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Slot Spin Town — Game Review

Spin Town Slot Review

Spin Town

At heart, this Spin Town slot has just one feature: walking wilds. And yet those wilds are so much fun to watch, it’s hard not to recommend this game.

Red Tiger Games have a way of surprising us. If you told us we’d give this Spin Town mobile slot a 4 star review, we would have laughed.

A low variance 40 payline slot, where you can only win 400 times your bet and just has walking wilds as a feature? No free spins, no bonus games, nothing?

But you know what, it’s all about the execution, and this execution is damn fine.

A busy street with 14 different wild symbols

The truth is that it’s actually more like 6 different types of wilds, but there are 14 different characters, each representing wild symbols.

The fun is the fact that you can see the characters sitting by the side of the reels, waiting to cross the reel. They only cross once the Spin City slot logo lights go green.

Once they do, you get, generally, one or three wilds, sometimes as many as 5, crossing the reels either from left to right or right to left.

The Spin Town slot has a simple charm to it

The old folks sometimes fall asleep on the reels, giving you sticky wilds for longer. The skateboard jumps two reels at a time, the man and the woman can join up in the middle of the reels for a love affair and give you a 2x multiplier.

It’s fun to watch, it’s not complicated, and there are three special wilds that remind you that this is a UK slot machine: like the rock n roll wilds that mimic the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. Or the two Guardsmen marching across the street in full regalia. Or the group of football hooligans keeping close together after a football match.

This isn’t a phone slot you’ll be playing for long. At best 10 to 15 minutes when you don’t want your budget to get blown in a few spins.

It’s no Laser Fruit slot, but it’s one we recommend for those who like the game simple and fun, even if the wins aren’t out of this world.

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Spin Town slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedMarch 2019
Slot typeVideo Slot
SoftwareRed Tiger
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 40 Paylines
House edge / RTP3.77% / 96.23%
Slot volatilityLow
Min/Max bet0.40 / 200
Max win400 times your bet
Free spinsNone
Bonus roundsWalking Wilds
Slot ThemesCute & Bubbly

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In-game bonus features

Wild Cross: At the edge of the reels, you’ll see different characters gather. When the logo has a red light, nothing happens. When the lights turn green, the characters start crossing the street staying on screen for at least two spins, either walking left to right or right to left.

  • Sleepy Wilds: May randomly fall asleep while crossing the reels remaining in play for longer.
  • Speedy Wilds: These will move two reels at a time.
  • Couple Wilds: The man and the woman walk across the street normally one reel at a time. However, if they meet in the street, they combine beneath an umbrella to add a 2x multiplier before the continue on their merry way.

Rock n roll Shuffle: Lock three rock n roll symbols and you’ll activate four rocking wilds which may cross the street up to 10 times.

Guardsman March: Land 3 guardsman symbols to activate a 1×3 mega wild which may cross the reels from either side.

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Hooligan Advance: Three kick off symbols activate the hooligan wilds, which may cross the reels from either side. They move in closely packed groups.

Spin Town Review Conclusion

This Spin Town slot on mobile is a low variance easy playing game with just one feature.

So why on earth are we giving this a 4-star review? How about because those walking wilds and the red light makes this a fun high energy slot.

But when that bankroll is running low, or you are trying to keep the fun going for as long as you can, there’s nothing quite like this whole crowd of imaginative wilds to keep you company.

Spin Town is a 5×4 reel 40 payline video slot where you get multiple types of walking wilds moving from left to right or right to left.

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Review by Lucky Mobile Slots , last updated: March 26, 2021 — Rating 4

Spin Town Slot Review

Spin Town Slot

Spin Town is a new and compelling slot game developed by Red Tiger. Released to the general public in mid-March 2019, it introduces new and exciting gameplay features and offers a compelling gambling experience. With 5 reels and 40 paylines, it follows the traditional video slots formula. Moreover, it also features wide betting limits, ranging between $0.20 and $200 per spin.

Spin Town Slot Summary
Software ProviderRed Tiger
Minimum Bet$0.20
Maximum Bet$200
Wild SymbolYes
Scatter SymbolNo
Bonus FeaturesMultiple Wilds, Wild Rounds, Crossing Wilds
Jackpotx80,000 coins
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Symbols and Winning Combinations of Spin Town Slot

There are more than a dozen symbols featured in Spin Town and the majority of them come in the form of basic ones. There are two types of basic symbols – low-paying and high-paying. The low-paying symbols are high cards, ranging from 10 to Ace. They offer relatively weak payouts, ranging between x20 and x60 the line bet for a combination of five of the same symbol.

Looking at the high-paying symbols is where things become interesting. The Key and the Wallet are on the lower end of the spectrum, offering x80 and x100 the line bet when you manage to line up five symbols on the same payline, respectively. This is followed up by the Boombox and the Helmet with respective payouts of x160 and x200 for a x5 combination. Finally, we have the Briefcase which rewards you with x300 the line bet for a sequence of five.

There is also the Wild symbols to consider. There are many different Wilds in this game but they come with the same pay table. If you manage to spin five Wilds on a single line you will receive a x400 reward. Additionally, the Wilds will also stand in for any of the basic symbols, helping you complete winning patterns.

Bonus Features of Spin Town Slot

The main feature of Spin Town is that there is a wide array of Wild symbols and each offers something different. You also need to keep in mind that Wilds in this game do not work like in other slots. For one, they do not spin with the basic symbols. Instead, they gather at the edge of the reels and once the light turns green, they start crossing the reels. Depending on the type, they can take a few spins to get to the other side.

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The Sleepy Wilds can randomly fall asleep on the reels and stay there for longer, whereas the Speedy Wilds will move two reels at a time. If two Couple Wilds meet while they cross the reels, they will combine into an Umbrella Wild and provide you with a x2 multiplier.

Other types of Wilds are activated by spinning special symbols. The Wild Rock’N’Roll Shuffle is a row of four Wilds which can cross the reels up to 10 times. They are triggered when you spin 3 or more Rock ‘n’ Roll symbols. Landing 3 or more Guardsman symbols will trigger the Guardsmen’s March which grants you 1×2 Mega Wilds that patrol the reels, moving from edge to edge. Finally, we have the Wild Hooligan Advance, activated by hitting 3 or more Kick Off symbols. These Wilds move in closely packed groups, allowing you to score large wins.


When all is said and done, Spin Town is an interesting and lighthearted slots game. It introduces new gameplay elements to the slots genre and offers a unique gaming experience. Granted, the theme might not appeal to everyone but those who can appreciate it will definitely have a good time.

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