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Slot Super Hamster — Game Review

Slot Super Hamster — Game Review

v 0.5.0 Update Notes

29 мая. 2022

New features

  • Powerups — New little orbs of POWER that spawn in hard-to-reach spots around the house! Collect one and you’ll have 30 seconds to get in position and activate it, at which point you will be temporarily granted insane abilities, such as:
    • Atom Bomb — A one-time activation, explodes a massive area around your player, dealing unparalleled damage to all enemies caught in its deadly radius.
    • Freeze Time — Ever wanted to live in the matrix? Freezes all enemies around the map for 20 seconds, including those carrying the jar. Also freezes props!
    • Invulnerable — Take absolutely no damage for 20 seconds. None whatsoever. Go out there and decimate some rats while they can’t hit back!
    • Super Speed — Roll around really fast in a dashing-state as you go around poking little rats and sending them flying!
    • Spammy Slam — Gets rid of the cooldown of your slam attack and deals even more damage while doing so! Go dribble yourself around like a basketball of death!
    • Triple Damage — As great as it sounds, and even better for dealing with big tanky enemies like Warriors and Jockeys. Fight your own way and feel good doing it!
    • Snowball Lvl.2 — Enemies will slow to a halt on contact!
    • Rubberball Lvl.2 — Slamming deals increased damage and stuns smaller enemies!
    • Propeller Lvl.2 — Fly a little longer before having to cooldown!
    • Teleporter Lvl.2 — Deal double damage when slamming out of a teleport!
    • Rocket Boosters Lvl.2 — Create a trail of fire after boosting that burns enemies!
    • Slime Dispenser Lvl.2 — Touch an enemy to cover them in damage-doubling slime!
    • Use the D-pad or keys 1-4 to switch between the hamsterball’s arrow targeting enemies, health pickups, powerups, or the cookie jar.


    • Updated tutorial to demonstrate health pickups & powerups
    • Updated controls screen
    • New particle effects for using the Teleporter gadget
    • Player & enemy shadows can tilt to better match sloped surfaces
    • Hamsterball texture now stretches appropriately to match size of the ball in-motion
    • Improvements to Rubberball movement physics
    • Impacting glass surfaces such as windows at high speeds can cause the surface to «shatter». Launched enemies can also apply this effect.
    • New sound effects for powerups, target changing, and toggling camera distance
    • Tweaks to post-processing, such as lessening the effects of depth-of-field
    • Launched rats now steer closer toward other rats within a close enough proximity of the original launch direction, increasing the likelihood of chain reactions
    • Tweaks to player dash thresholds, added the ability to quickly dash at hard angles
    • Added some new props around the house
    • Various adjustments to sound EQ and composition
    • Minor geometry adjustments
    • Material visibility tweaks


    • Major bugfixes and heuristic improvements to AI pathfinding
    • Propeller gadget no longer appears as «Name» with no icon during upgrade phase
    • Jar progress bar reliability improved
    • Camera auto-centering no longer gets stuck at certain angles
    • Button prompts now appropriately align with text regardless of aspect ratio
    • Dashing decal now despawns appropriately when decelerating quickly to a stop
    • Fixed an issue where rats would occasionally not take damage when directly struck by a launched rat
    • Button prompts should now display more controller-specific context actions, such as for Xbox, PS, or Switch input devices

    Save the Hamster Slot Review

    Save the Hamster Slot

    You like to bet on slots and arcade games, but you are bored of the well-known titles and want something new, cute, and simple? Well, Evoplay has a suggestion for you, the most recently released multiplayer instant game, Save the Hamster.

    It gives you a chance to save the amiable and brave hamster Tom on his trip to the stars. The higher Tom flies, the higher bet multiplier is awarded with the maximum being x1,000. Bettors can try to reach a maximum payout of $750,000, as well as compete with other players to top the leaderboard for the highest score.

    Save The Hamster Slot Summary
    Software ProviderEvoplay
    Minimum Bet1
    Maximum Bet750
    Special SymbolsN/A
    Special FeaturesTwo separate bets on the same game round

    Symbols and Winning Combinations in Save The Hamster

    Contrary to the generally accepted principle in this area, the cute Tom does not collect special symbols on his way, which would lead to greater profit for the bettor or contribute to additional functions (higher speed or a temporary helmet for protection against attacks, for example).

    The hamster has at its disposal various “vehicles” – a hat with a fan, an insect, and some others, which carry it up to the stars. All the time players see the current multiplier reached, which is displayed just below our adorable companion and also on the right of the screen.

