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Slot Saloon — Game Review

The Best Online Saloon Number 10 Review

Saloon Number 10 is one of the most-visited and well-known venues in Deadwood. It has a rich and somewhat controversial past, a busy events calendar, and a wide selection of casino games, which includes slots and live table action. In addition, it’s famously known for its bar, which serves over 160 types of wine, about as many different types of beer, and some of the best whiskey and handcrafted cocktails around. Scroll down to our Saloon Number 10 review for the full report!

A cowboy hat and a gas lantern.

Our review of Saloon Number 10 in Deadwood is essential reading for anyone thinking about visiting the historic town. We don’t just review the casino facilities here: everything from promotions, loyalty benefits, licensing details, events, and more, will be subject to scrutiny. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the venue! For a quick reference, skip down to the FAQ section at the end and get quick answers to commonly asked questions.

Saloon Number 10: What to Expect

  • Saloon Number 10: What to Expect
    • Saloon Number 10 Casino Games
    • No Online Games at Present
    • No Promotions
      • No Loyalty Benefits
      • No Overnight Accommodation
      • Saloon Number 10 Events and Attractions
      • Is there a full-service bar?
      • Is there overnight accommodation?
      • What is the legal age to gamble here?
      • When are the live reenactments of Wild Bill Hickok’s murder?
      • Are there any promotions?

      Established toward the end of the 19th-century, Saloon Number 10 is one of the oldest venues in town and features loads of original artifacts and antiques from the Old West, making it just as much a museum as it is a gaming complex. Furthermore, it’s where folk hero Wild Bill Hickok was infamously shot and killed in 1876! Skip ahead to the general company info section — or any other section that interests you — using the content navigation tool above and discover more!

      Saloon Number 10 Casino Games

      The Saloon Number 10 games catalog is one of the major talking points in our review of the venue. To start things off, we’ll look at the slots selection. In total, there are about 70 slot machines on the gaming floor. There are other venues in town with a lot more, but we are big believers in quality over quantity. Here, gamblers will find traditional slots and video slots that come in a variety of coin denominations, so regardless of your budget, there’s plenty of choice. Plus, all games are tested for fairness by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.

      A revolver and cards showing the dead man

      The Saloon Number 10 games list also includes live table action and bingo! On the gaming floor you’ll find classic poker as well as a number of fun, novel variations, and single-deck blackjack on rotation throughout the week. Poker games are mostly low-priced buy-ins and dealers are always on hand to help beginners learn the rules. Gamblers wanting to test their skills can take part in No Limit Hold’em tournaments at the weekends!

      • Video Slots
      • Traditional Slots
      • Three-Card Poker
      • Texas Hold’em
      • Hold’em Omaha
      • Crazy Pineapple
      • Super 8
      • Texas Hold’em
      • 7 Card Stud
      • No Limit Hold’em
      • Single-Deck Blackjack
      • Bingo

      As can be seen from the list element above, the Saloon Number 10 games list really caters for all types of players. There aren’t loads of slot machines, but the games that are there are varied and allow all players to have a spin. Card players will find classic versions of poker and blackjack as well as fun variations, and you can even try your luck and make new friends at occasional tournaments and bingo meets.

      No Online Games at Present

      Online gambling is currently prohibited at Saloon Number 10. This is due to strict rules and regulations currently in operation in South Dakota (S.D), which means you won’t find it anywhere else in Deadwood or the state. However, news reports suggest that lawmakers may be ready to amend the state laws, so there is a chance we may see online betting introduced to Deadwood by the end of the year! For now, we advise you to keep checking back here for updates — we’ll be among the first to know if there is a breakthrough!

      No Promotions

      A stack of golden coins.

      Unfortunately, there are no Saloon Number 10 promotions at present. We must admit we were quite surprised to discover this; the casino facilities here are pretty good and the bar and restaurant is known far and wide, so there’s no good reason why there can’t be at least one or two promotions here. However, there are countless top gambling venues in Deadwood, so if promotions are your thing, you won’t have to look very hard to find an alternative.

      If you’re looking for promotions in Deadwood, one venue we would recommend is Mustang Sally’s. When it comes to casino promotions, there isn’t much on offer here; however, the venue has a reputation as the best sports bar in Deadwood, and there are loads of deals at the restaurant and bar. Happy hour drinks deals, food combo specials, $2.50 tap beers, and meal deals, are just a few of the promotions you can expect to find when the big games are on!

      No Loyalty Benefits

      VIP written in white letters.

      Similar to promotions, there are no benefits for loyal players at Saloon Number 10. While we were again disappointed, there’s no shortage of casinos with top loyalty benefits in Deadwood. One loyalty program we really like is the Player’s Club at Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming. It’s a straightforward points accumulation system where the more you play, the bigger rewards you win. When you earn enough points, rewards include discounts at the restaurant and hotel, invites to special events and competitions, and lots more!

