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Slot Lucky Hero — Game Review

Official Guide: Lucky Slots and Slot Machine

State of Survival Wiki

Eva used to be a regular at casinos before the outbreak. Eva would turn from the “Black Widow,” into “Lady Luck”, due to her excellent gambling skills. Not long ago, Eva found an intact slot machine and dragged it back to the settlement. But this time, she’s not in it to gamble! Soldiers, who are stressed out both physically and mentally from a long day’s patrolling, need this machine to unwind! Forget your troubles and come relax with Lady Luck! Now, let’s go over these events together.

The Lucky Slot event is available in states that are 2 weeks in age and older, and corresponds with the Slot Machine event.

Og lucky slot 1.jpeg

Figure 1: Lucky Slots and Slot machine in Event Billboard.

Og lucky slot 2.jpeg

Figure 2: Lucky Slots Interface.

Og lucky slot 20.jpeg

Figure 3: Slot machine interface.

The Slot Machine event allows you to earn levers by completing different tasks around your settlement, and through upgrades and top-ups. Crates will be unlocked once a certain amount of levers has been collected. Crates can contain Lucky Slot coins, as well as other rewards!

Og lucky slot 21.jpeg

Figure 4: How to get levers with the Slot Machine event.

Og lucky slot 22.jpeg

Figure 5: Slot Machine Rewards Crates.

The principle is simple, use your chips to pull on the slot machine, but what can you win from the pulls on the Lucky Slots machine?

Og lucky slot 23.jpeg

Figure 6: Lucky Slot Prizes.

Note: The double earning reward will make the earnings of the next 5 rounds be doubled (except for the Super Jackpot).

The Super Jackpot is the biggest prize you can get out of the pulls. Every time a player in each server group makes a pull on the slot machine, 100 coins are added to the prize pool. Get a triple 7 on your pull, and you get a shot to get a portion of that Jackpot! You can see the probabilities of getting each share in the chart above.

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The prize pool of the Super Jackpot will always contain a minimum of 5,000 coins. If someone wins a portion of the prize pool, and it goes under that minimum, it will automatically go back up to 5,000.

Don’t be too upset if you don’t get the Super Jackpot, each time someone wins it, all other players will still get a consolation prize of 50 coins each!

What to do with my coins? The event has a built-in store containing diverse items. Here is an overview:

Og lucky slot 24.jpeg

Figure 7: Lucky Slots Store.

Note: The above chart, in Figure 7, shows the event store for the Anniversary event. The store items are similar to the original Lucky Slots event store.

How to get coins?

Lucky Coins can be earned through completing the Slot Machine event tasks, and reaching different levels in that event. You can also get more coins through bundles, but the good news is you can get 2 packs each containing 1 Lucky Coin for 1,000 biocaps, every day of the event.

Here is an overview of the packs and what they all contain:

Og lucky slot 25.jpeg

Figure 8: Lucky Slots Bundles.

Lucky Slots during Events During different events in the game, as well as in older states, the Lucky Slots store can include different items for purchase. The below charts show the store during the most recent Anniversary Event for SOS.

Og lucky slot 26.jpeg

Figure 9: Lucky Slots Prize review, Anniversary Event.

Og lucky slot 27.jpeg

Figure 10: Lucky Slots Store, Anniversary Event.

You now have all the basics of the event on your side, so go get that slot machine rolling and have fun collecting your rewards!

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Dragon Hero

Dragon Hero

Brace yourself for the arrival of the Dragon Hero, with plenty of wild symbols, super wilds and free spins to keep up the fight with every spin.


2000+ Games
Up to 20% Cashback for each deposit

The UK Gambling Commission requires you to be over the age of 18 to play demo games. Are you over 18?

Yes I am No I am not

You are playing Dragon Hero for FUN defaultiframebackground playIframe


Up to €300 + 200 spins

100% Up To €100 + 100 Free Spins

100% Up to €200 + 40 Free Spins on Book of Dead

What does John have to say?

Although Dragon Hero doesn’t really offer the most in terms of innovation, there are still plenty of interesting mechanics and decent potential to keep you spinning its reels.

  • Thumbs-UpFree Spin Wheels offer additional spins
  • Thumbs-UpSuper Wilds in the base game get sticky in free spins
  • Thumbs-UpBuy Bonus feature
  • Thumbs-Up5,000x potential

  • Base game lacks depth
  • Lack of innovative features

Dragon Hero Slot Review

Dragons and Asian themed video slots are particularly common, with colourful backdrops and gorgeously designed symbols.

