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Slot Navi — Game Review

Changes in Mega Man Battle Network 5 Double Team DS

These are the changes mades made from Mega Man Battle Network 5 (BN5GBA) into Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS (BN5DS).


  • 1 General
  • 2 Gameplay
    • 2.1 BattleChips
    • 2.2 Chip Trader / BugFrag Trader
    • 2.3 Danger Emotion Window
    • 2.4 W Slot
      • 2.4.1 BassXX
      • 2.5.1 Transport Chip
      • 2.9.1 Party Support
      • 2.9.2 Party Customizer
      • 2.10.1 Team Navis
      • 2.10.2 Double Attack
      • 2.11.1 NetBattle
      • 2.11.2 Tournament
      • 3.1 Japanese Text
      • 3.2 English Text


      • An intro video is added before the title screen. In the Japanese version, the music is the Rockman EXE Stream opening; Be Somewhere by Buzy. International versions use a segment from THEME OF ROCKMAN EXE ~TGS2002 mix~ instead; the speed is also modified a bit.
      • All of the game music is redone.
      • Voice acting has been added for Lan, MegaMan, ProtoMan and Colonel, which can be heard during battles and in menus.
      • A 3D model of MegaMan, ProtoMan or Colonel appears on the bottom screen. MegaMan’s Cross forms and karma also reflect on his 3D model. They will also have animations during certain cutscenes in the story.
      • Maps were added on the bottom screen, and they can be collected as Blue Mystery Data. A new menu was added to view the overall map of the Internet.
      • E-mails are now divided into three categories: Team, Pals and Other.
      • Emotion mugshots for multiple character have been added to fit the situation.
      • Press Start appears faster on the title screen, due to lack of Wireless Adapter and Progress Chip Gate checks.
      • Transition into battles is faster, due to lack of Progress Chip Gate checks.
      • There are now 2 save slots instead of just 1. Each slot can freely choose a game version (Team ProtoMan or Team Colonel).
      • Saving the game takes much longer now. (This is because the DS version uses Flash memory to store the save file, instead of SRAM or FeRAM for the GBA version.)
      • The epilogue scene after the credits can now be skipped. In BN5GBA, it was unskippable.


      • Card e-Reader bonuses are removed in this version of the game, since the Nintendo DS cannot connect to an e-Reader+. However, BassCross MegaMan can be accessed with the W Slot system using a copy of the GBA version of Mega Man Battle Network 5.
      • Operation Battle is unavailable, since a Progress Chip Gate cannot be connected to a Nintendo DS.
      • Crossover Battle is unavailable, since the Nintendo DS cannot communicate with a Wireless Adapter.
      • Evil Chips such as Muramasa and DS Navi Chips no longer work with Team Navis.
      • TomahawkMan now has Status Guard, both for playable and as a boss.


      • LeaderR L and ChaosL X are obtainable normally within the game. They are registered in the Secret Library.
      • Newly added * codes: ElemRage, LavaSeed, Sword, WavePit, RedWave, MudWave. A number of * code of chips which was in the GBA game’s data but cannot be obtained, are now obtainable.

      Chip Trader / BugFrag Trader

      Due to the longer saving, you are able to insert for more than the cost for 1 chip at a time. 3 Chip Trader can accept up to 30 chips at a time. 10 Chip Trader can accept up to 100 chips at a time. BugFrag Trader can accept up to 90 BugFrags at a time.

      Danger Emotion Window

      AKA «Critical State». When the NetNavi drops to a low health, a new Danger Emotion can appear where a player can yell into the DS microphone to pick their Navi back up with a chance of an extra boost and a Full Synchro. The bonuses depend on the volume given.

      W Slot

      Read as «Double Slot». If BN5DS is started up with a Mega Man Battle Network or Boktai Game Boy Advance game pak in Slot-2, additional bonus features become unlocked. The following games will unlock bonuses: (Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge does not unlock any bonuses)

      • Mega Man Battle Network
      • Mega Man Battle Network 2
      • Mega Man Battle Network 3 White
      • Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue
      • Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun
      • Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon
      • (JP) Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation
      • Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan
      • Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel
      • Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
      • Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
      • (JP) Shin Bokura no Taiyō: Gyakushū no Sabata


      Due to the removal of Card e-Reader access, the method to encounter Bass XX has been changed. It now requires the W Slot and slotting in every numbered MMBN game in that game’s region and using a Cross MegaMan.

