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Slot Lo Roller European Roulette Games Inc — Game Review

Play Low-Roller European Roulette Pro Online – Classic

This is a game for players of all abilities who want to be able to experience the traditional roulette casino experience online. With a wide betting limit range, great visuals and a long list of special features Low-Roller European Roulette Pro online should not be ignored.

Low-Roller European Roulette Pro online game wheel.

Low-Roller European Roulette Pro Developer: Games Inc.
Up to £100 + 50 free Spins bonus available
Claim Rizk’s welcome bonus when you register as a new casino member!
Rated: 4.9/5
Full T&Cs apply . New Customer only. 18+. www.begambleaware.org.

With so many online roulette games available to play, we’ve broken down in this Low-Roller European Roulette Pro review, who it would appeal to and why it’s a great game of roulette. Read on to learn more about the rules of the game and how you can play a demo version of the game for free.

Play Low-Roller European Roulette Pro for Free

When you walk into a physical casino it can be overwhelming when walking up to a new table to play a game you are not familiar with. The advantage of playing casino classics online is that many providers will allow you the opportunity to play a free demo game before raising the stakes to play for real money. Luckily for you this is one of these games, read on to find out how to play Low-Roller European Roulette =Pro for free.

By playing a free demo of Low-Roller European Roulette online players can get a feel for the game play, become comfortable with the game navigation and try out special features that could seem too risky when playing for real money.

A Low-Roller European Roulette Pro free demo.

Low-Roller European Roulette Pro

As with many casino games that have been taken online the game appearance can alter to what real life play can look like. With Low-Roller European Roulette Pro online, Games Inc. has invested time in creating a game that mimics that creates the ambiance of a real life casino in a digital form. Complete with ambient music the gaming experience is both classic and exciting.

With a traditional roulette board, wheel and the addition of a racetrack to place special bets on playing a demo game of Low-Roller European Roulette Pro enables players of all abilities the opportunity to get to a good grasp of the game.

Rules and Special Features of Low-Roller European Roulette Pro

When playing Low-Roller European Roulette Pro users will notice the intuitive structure of the game screen, with chips located centrally for easy access along with a highly visible spin button to the right of the screen. The simplistic layout and great RTP of 97.3% allows for easy game play, letting players focus on developing their strategy.

Similar to other European Roulette games, Low-Roller European Roulette Pro the aim of the game is to predict where the ball will stop in the wheel. The wheel and corresponding board contain 36 numbered tiles alternating in colour between black and red, with the addition of a green zero tile.

Bets can be placed on a singular tile, in the corner between several tiles, on any of the special bet tiles surrounding the numbered tiles or through making use of the racetrack to the left of the roulette board. To learn more about placing bets we would recommend reading up on the rules of roulette.

Low-Roller European Roulette Pro

House Advantage2.7%
Roulette TypeEuropean
Special FeatureFavourite Bets
Bet Limits£0.01 – £5,000
Called BetsYes
Fast PlayYes
Auto PlayYes
Best Low-Roller EU Roulette Pro CasinoRizk

One special feature of Low-Roller European Roulette Pro is the addition of Favourite Bets. If there is a specific betting pattern that players want to save for later, players can add favourite bets by clicking the star button located to the left of the betting chips. Once the bet has been placed players can use this function to name the bet and save it to be reused later in the game.

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The Favourite Bet option also allows players to access several other special called bets not located on the game board or racetrack, such as Red Splits, Black Splits, Final Cheval patterns and many more. These special bets might appeal to more advanced players wanting to explore new betting strategies and advance their game play.

Play Low-Roller European Roulette Pro for Real Money

With a great RTP of 97.3% and an abundance of additional special features what is not to like about Low-Roller European Roulette Pro?

Featuring lower betting limits than other similar versions of roulette in the market Low-Roller European Roulette Pro would appeal to more advanced players wanting to make the most of the special features while not necessarily raising the stakes too high.

The classic game play setting and well-designed visuals all aid the exceedingly enjoyable gameplay experience. If this all sounds like a bit of you it’s time to take the plunge and look for where to play Low-Roller European Roulette Pro for real money.

Think you’ve got the roulette bug and want to explore other online version? we’ve got a great list of other options for you to explore at the best roulette casinos.

Common Roulette Mistakes to Avoid

roulette Mistakes to Avoid

 Vegas HowTo

Roulette is a fast-moving, exciting and one of the easiest games to play in a Las Vegas casino. The Roulette is ideal for the novice player because it’s one of the easiest casino games to learn. The rules of the game are simple and the object of Roulette is to bet correctly on where the ball will land. As a player, all you you need to do is place your bet and the croupier spins the ball around the roulette wheel. Where the ball ends up on the wheel determines whether you win or lose.

Although much of the game is left up to luck, there are several things you can do to increase your payout when playing roulette. Knowing what common roulette mistakes players make and how to avoid them can make the whole roulette experience much more enjoyable.

Below are a few common roulette mistakes to avoid

  • Playing any version of roulette
  • Not Having a Set Bankroll
  • Not knowing your betting options
  • Using a single roulette betting system
  • Chasing losses
  • Betting Blindly

1 Playing any version of roulette

Vintage Las Vegas

Not knowing the version of roulette you are playing is one of the biggest mistakes roulette players make on a Las Vegas casino floor. Roulette games come in different versions such as zero and double wheel. Some casino will even offer roulette wheels with the “0” and “00” and some sort of an extra logo or «000».

