slots fans are), then this does feel odd at first. If you get a 5 of a kind win, this only pays once (unfortunately!).

With stacks of symbols in play, you will sometimes hit all 10 win-lines at the same time.

Dragon Orb Slot Reels View

Winning Combinations

A majestic, and somewhat Asian-style dragon, sitting upright on bulky legs is the best paying symbol. This is worth 250 coins if you hit 5 of a kind. The 4 of a kind prize is close to this, at 200 coins with 50 coins for just 3.

Next on the pay table comes a classic lily, this design is light purple, and has a glowing centre. It is worth 120 coins for 5 of a kind. A pile of gold outside of a pagoda is next at 60 coins. A pot, candles, ancient scroll and ornate treasure bowl make up the smaller wins. There are no playing cards or other filler symbols at all on this slot – a welcome change!

Dragon Orb Expanding Wild Symbols

Dragon Orb symbols really do stand out on the reels. These show sharp talons of a red dragon’s claws. Above these a shimmering orb, with bright white light, appears to be levitating. When it lands you will see that it is animated. The claw retracts and expands slightly, as if controlling the orb.

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This is a wild symbol and is the main feature of the game. Dragon Orb symbols only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When they appear they expand to cover all 3 spots on their reel. This can enable more wins on the triggering spin (in either direction – or sometimes both).

Better still, these wilds lock in place for a respin. You can get more wins this way, and if you are really lucky you can get another claw to continue the bonus. If you get all 3 in place, you’ll be getting paid in both directions on all 10 lines!

Dragon Orb Pays

Progressive Jackpots

One of the big attractions of playing RTG slots are the random progressive jackpots. Dragon’s Orb has two, a Major and Minor. You will see these amounts above and to the right of the reels, switching from one to the other. These will pay out completely at random, after any spin win or lose.

Mystic Design and Super-Smooth Production

I love the land around the reels. There are Asian type trees on rocky outcrops each side. These are set against a starry night sky. Around these trees are dozens of fireflies, which flicker and swirl. The effect is completed by waterfalls, and those coy carp in the foreground.

The mystic drumming soundtrack adds even more atmosphere. This is constant, and not just in place while you spin. You might want to mute the game if you leave it for a while! There are more Asian type tunes when you hit winning combinations, as well as small animations on the reels.

Of the symbols, the dragon orb wild stands out for me. The way the claw retracts is very dragon-like. The scroll symbol also looks great.

Have RealTime Gaming Come Up with The Best Dragon Themed Mobile Slot?

You’ll be hard pushed to find a more atmospheric slot than this which works so well on mobile phones. It is not just the graphics and production I like with this game, the simple yet engaging game-play works really well too.

Wins in both directions does take a little getting used to. It can come as a nice surprise to get a win from the right to left that you were not expecting.

The highlight is certainly the wild reels with respins you get with the Dragon claw symbols. One of these can help you hit multiple wins, if you are lucky enough to get 2, then you could be in for a big payday. Of course, RealTime Gaming’s random jackpots add yet another level of interest to this game.

How to Get Your 300% Deposit Bonus from Slots.lv

If you deposit with Bitcoin, slots.lv boost the already epic 200% welcome bonus to $1000 to a massive 300%.

Even better, this is just the first of 9 welcome offers in total. Add to this MySlots rewards, Tuesday specials and plenty of promos, and you’ll see why this casino is so popular.

Check out www.slots.lv now — and get your huge bonus to start your bankroll with a bang!

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