    Various creatures and objects try to prevent the hamster Tom from reaching its ultimate goal, and thus you to achieve higher winnings. Green and red toads, flying suitcases, thunders, and surprisingly appearing birds can interrupt the flight. If you have not pressed the cashout button before that, Tom will have a crash and you will lose your bet.

    The various obstacles do not differ in strength or frequency of occurrence, so it would be difficult for you to build a strategy. You just have to be observant, always on the alert, and to have some luck, of course.

    Bonus Features of Save The Hamster

    Save The Hamster does not come with any bonus features which is a common practice in the field of instant games. However, when developing the title, several features that are found interesting and attractive by the bettors have been introduced and they are definitely worth considering.

    Players can choose to place one or two separate bets on the same round of the game. Bets can be of the same or different amounts and the only condition is that they fall in the range between $1 and $750. The cashout function helps you prevent the amiable hamster from falling down and actually determines how much you win. It can be used at different times, for example, you may decide to make an early cashout to ensure some cash balance, and wait as long as possible for the second bet to maximize your potential winnings.

    If you missed placing a bet before the start of the game round, don’t worry. As Tom flies up, you can place your bet for the next round without losing sight of the hamster, because the betting box is located at the bottom of the screen and does not interfere in any way with visibility. In addition, all the time you see the amount of your bet, as well as the available balance in your account.

    Easy access to betting and cashout features is convenient for the players, especially considering that there is just a 10-second pause between the game rounds.


    Save The Hamster is a fun and simple multiplayer game, where with the help of the cute Tom you can multiply your bet up to 750 times. You can enjoy the offer of Evoplay in regulated markets where the company is licensed, regardless of whether you use a desktop computer, an Android, or an iOS device.

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    • Bonus Features
    • Verdict

    Super Hamster Slot

    If you are a normal internet member, the chances are that you have seen advertisements for web slot machines. Even though land-based casinos don’t lose popularity, more and more people are interested in online gambling. Typically, the majority of people get attracted to the idea of playing internet slots, though they enjoy other games too. Nonetheless, if you’re new to on-line gambling, you might be confused about which slots to play. You have no reason to worry, though, as we wrote this overview intending to answer any questions you may have about Super Hamster and other similar slot games.

    Super Hamster Bonus Features & Free Spins

    Online slot machines, such as Super Hamster usually offer different bonus rounds. Slots that come with many of bonus rounds provide a wide offer of phenomenal features that make the online game even more fun. Super Hamster offers a plethora of phenomenal special features to players. Special features are designed especially to increase gamers’ chances of winning more cash.

    The most attractive thing about Super Hamster is that people can play for free. That means that it is possible to win income even if we don’t officially join the internet casino.

    NameSuper HamsterSoftwareFugaso
    Slot typeVideo SlotYear launched2019
    Mobile-friendlyNoBonus gameYes
    Free spinsYesProgressive jackpotNo
    Wild symbolNoScatter symbolNo
    Autoplay optionNoPaylines typeFixed
    Paylines26Lines payBoth Ways
    Both waysNoMin coin value per line$0.01
    Max coin value per line$0.1Min bet level1
    Max bet level10Min0.26
    Max$26Maximum win100000 Coins

    What Is Super Hamster Slot Machine RTP?

    One of the primary reasons Super Hamster is so popular among gamers is that it features fascinating RTP. All on-line casino sites decide on the RTP percentage that goes to the member. The main purpose of having a casino website is to make profit, so the users can’t expect a 100 % return. However, a lot of internet casinos offer RTP close to 100% to slot machine users.

    Tips on How to Play Super Hamster Slot Machine?

    Playing online slot machines is relatively simple compared to other online gambling games. Same as in the traditional casino, the principle behind Super Hamster is that you pull a lever, and the outcome appears instantly. Each web casino slot machine comes with a set of specific game play rules. Most slot machines, though, have some common sets of rules, too. Below you will find some tips for playing internet slot machines.

    • Try to find slots that offer the highest RTP.
    • Look for slots that come with bonus symbols.
    • Figure out whether you are fascinated in payout size or a hit frequency.
    • Don’t pay attention to winning progressive jackpots.
    • Use slot machines with 100 % free spins.
    • The more you gamble, the more features you’ll be able to unlock.
    • Set up your loss limit.

    What Makes Super Hamster Special?

    Maybe you are not sure what makes Super Hamster more attractive than other slots?! Well, the first thing is visuals. You will be shocked by the way the game is designed from the start to the end. Aside from that, Super Hamster is one of the slot machines with the best user interface you have ever seen. Whether we are talking about ways we spin the reels, click the buttons or receive the information, it’s safe to say that nothing beats the experience of playing Super Hamster .

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