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Slot Moody Fruits — Game Review

Control your own Online Slots Destiny with Moody Fruits

How to Play Moody Fruit Slots by Relax Gaming

Thousands of slot machines exist in the online space. Aside from the number of reels, pay lines, and applicable features, they’re all pretty much the same. Press spin and watch the symbols roll around until they stop, hopefully on a winning combination. But not this one…

Moody Fruits, a mid-2014 release by Relax Gaming, is an exceptional online slot machine. It allows players to incorporate the ultimate level of skill by building their own reels. Imagine the concepts of slot machines, Tic-Tac-Toe and Tetris (minus the time restraints), all rolled into one.

With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99.91%, this is the absolute highest RTP online slot game known to exist!

Moody Fruits Slot – How it Works

Moody Fruits is actually four games in one. There are four reel sets to play. Each contains a 3×3 grid with 5 pay lines that run horizontally and diagonally. In total, there are 20 pay lines, and they’re always active; (no need to bet one credit per line to activate).

The player’s job is to fill each of the reels with symbols. There are 10 in all. The lower paying symbols are all fruits. On the higher end are crowns, bells, bars and horseshoes, plus a horn as the bonus symbol. Bear in mind the value of each symbol as you go.

One at a time, you’ll be given a top-to-bottom column of 3 symbols. You’ll get to choose what reels go where. However, you can’t rearrange the symbols within a reel, and once you place a reel, you can’t move it. Also, when positioning a reel, it will always go into the left-most available space of the chosen game board.

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This set up gives you a lot of control over the game, allowing you to line up matching symbols on different game boards. But remember, you won’t know what’s coming next until you place the current reel, so be careful!

You’ll need to line up as many Tic-Tac-Toe style combinations as possible to win a prize. With the right strategy, Moody Fruits delivers a fantastic 99.91% RTP! It’s a medium-variance slot, so be patient.

How to Win on Moody Fruits

How to Win Moody Fruits

The object is to line up matching symbols on the pay lines of four game boards. Each line of 3 alike symbols is worth a set number of points, ranging from 20 for 3 cherries, strawberries or oranges, up to 120 for 3 crowns, and a Bonus for 3 horns (see below). You’ll need to reach at least 100 points to win a prize.

You can earn additional points by lining up special combinations. For example, if at least one winning line appears in each of the four games, all points are doubled. If wins appear in three of the four game boards, all points are multiplied by 1.5x. Fill an entire game board with the same symbol for an instant 200-point bonus.

Bet sizes range from 1 to 100 credits. Winnings are multiplied by the total bet size. A 100 point game will pay 2x the bet, scaling up to the highest payout of 100x the bet for a 1,000 point game.

Moody Fruits Bonus Game

The horn is the Bonus symbol. They are very rare, but extremely valuable if you get lucky enough to line up a combination of three on any pay line. This will trigger the Moody Fruits Bonus Game.

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How to Play Moody Fruits Bonus Games

The bonus gives players 15 shots from the horn. Each shot places a symbol on a large grid. Or, the horn may shoot out a number (+2, +3, +4 or +5). These numbers award extra shots.

It doesn’t matter where symbols appear on the grid. Once three alike symbols appear, they award points (same as the base-game pay table). When the bonus game ends, all points are added to the player’s current total and the base game continues.

You can play the Moody Fruits Slot for real money at any online casino powered by Relax Gaming. Or, if you want to try it out first, play Moody Fruits for free here.

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Moody Fruits – Starts Play Now

Moody Fruits – Starts Play Now

The “Moody Fruits” slot game is also known as the dice slots, but the principle is basically the same as in the standard dice game where you have to place 3 symbols on any of the first four rows. When you have three identical symbols next to each other, you will win a prize. The symbols may fall horizontally, diagonally and vertically, and also may double or completely fill the field with the same symbols. The aim of the game in Moody Fruits is to collect from one to twelve combinations of three identical elements arranged in a straight line. It is therefore just how lucky you are, of course, when you get the set of symbols that you have to place.

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The “Moody Fruits” is a fun game to give it a real try. It has an extremely nice look, with all symbols a bit moody and angry looking. But of course, that is why it is called the “Moody Fruits” slot. Furthermore there is some nice music playing during the game, which is totally not disturbing or annoying and just creates a good tempo.

Additional Info

Moody Fruits – Starts Play Now

Moody Fruits – Starts Play Now

Moody Fruits – Starts Play Now


When you play “Moody Fruits” online, you will see four separate lattices with nine cells. When you place a bet and begin to round, you will be offered alternately twelve columns of three pictures. They need to be placed in any of the grid (of your choice). But they will appear in position at the left. Order of the characters will not change. The winning amount is dependent on the rate and the number of points that are awarded for a combination of the factors set (from twenty to one hundred and twenty). In terms of commitment, you can actually decide how high you want to play. If you are a peaceful player, you can already go with 0.20 cents each time. The higher you play, the higher the prizes are.


The “Moody Fruits” slot has a range of symbols, which actually represent the lucrative garden, you are going to take prizes from, and the equipment for it. The symbols are passing while playing and they are: the “Hoorn”, which is the Bonus, the “Crown”, the “Bell”, the “Bar”, the “Horseshoe”, the” Plum”, the “Pear”, the “Orange”, the “Strawberry” and the “Cherry”. As a result, the gamblers turn into gardeners, who try to set their fruits in order, as the jump all around.

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Bonuses and bonus games

First of all, the bonus game is unlocked when you get the picture with the “Hoorn” three times. In this bonus game you get 15 free spins so that you multiple the chances to win a jackpot. Secondly, there is an additional bonus. If you manage to collect a combination of all four grids, the total winnings will be doubled. If any of the chain will be in three arrays of four, payment will be made with an additional multiplier of x1.5. Nine identical pictures in a grid give a bonus payment of two points. The game has a unique function of leveling, which is quite different from the other video slots – you need a certain number of points to win a certain prize. So, you will have to achieve least 100 points to earn your wager. But your final goal is to get one thousand points as you will receive 100 times of your initial bet. As a result, the more points you get, the higher becomes the prize.

Advantages of the game

Play “Moody Fruits” for free or for real money and you will see that this slot has nothing in common with usual machines. It belongs to the type of so called relaxing games. And that is fair enough, because, no matter how high is your bet, you are definitely going to get the prize. The accompaniment of a joyful music and the image of funny faces make the gambling very entertaining. The video slot is available anytime you feel eager to play. It gives the freedom to set the bet and control every step of the winning process. So just relax and enjoy.

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