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Slot Meduzas Liar — Game Review

Slot Meduzas Liar — Game Review

So after finally much coercing, I’ve finally decided to watch Liar Game II even though I read the manga. I’m glad I did. Though there are a few differences due to the difference in the ending of the round 3 manga and drama.

Since it’s a review there may be spoilers… but as far as I’m concerned nothing earth-trembling and apocalyptic. =]

I quite like the reason why Nao and Akiyama went back into the game. Well Nao’s at least….

Nao being Nao couldn’t let other people be indebted by Liar Game so she decided to rescue them. I don’t know if she’s brave or foolish. Most likely both since she’s so gullible.

To get Akiyama back, one of the organisers, told Akiyama that the mastermind in the drama he met was NOT the actual organiser of the game– he had yet to see the real face behind this madness.

There is a new person who doesn’t appear in the manga. Katsuragi. Supposedly an old acquaintance of Akiyama, (she MAY have been in the Roots of A but I really can’t remember). Despite her being and OC (original character) I like her. She has this smile that makes me LOL. Haha. And I do love her top hat. She’s some psychologist who has decided to participate in this lovely game. I reckon she just wants to see Akiyama. ;P

Nao goes into round 4 (which is actually the resurrection round in the manga) and meets my favorite character Fukuyama! In his glorious mushroom array he explains that they will be in the same team 3-man team and the last person would be… dun dun dun….

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Akiyama (no duh). They played the really suspenseful music and went for the dramatic effect. They shone a light behind him so you could only see the silhouette of him.

The dealers explain their version of Russian Roulette, which involves fake ammunition and this really weird looking gun. The manga-ka must’ve been rolling in his sleep).

I really loved Fukuyama’s “A-ha~!” it was so funny. And the fat guy (can’t remember superfluous characters’ names) really looked freaked out.

I’ve realised that they didn’t keep Fukuyama as the cross-dresser… I wonder why? So instead of the eye liner, he used pencil shavings to make the traces of “gunpowder”. A sad substitute.

The way to cheat in Russian Roulette is to put all of the bullets into consecutive slots so that when they spin the barrel gravity would do it’s job and the first 6 shots are almost guaranteed to be empty.

I wonder how they’re going to do the Fukuyama♥Akiyama thing… Now that he’s not a transvestite…. They’d probably omit the whole thing. Haha, it’d be interesting if they DID put it in though.

Towards the end Nao realises something… and the episode finishes.

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