      No Sports Betting

      Much like online betting, strict rules and regulations currently in place means that sports betting is a bit of a tricky topic in S.D. There are a very small number of casinos that accept bets on a handful of horse racing events, but betting markets are extremely limited and the number of competitions are very low — bets on the top four sports, (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) are not permitted. However, there is a chance the law will be amended in the coming months, which could mean sports betting is introduced to Deadwood.

      Lots of Attractions

      As far as non-gambling related attractions go, Saloon Number 10 is one of the most inviting venues in town. As well as being a living museum with loads of historic artifacts, it hosts numerous events, there’s live music most evenings, and its bar is known far and wide for having one of the best selection of whiskeys in the entire state. Learn more about attractions outside of the games room in the following sections!

      A tasty plate of french fries.

      No Overnight Accommodation

      Unfortunately, Saloon Number 10 does not offer overnight accommodation for guests at this time. It’s a real shame as we are sure it would be a welcome addition — the venue is already super-popular among tourists wanting to experience the Old American West. However, as it stands now, you’ll have to look elsewhere for overnight digs.

      One venue in town we’re sure you will like is the Iron Horse Inn. Much like Saloon Number 10, it’s housed in a historic building with charming, Victorian architecture. It’s a perfect option for visitors looking for a historic experience. It retains much of the original decor and grandeur from the 19th-century and has really competitive rates, so even gambler’s traveling on a limited budget will find a room.

      Saloon Number 10 Events and Attractions

      As we mentioned earlier, Saloon Number 10 has a lot of non-gambling related attractions. Firstly, it’s where folk hero Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed, so it’s an important historic landmark. During peak season, guests can see live reenactments of the infamous event! There are also loads of artifacts, antiques, photos, and more, from the period: feel free to explore the collection and get an insight into the Old West! To add to this, there are plenty of events, regular concerts and loads of live music nights taking place here. See the events page on the official website for more info!

      A guy playing a guitar.

      General Company Info

      Owner:Saloon No. 10
      Phone Number:+1 800-952-9398
      Gaming License Class:Class III
      Number of Games:Over 80
      Hours:8am – 2am
      Website:Saloon No. 10
      Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, Untappd

      Saloon Number 10 is another historic venue in the town of Deadwood. While we know it was open in 1876, exactly when it first established is unknown. Many folk characters of the Old West such as Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill Cody, Doc Holiday, and Potato Creek John, were all patrons, so we can presume it opened many years before. In 1789 the building burnt down and has been replaced by several different enterprises ever since.

      While it has done a fantastic job of retaining its heritage, today, Saloon Number 10 is a popular gaming complex and high-end whiskey bar and restaurant. It has a Class III license, so visitors can enjoy a varied selection of slots as well as live table games and bingo. The official website and Facebook page do a great job of keeping visitors up to date with events and updates from the venue. Access both pages using the links in the table above.

      Great Games and Rich Heritage

      The logo of the Saloon #10 casino.

      All things considered, Saloon Number 10 has a lot of positive features. With plenty of slots, live table games, and bingo, the casino facilities are top notch and there are lots of attractions and events to offer outside the games room. However, we must say we were disappointed with the lack of promotions and loyalty benefits, so we can’t give it a perfect score. But, if you’re looking for exciting casino action in unique, historic surroundings, it’s a great match. If you enjoyed reading our Saloon Number 10 review, head back to the homepage and discover more great casinos in S.D.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      That’s it: we’ve finally made it to the end of our Saloon Number 10 review! We’ve tried hard to cover all the most important testing criteria, but we’re sure there are one or two things we’ve missed. If you have any more queries, keep scrolling down to the FAQ section below. If you still have questions, use the contact tab and shoot us an email directly!

      Is there a full-service bar?

      Yes. Thanks to its Class III license, the Saloon Number 10 games selection features traditional and novel versions of poker and blackjack, bingo, and loads of varied slot machines. To see the full games catalog, skip back up to the casino games paragraph.

      Is there overnight accommodation?

      Unfortunately, no. However, the Historic Bullock Hotel is just across the road and, just like Saloon Number 10, is located in a historic building. Rates are quite high, so it’s probably best suited to gamblers traveling on a medium to high budget.

      What is the legal age to gamble here?

      Just the same as with all the other gambling destinations in S.D, the legal age to play here is 21. Anyone without a valid I.D proving their age will not be allowed to enter the games room or the whiskey bar. Learn more about the venue and its licensing details in our section on non-gambling related attractions.

      When are the live reenactments of Wild Bill Hickok’s murder?

      During peak travel season, visitors can watch live reenactments of the infamous murder of Wild Bill Hickok. It takes place every couple of hours in the afternoon, so there are plenty of showings. Discover more cool attractions at the venue in our Saloon Number 10 events and attractions paragraph.

      Are there any promotions?

      Unfortunately, no. We get asked this question often and we are always disappointed to inform our readers that there are no promotions in the casino, bar or restaurant. However, the Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming complex is close by and has lots.

