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Slot Steampunk — Game Review

Steamtower Slot from NetEnt — Detailed Review

Imagine if technology had taken a different route. Instead of electricity, the steam age has continued, getting more and more complex. This is the kind of world that Steam Tower from Net Entertainment is based on. The genre is known as Steam Punk.

This slot is fast paces, and beautifully produced. It is made more enjoyable by the quirky music score. The highlight involves helping an intrepid adventurer climb a giant building. I’m not exactly sure how the dragon fits with the theme. You will see this creature flying around the reels / tower as you climb through the levels.

Steamtower is not all about the graphics. There are some compelling reasons to play too. These include multipliers, which can give you up to 7x on every win as you approach the top of the tower.

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Setup of the Steamtower Slot

While the vision is futuristic, the setup is very much down to earth. Steam Tower uses a 15 win-line base, which is the standard 5 reels across and 3 symbols deep. To decide on your spin amount, you need to toggle the coin size and bet levels. Coin size is multiplied by 15 to find your total spin cost. For example, a 5c bet size gets you to 75c per spin. The level one allows you to multiply this by up to 10.

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Be careful with that bet max button! This will default level 10 for your current coin size. Auto-play is safer, this brings up some options of how many spins to get through before you need to click again.

Steamtower Slot Reels View

Mechanical Playing Card Symbols and Characters: The Winning Combinations

I love the playing card symbol designs. These have been made to look like complex mechanical contraptions, full of cogs and gears. These are not the highest paying symbols, that accolade goes to the eye of an evil-looking red dragon. If you line up 5 of these, you’ll get a cool 2,000 coins.

Next comes a Victorian looking guy with an impressive moustache and a tall top hat. He is worth 1000. The lady he is trying to rescue from the dragon follows – at 500 coins, with the top of a futuristic looking tower completing the unique symbols at 300.

Wild symbols take the form of a bright green symbol with a grapple on the end. When the bonus game starts, you will find out that this is part of a steam-powered contraption. There is a stacked variation of this wild. This shows the gentleman (complete with steam equipment) stood up.

Climb the Tower in the Free Spins Bonus Game

When you get a stacked wild covering an entire reel, you get to play the free spins bonus game. This will always start with 10 free spins, no matter how many of these wilds you trigger with. If you do trigger with 2 or 3, you could be looking at a big line win before you even enter the bonus.

During the base game, the explorer stands and occasionally reacts to the game. This all changes in the free spins, where he springs into action. First, he used his steam grapple to climb to a wooden platform. Later, he will hang in mid-air at different levels of the tower.

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You will also now see some retro looking dials at the bottom of the reels. One shows which level of the tower you have reached, and the other shows your win multiplier. There are 16 levels to climb. Each time you hit one or more wilds on the reels, two things happen. First, you climb up a level. Second, you get an additional 2 free spins. This can keep you climbing and climbing, and as you do, your multiplier goes up (every few levels).

If you get all the way to the top, you will win 1000 coins at your current coin size / bet level combination. You will also see animations where a huge dragon flies around the tower.

Steamtower Slot Top Pays

Unique Vision of the Future: Steam Tower Slot Design

I love the design, and the twist in the plot which adds a dragon to an otherwise regular steam punk type of setting. The reels are produced as if they are at the base of the tower. You can see steam rising from a pipe which is on the left-hand side. Also, on the left, the adventurer guy stands, holding a gun that contains a grappling hook that he will later use to climb up the steam tower.

While the tower climbing sequences during the free spins are entertaining – an even better graphic comes at the end. When you run out of spins you’ll see a scene where the explorer has just fallen off. Music steps up a gear during this feature – becoming as dramatic as a movie fight scene.

Should You Climb the Steam Tower?

Visually, this slot is unique. Steam punk ideas have been tried before, though never including a dragon and a 16-story tower made entirely without electricity! The game play is all about that bonus game, where you will attempt to make the top of the tower.

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I have yet to make it, though I am strongly anticipating that you might get to meet the dragon once you make it to level 16. Either way, you’ll have a big multiplier by the time you get there. Keep in mind that there are 1000 more coins coming your way too.

For a change up from the regular online slot themes, I can certainly recommend Steam Tower by Net Entertainment.

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The Steampunk Nation – A Fun and Exciting Slot Game

Online slot games are booming nowadays and sometimes most of these games are just “copy-paste” from one game to another. They look very similar, feels the same and doesn’t offer any new features. This is where Steampunk Nation comes in. It’s a slot game with a twist. It’s a Victorian-era / sci-fi themed game and offers several features not offered by other competing games. If you’re into slot games and you’re looking for something different, and perhaps something that is worth your time playing, check out more details of Steampunk Nation below.

Steampunk Nation Game – Features

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting, normally focusing on the industrial revolution when steam powered machinery was prominent. Some famous films that fit into this genre are Van Helsing, The Golden Compass and Sherlock Holmes.

So you won’t be surprised to find that this online slot centres on a powerful Victorian style machine. Tubes and exhaust pipes stick out from behind the reels and everything is rough-looking and metallic with dark colours of brown and grey.

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Steampunk Nation might not sound immediately appealing, but somehow it is – drawing you in to a strange new universe. This five-reel slot has three rows and 25 pay lines – and the reels appear within a steam-powered flying craft, which has an industrial, smoggy and Victorian-esque city behind it.

The unique nature of this game’s theme is not the only one that makes this slot game entertaining, there are more. At this point, you might want to check out Steampunk Nation slot and give it a shot. Or you can check out more of its features below.

How well does Steampunk Nation play?

There are six different steampunk related high value symbols: a clock, a gun, a hat, a guy and a girl and a zeppelin – all of which are in-keeping with the steampunk theme. The best one to look out for is the zeppelin, as that brings forward a x2500 reward for a five of a kind winning combination. Below these high value symbols, there are also the standard Q, J, Q & 10, which are all in brass metallic font.

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. It’s not at all clunky or hard to operate, and there’s even a customisation option beneath the reel so you can change the commands to suit your keyboard layout. Coin sizes can easily be adjusted from 0.01 up to 10 credits by using the + and – icons on your keypad.

Pay lines can be deactivated easily so you won’t ever feel trapped in the endless reel spins like you would in other games. If you’re more of a passive player, you can also switch on the auto play function for a specified amount of spins.

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More Reasons To Try Steampunk Nation

Progressive jackpot
If you wager small amounts for hours on end then you’re never really likely to take home a significant win. However, the progressive jackpot on Steampunk Nation gives you that chance. It’s randomly awarded to someone playing the game and builds with every single bet wagered, although you are more likely to take home the jackpot with medium to large wagers. At time of writing, the progressive jackpot on Steampunk Nation is just under £50k – which is not to be sniffed at.

Free spins
As a new customer, when you first sign up on 777 to play Steampunk Nation you’re given 50 free spins, which really helps to build up your capital for future betting. While playing the game you’ll get plenty of chances to win more free spins, and to win them you have to have at least 3 scatter symbols on screen. Below is what you get for different scatter combinations:

  • 3 Scatter symbols = 15 free spins
  • 4 Scatter symbols = 25 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols = 50 free spins

The scatter symbols seem to appear with more frequency than other slot machines, so you’ll probably be swimming in free spins.

To summarize it all
The main reason why Steampunk Nation is enjoyable is because of the stunning graphics and the playability of the game. It also has a high RTP and free spins – a hugely positive factor that differentiates it from other visually engaging slot games.

If you’re looking to switch up your slot game, consider giving Steampunk Nation a try. With its unique theme, decent win percentage and straightforward gameplay, it’s one of the few slot games that stand out in a hugely crowded market.

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