      Liberation Missions

      • You can now open the menu with Folder Edit and Saving options. This means You are now able to edit your Folder at any time. In BN5GBA, the menu cannot be opened at all.
      • Once per Phase, you are also able to save anytime from the menu. In BN5GBA, only ProtoMan/Colonel and Meddy/ToadMan can save via a field screen prompt. However, you can only save once per turn in the Nebula Area 5 Liberation Mission, where in the 5GBA version you can save up to twice per Phase.
      • Swapping Navis in the field screen can now be done back and forth thanks to 2 button inputs. In 5GBA, only one button can swap Navis and to return to a previous choice, you must cycle through again.
      • If you enter a fight with Team Navis in close proximity of each other, you will be prompted to be have that Navi as support. You will start the battle with that Navi as a Navi Change with their Support active. However, accepting this will waste that Navi’s turn in that Phase.

      Transport Chip

      AKA «TP Chip». TP Chips are special items that allow the swap of Team Navis with the opposite version.

      If the player has at least one 1 TP Chip, there will be tutorial dialogue when the Oran Area 3 Liberation Mission is played for the first time.

      Lotto Number

      New lotto prizes are added in the NumberTrader. These codes will not work in the GBA version. There are a total of 26 Lotto Numbers.

      Map Data

      A mini map can be found on the bottom screen. In order to unlock them, the Internet area map must first be found in a Blue Mystery Data. Afterwards, the map is stored in the Map menu.

      Memory Minigame

      A new memory game involving Navis is added. It’s a «Simon Says» game, players must remember the order of Navis that walk by. This feature gives out PartyCust Programs.


      Speed+1 (Yellow), Charge+1 (Pink) and HP+500 (Pink) can now be obtainable in-game. They were in BN5GBA’s data but were inaccessible.

      Party Support

      The new Party Battle System adds new Customizer Parts for MegaMan to use.

      Party Customizer

      The new Party Battle System allows a limited customization system for your team member Navis.

      Party Battle System

      Evolved from the Progress Chip Gate’s Navi Change system, the Party Battle System is an easier to access version of it with additional functions.

      New cutscenes in Chapter 2 will introduce this system.

      Team Navis

      Each Navi is now available to use outside of Liberation Mission and can go beyond the one turn limit present in the GBA version’s Navi Change mode. However, you are maxed to carry up to 2 Navis. In 5GBA, you could swap to all team members as long as you have their Navi Data Chip.

      Team Navis with the Support part equipped will have additional abilities assisting the active Navi. They will not support if MegaMan is Evil.

      Double Attack

      When you switch to another Navi while they are in Full Synchro, a special combination attack can be executed.


      • Communications now use Host and Client system.
      • Chip Trading can now be done 3 at a time.


      • TeamBattle mode can now be played without Progress Chip Gate.


      • A new mode that lets you hold a tournament up to 8 players. A normal NetBattle and a TeamBattle option are available. Waiting players can spectate the match.
      • The final battle will play the track You are not alone!. The winner will play a roulette that decides what chip they are prized with.

      Text Changes

      • Since the «Battle routine, set!» line is now voiced, textboxes where that line is shared with other lines, now has it removed. A follow-up textbox has been added where «Battle routine, set!» is all by itself.
      • If the player has already received an Extra Folder through W Slot before they obtain the Navi Customizer, the Navi Customizer tutorial e-mail they receive will be different, as it will not give them the BnusFldr as normal.
        • In Japanese, the alternate Navi Customizer tutorial email is marginally different, only removing the text boxes that mention the Extra Folder. However, in all other languages, the two e-mails have completely different text.

        Japanese Text

        • In BN5GBA, VacuumFan3 (バキュームファン3) is incorrectly named WindBox3 (ウインドボックス3), making 2 enemies named WindBox3 in the game. This was fixed in BN5DS, with VacuumFan3 now having its correct name. This typo was already corrected in the English version of BN5GBA.

        English Text

        The BN5DS English text still contains many of the typos from BN5GBA but a few did get fixed.

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