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Slot Pirate Armada — Game Review

Pirate Armada Slot

Who doesn’t want to go on a pirate adventure and plunder the seas for big prizes and treasures with one of history’s most famous pirates, Blackbeard? Pirate Armada slot offers you just that. With fun but simple gameplay, you will be able to embark on a pirate adventure, all while trying to earn massive winnings.

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Pirate Armada Slot Review

Pirate Armada slot is a fun and simple pirate-themed adventure that offers good chances to win nice rewards with its 3 rows and 5 reels that are full of treasures.

Table of contents

  1. About Pirate Armada Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Pirate Armada Slot on Mobile
  6. Our Verdict

About Pirate Armada Slot

This game is developed by 1x2Gaming who have developed other fun video slot games such as the Space Christmas slot and the Here Comes Summer slot. Pirate Armada slot is inspired by the pirates roaming the seas in search of treasures. It has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 10 paylines. The betting range of this game spans from $0.10 to $50 with the maximum payout being 2,200x the stake.

When it comes to bonus features, the Pirate Armada slot has Wilds, Scatters and a Free Spins round. Unfortunately, it does not have any other special or bonus features that can be seen in other video slot games.

Design, Symbols and Graphics

Pirate Armada slot, as the name suggests, is a pirate-themed video slot game. The graphics of this game is not the highest, compared to some of the other games that came out around the same time, but nevertheless, the game still offers a good time. The design of the game is appropriate to the pirate theme. The reels have golden trims, and the background, which presents the open sea with two large ships on both sides, and the remains of a sunken ship, only adds to the feeling of being on a pirate ship. What’s more, the background music is very exciting and intense, which makes the atmosphere more immersive and engaging.

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Pirate Armada

The symbols of the Pirate Armada slot also fit the pirate theme. The lower-paying symbols are the letters J, Q, K, and A, as well as the number 10, all decorated with waves, pearls, jewels, and seaweed. The higher-paying symbols are a parrot, different female pirates, a male pirate, a pirate ship, and of course the most valuable symbol in this game is the captain of the ship himself, Blackbeard. The Scatter symbol is an overflowing chest of gold that can bring you some interesting rewards. Finally, the Wild symbol, which can replace any of the other regular symbols, is a pirate skull. Pirate Armada slot does a very good job when it comes to making sure that the design fits the theme of the game.

RTP, Variance and Payout for Pirate Armada Slot

When it comes to the RTP this game falls a bit short. Pirate Armada RTP is 94.62% which is considered to be a bit low, with the average RTP being around 96%. The volatility of the game is medium, which means you will be able to play for longer periods of time, with frequent smaller winnings, and it allows you to go for the bigger prizes without taking too much of a risk with your budget.

If you want to learn more about the RTP and volatility of the games, please check out our variance, volatility and RTP guide.

Gameplay and Features on Pirate Armada Slot

The gameplay of this game is actually very simple and easy to understand. You just set your bet and you are ready to go. This game does have the option of Auto Play which allows you to set your preferences and sit back and enjoy as the reels spin automatically. The scenery and layout, as well as the intense atmosphere and background music, make this game a real adventure. After a while, however, the base game can get a little repetitive, which is why there are the Scatters and Wilds. The Wild symbol is the pirate skull that helps you make winning combinations.

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Free Spins

The Scatter symbol is the overflowing treasure chest. Landing 3 scatters will earn you 6 free spins, 4 scatters will earn you 8 free spins, and finally, landing 5 scatters will earn you 10 free spins that will greatly help you get closer to the ultimate prize. Another important thing to know is that the scatter symbols all have values on them. When the Free Spins feature begins, all of those values are added together and are paid out.

Pirate Armada Slot on Mobile

Pirate Armada slot is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. You can take it with you wherever you go. Just open the game on your browser and let the plundering begin.

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Apart from this one, 1×2 Gaming has released other great video slot games as well, so if you enjoy the Pirate Armada slot, make sure to check out these other amazing games too:

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Asgard Warriors — In this fun and cartoonish game, join the Gods from Norse mythology on your quest to earn big prizes. It has the standard 1x2Gaming layout of 3 rows, 5 reels, but this game has 243 paylines. It offers a lot of bonuses and free spins which are of great help. The bets can be from $0.10 to $100 with the maximum payout of 4,000x the stake. The RTP is 94.56%.

Slotswise Verdict

Pirate Armada slot is a fun video slot game, and even though the graphics are not as high compared to other games, it still doesn’t disappoint with the gameplay and design. Its RTP is a little lower than what is considered average, but the volatility is medium so the prizes can be achievable.