      Wild Moon Saloon Slot

      Wild Moon Saloon Slot Review: Is this Stakelogic Game Worth It?

      Wild Moon Saloon Slot

      Wild Moon Saloon online slot was created by Stakelogic and it has Return to Players options of 95.80%, 93.80%, 90.00%, and 88.00 %. Check out our guide and see if it’s worth your time or not.

      The name of the slot is Wild Moon Saloon and it was released in July 2022. The game provider is Stakelogic. There are no megaways and progressive Jackpot available. The slot has 40 paylines and 5 reels with an RTP range of 88.00 percent, 90.00 percent, 93.80 percent, and 95.80 percent. The maximum payout is 5000 times and the betting range is from 0.20 to 100.00 USD/ EUR.

      Westerns do not seem to be going out of style anytime soon, and we are still seeing several new slot machines with this type of storyline being introduced. Wild Moon Saloon is a Stakelogic product with great comic book-style graphics.

      Wild Moon Saloon has 5×4 reels and 50 active lines spread over that relatively huge game space. It is classified as a high volatility slot because it pays up to 5,000 times the bet and has an RTP of 95.80 percent. Several key elements, such as the Wild, Bonus symbols, and free spins with a bonus choice, should be emphasized.

      Prizes and Betting

      The average real-money wager in Wild Moon Saloon is between 0.20 USD and 100 USD. If you activate the Super Stake option, the wager doubles and the range is between 0.40 USD and 200 USD. (used to improve the odds to reach the free spins).

      In most circumstances, a top jackpot of 5,000 times is adequate, but when the slot has high volatility, you should expect more frequently. Wild Moon Saloon performs a good job of enticing gamers to give it a try in the first place, but not amazing.

      You’re looking at RTPs ranging from 88 percent to 95.80 percent, and I’d only recommend playing this machine if the operator selects the highest figure.

      Features of the Wild Moon Saloon Slot

      The Wild is one of the most fundamental features included in this game. You get paid if you get 3 to 5 on the same line, but you can also be paid if you build a standard combo with the wild acting as a substitute.

      Eight free spins are triggered by landing one bonus symbol on each reel. The quantity of bonus symbols determines how many picks you’ll get, ranging from three to five. These picks reveal one of the following card types, each with its own set of modifiers that will be applied during free spins. Bonus picks are awarded when two or more bonus symbols appear during free spins, with 1 to four picks available.

      • Additional free spins are available
      • There’s a higher multiplier.
      • Convert a premium sign to a scatter symbol. For 1 to 15+ scatters, payouts range from 1 to 100 times the stake. Activates a Wild Modifier.
      • Wild modifiers come in four different varieties, and you can get one of them during free spins or paid rounds via the Mystery Bonus.

      On the reels, there could be up to seven random wilds.

      There are up to three bursting wilds, each of which can grow to up to four nearby spots.

      Up to three wild reels are possible.

      Rising Wilds: During re-spins, the wilds move up until the symbols exit the reels.

      The Mystery Bonus is a feature that awards paid spins at random. One of the Wild Modifiers will be activated, but just for that round.

      Design & Theme

      We have not heard a story like Wild Moon Saloon before. Behind the reels, we see the streets of a frontier town, and the action takes place in its saloon. The symbols are drawn in a comic book style, which I liked because the quality is excellent.

      J to A Royals appear on the first four symbols, followed by representations of whiskey bottles, canteens, and the four main characters (one woman and three men).


      Wild Moon Saloon is appealing on multiple levels, with high-end graphics and a plethora of fascinating features. If you purchased the version with the highest RTP, the lower top awards are about the only ones I don’t like.


      • The community is enthusiastic about this game and gives it high ratings.
      • Small stakes on a penny slot
      • There are some big bets available.
      • For a skilled player, 5000 times awards are available.


      • The return to player (RTP) for this slot varies from casino to casino.

      Most Commonly Asked Questions

      • What is the RTP of the Wild Moon Saloon slot machine?

      Return to Player choices at the Wild Moon Saloon is 88.00 percent, 90.00 percent, 93.80 percent, and 95.80 percent.

      • What are some of the slot’s important features?

      This is a Stakelogic slot with five reels and 40 chances to win. You can bet anywhere from 0.20 USD/ EUR to 100 USD/ EUR every spin. Up to 5,000 times, your stake can be won.

      • Where can I play a free version of Wild Moon Saloon?

      Our team has compiled a list of online casinos that provide Stakelogic slot machines. With the Wild Moon Saloon slot, you can check out the top Stakelogic casinos.

      Choose one of the recommended online casinos from the list below and click the “Play Now” button. Any casino will require you to create an account, but any casino will allow you to play Wild Moon Saloon for free without doing so.

      • Is it possible to play Wild Moon Saloon on my phone or tablet?

      Yes, it’s built with HTML5 and is completely mobile-friendly!

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