Despite the density of these titles, Pragmatic Play has seen it fit to grace us with yet another addition to the genre with Dragon Hero. The renowned provider lives up to its reputation with a stunning presentation that immerses you in the slot’s wonderful theme. It’s a fantastic setup for a series of great features, including wild symbols, super wilds and an enhanced free spins mode.

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But is this enough to make Dragon Hero worth your while? Check out our full review below to find out.

SLOT FEATURESWild Symbols, Super Wilds, Free Spins, Scatter Symbols
RELEASE DATE05/01/2023
BET LEVELS0.20 – 100
RETURN TO PLAYER96.0% | 94.94% | 94.03%

Dragon Hero Bonus Features

Some video slots love to pack their titles with all kinds of functionality and features. While Pragmatic Play has managed to serve some tasty dishes in the past, Dragon Hero hasn’t quite been seasoned with the same spice. The result is a slot that feels quite generic, forgettable even, with decent yet unimpactful mechanics that fail to leave a lasting impression.

Wilds and Super wilds make up most of the action here, both across the base game and free spins. They’re a good addition to the reels, but unfortunately, their presence isn’t enough to keep the momentum going, with many uneventful spins feeling dull and empty. Free spins add more flair to the whole affair, with an innovative trigger mechanic that could seriously boost your bonus mode.

That’s not to say that Dragon Hero is without its merits. Despite its limitations, the slot’s features are still implemented quite well and whenever they do hit, the potential to reach that 500x maximum win does light up. So, let’s have a look at how these features work and what you can expect from Pragmatic Play’s Asian-themed extravaganza.

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The formidable wild symbols form a big part of Dragon Hero. These Ying Yang symbols can show up on any spin, substituting themselves for any pay symbols on the reels that could form a winning combination. But that’s not all. Wild symbols in Dragon Hero also carry their very own values, with five of a kind delivering a win of 60x your selected bet.

Super Wilds

Building on the efficacy of the wild symbols are the Super Wilds. Landing on reels 2, 3 and 4, these super symbols hold 1, 2 or even 3 regular wilds. At the end of a spin, the held wilds are flung onto random positions on the reels, increasing the odds of completing potential wins. You could even end up with more than one wild landing in the same position. The super wilds themselves can also step in for any pay symbol combinations on the reels.

Scatter Symbol

Your ticket to free spins, scatter symbols land across both the base game and bonus rounds. Landing 3, 4 or 5 in the base game will award you with 6, 8 or 10 bonus wheels respectively. That’s right, rather than simply awarding free spins on the spot, Dragon Hero has you spinning free spins wheels to maximize your bonus potential. Each bonus wheel can randomly land 1, 2 or 3 free spins, and a lucky draw can leave you with an extended bonus mode.

Free Spins

The main difference during free spins is that Super Wilds are sticky. This means that any of these symbols that land during the bonus mode stick to the reels and continuously throw regular wild symbols on every spin. Scatter symbols also combine with Super Wilds this time round.

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Any scatter symbols that land add half a regular wild symbol to the Super Wild. This allows you to upgrade your Super Wilds incrementally to have more regular wilds added to your reels with every spin. It’s a pretty cool integration of features, which can seriously increase the bonus mode’s potential.

Buy Feature

If waiting around isn’t really your thing, you can opt for the Buy feature which takes you straight into free spins. For the cost of 100x your bet, you get the minimum level of 3 scatter symbols and an increased RTP rate of 96.13%. This is unavailable in some regions.

Dragon Hero Jackpot

You won’t find any dedicated jackpot prizes in Dragon Hero, although you can hope to hit the slot’s maximum jackpot prize of 5,000x your selected bet.

RTP & Volatility

With a high level of volatility , Dragon Hero doesn’t dish out wins very easily. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the RTP setting for the version of the game you play, as there are different settings available. The standard offers 96%, while other iterations come with a lower 94.94% and 94.03%.

Where to Play Dragon Hero

Dragon Hero can be enjoyed at a variety of top online casinos, although we recommend playing it over at MRQ Casino.

Dragon Hero on Mobile

Want to chase that 5,000x maximum prize on the go? With Dragon Hero’s full compatibility across Android and iOS systems, you can keep playing on your favourite mobile devices.

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