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5 Things We Know About Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale

Tortuga: A Pirates Tale

Prepare to sail the open seas, plunder for treasure, and lead a life of a pirate in Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale. At Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live, the new game’s creators Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios unveiled their newest pirate adventure. Although a release date has not yet been set, it is anticipated to come in the first quarter of 2023. That means the new IP is roughly six months away from release, and with a lot of excitement surrounding the game, we want to share the five things we know about the new title, so far.

There is still a lot about the game that is unknown, so everything here could change, for the better or for the worse, when the game releases. However, from what we can gather so far, the game is showing lots of promise to deliver a well-rounded title. And, there are a few features that are reassuring our faith in that and evidently are the ones you should be aware of early on. But, without further ado, here are the five things we know about Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale.

5. Customizable Ships

Developers are now aware that gamers, particularly PRG-focused gamers, enjoy customization. It enhances our personal experience and makes the adventure more interactive and immersive overall. That’s why it’s nice to know that in Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale, you’ll be able to customize your ship. The game will include 18 different types of ships, each with a high level of customization.

Every aspect of your ship, including the hull, mast, ship figurehead, and even the flag, can be customized. Overall, the customization offers over 360 distinct loadouts to distinguish your ship. However, in order to level and upgrade your ship, you must earn, fight, and quest. This will open up more upgrade options to your ship such as advanced cannons for your weaponry. Because, in order to compete with the best colonies, you must be adequately prepared to take on their massive fleets.

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4. Open World

Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale will feature a large open world in the Caribbean. This is fantastic because it allows us to explore and adventure to our hearts’ content. However, don’t get too excited because the Dutch, Spanish, French, and English colonies currently dominate the seas. Steer too far away from your home port and you may find yourself in an unwelcomed challenge. As a result, in order to advance into larger more unknown territory, you’ll need to quest and upgrade your ship to take on more difficult opponents.

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of questing, as the game contains over 25 hours of questlines. However, each one is unique and only you can find it. Quests can be obtained by meeting and talking to governors, fellow pirate companions, or simply by venturing into new towns, taverns, and ports throughout the game’s world. That means there will be plenty of hidden treasure, unsolved mysteries, and exciting adventures in Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale.

3. Pirate Skills

Tortuga: A Pirate

Your ultimate goal is to become the greatest pirate of all time, or as we’ll refer to ourselves in the game, Pirate Lord. However, you do not begin as an expert pirate; rather, you begin as a new and eager pirate captain. That means you’ll have to gain experience on the open water. As you continually do, you can then customize your attributes with 35 different Pirate Skills.

Pirate Skills are your skill tree and leveling system. This means you must prioritize the skills you want your pirate captain to specialize in and be known for when it comes to conquering the seas. We don’t know what these pirate skills are yet, but they will have varying stats, abilities and perks, that benefit you, your ship, and your crew.

2. Turn-Based Combat

Tortuga: A Pirates Tale

Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale is currently classified as a strategy game with RPG elements. However, the game’s main form of this strategy stems from its turn-based naval combat. In a fight, you take turns making attack, advancement, and repair decisions on a hexagonal grid. However, the sea conditions will also be in play and must be considered when choosing when and how to engage.

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That means there are a lot of variables in combat, not just at sea but also when engaging a port. Aside from that, we can’t confirm any additional details about the turn-based combat, but expect your pirate skills to have a significant impact. Because the skills you focus on leveling are the ones you’ll utilize to make you and your crew the most effective and powerful.

1. Captain Duties

Cover Image of Tortuga: A Pirates Tale

The most important and crucial aspects of the game’s RPG elements are dependent on your decisions as captain. That means you must agree, or disagree on “articles of capture” that define the objectives and task at hand before you set sail. Then, the gold and treasure must then be distributed evenly among your crew. You can also choose not to, but doing so will have an impact on your crew and may lead to mutiny. That is why deciding which quests to complete and how to reward your crew after completing them is critical to crew morale and your reputation.

What’s more important is deciding who to make your allies and who to make your enemies. As you advance through the ranks of a pirate captain, you will come into contact with historical pirates. It is entirely up to you how you interact with them. However, each has advantages and disadvantages. While your goal is to expand your fleet and build a stronger armada, some pirates may not be the best choice.

That’s why it’s critical to know who to befriend and who to avoid. This will also be a factor once you start dealing with colonies, as some may be more eager to work with a pirate for personal gain than others. That is why as captain, it’s your responsibility to make in-game decisions and decide what is best for your fleet.

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