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Slot Sekhmet — Game Review

Watch how to beat Sekhmet in Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Trials of the Gods

If you’ve been twiddling your Ancient Egyptian thumbs waiting for another god to appear in Assassin’s Creed Origins (opens in new tab) , don’t worry, Sekhmet has arrived to try and murder our new favourite hooded hero. While she offers some seriously good photo opps — and sounds a bit like a Pokemon when she roars — it’s the godly loot that you’re probably after. The video above shows exactly what you’ll get for sending her packing and the best ways to stay alive when she starts sending out fireballs. There’s also a tiny spoiler if you haven’t already finished the story but we’ve labelled it up so you can watch and not worry.

Just like Anubis and Sobek, you’ll want to be on or around level 40 to take on the goddess so if you’re sitting at around 35 or 36, climbing a few levels will be the difference between one hit fireball kills and victory.

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You’ll find the lion-headed goddess in the south of the map, pretty much in the middle of the Desheret Desert. Unfortunately, there’s no nearby fast travel points nearby so your best bet is to head to the one in northern Uab Nome and instead of diving off the sync point, turn and scuttle back along the branch. Label up the quest, jump on your steed of choice and it’s time to ride two and a half thousand metres in serious heat. Just mind the mirages.

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Once Sekhmet has tumbled back into the Animus from whence she came, you’ll get your hands on the Legendary Tomb Protector shield. Mine dropped at 94 and has good melee and ranged resistance as well as the handy sleep on block perk. If this is your first god, the good news is that both Anubis and Sobek will also be back this month to make sure you haven’t missed out.

For more Assassin’s Creed Origins content, head to Assassin’s Central (opens in new tab) on YouTube for more in-depth features, tips and tricks, and guides.

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