The type of roulette variant you choose to play will have a huge impact on how successful you are in the game in the long run. When you approach a Roulette table, it is very important to choose the right version of the game because each one offers a different house edge, so you need to choose the roulette wheel with the lowest house edge inorder to get more chances of winning.

The American-style Roulette game will have 36 numbered slots, a Zero(0) and a Double Zero(00). In European-style roulette game there is a Single Zero(0) and then the numbers 1 – 36.

The extra Double Zero(00) in American roulette changes the odds of winning in the casino’s favor. It simply means if you place your chips on a single number you will have one chance in 38 of getting the desired outcome, whereas in European roulette you would have one chance in 37. This might not sound like a huge difference but it significantly affects the house edge. In European roulette the house edge is 2.70%. On the other hand in American roulette the house edge can get as high as 5.26%.

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Whenever you have the choice, play on a European roulette table instead of an American one. On the European roulette version you can expect to significantly improve your odds. The house edge on this version is almost half the house edge of the American versions.

Single Zero Roulette

Single Zero Roulette

European Roulette Table

Single Zero Roulette House Edge: 2.70%

Below are casinos where you can find European roulette tables in Las Vegas:
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Mirage Resort & Casino
ARIA Resort & Casino
Plaza Hotel & Casino (Downtown)

Double Zero Roulette

Single Zero Roulette

American Roulette Table

Double Zero Roulette House Edge: 5.26%

Double Zero Roulette can be found at most Las Vegas casinos.

2 Not Having a Set Bankroll

Not having a budgeted plan for playing roulette is another thing that can «burn you» in no time. The Roulette is a game of chance and a lot of fun to play. As such, it’s easy to forget about how much you are betting on the game and if you don’t have a set budget, you can end up blowing your entire bankroll in a short period of time.

Before you approach a Roulette table, set a gambling budget and stick to it. Only bet according to your bank roll limit. If you win, great! If you lose, you’re DONE for the day!. Never, ever, ever pull out extra money. You are not going to win back lost money. Chasing losses never ends well, it only makes a bad situation worse. The odds are against you.

What’s an appropriate Bankroll?: For a single bet, many experts suggest wagering no more than 1 to 3% of the total amount you are willing to lose in one gambling session.

3 Not knowing your betting options

Learn to play Roulette

Roulette is a game of pure chance and a good strategy can only help you place a winning bet. This is why knowing your betting options is very important, especially for new players. There are many ways to bet on the outcome of a roulette wheel and being unaware of all the betting options will only decrease their chances of winning.

There are numerous roulette bets a player must be aware of before approaching a Roulette table. For example, players may place bets on single numbers or numerous combinations including rows of numbers, corner numbers, adjacent numbers, colors, and odd or even numbers. Other betting options include a trio, six-line, basket and a street, while outside bets cover red, black, odds, evens and snake bets. As you can see, there are a lot of betting combinations. It’s important to fully understand the roulette bets because the exact placement of the chips determines the bet made.

4 Using a single roulette betting system

There is no shortage of Roulette betting systems or strategies and the internet is full of them with each one promising to be the best. A common roulette mistake to avoid in Vegas is continuing to use a single betting system even if it’s not working. Some players swear on a roulette betting system that works better for them than others, but in reality, there is no single roulette strategy that guarantees a profitable session.

We are not here to recommend one Roulette strategy over another simply because each players personal goals and play style is different. Just don’t stick to one betting system. At the end of the day, winning in roulette all comes down to managing your bankroll and choosing a series of bets to help you meet a predetermined goal.

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Rolling Slots Casino Review

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Rolling Slots Casino Established: 2021
18+ | Play Responsibly | T&C Apply
Payment method

See 15

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Inclusive VIP programme
  • Accepts multiple types of Crypto
  • Commitment to future growth of game selection
  • Huge live dealer section
  • 3-tiered welcome offer
  • New up and coming casino
  • No phone support
Top Payment Methods
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Rolling slots like the band it is named after is a very entertaining commodity. Even though they were only founded in 2021 we were very impressed with what they offer. The design and layout of the site follows the rock and roll theme the name suggests, and you can even choose your own rockstar avatar when you sign up. There are many reasons you should be looking at making Rolling Slots your new casino, but the two that stood out for us were their great live dealer section and the inclusive VIP program for loyal customers. For such a young casino they have a huge amount of live dealer games so get ready to pull up a seat and fight it out with real life dealers and players. What we liked about their VIP program is its inclusiveness, you are a member from your first deposit and always have the chance to climb the ladder and earn more rewards.

Even though they are so new to the game rolling slots are run GBL Solutions N.V. and they are regulated by the Government of Curacao, so you know they are trustworthy. They also have high levels of security making sure every page in encrypted to protect their customers data. We hope they can expand to more countries soon but now you can still access Rolling Slots in most of Europe, South America, Asia, and Canada. Rolling Slots have committed to growth in the future so now is the perfect time to get on board and for music lovers out there you will love the theme, the loading icon is even a vinal record! The list of restricted countries is big, and we hope they add more slot games soon but other than that it’s a thumbs up from us.

  • Bonus codes and promotions

    Bonuses are like the outside of a building it’s the first thing people see when they look at a casino so a good welcome bonus will always attract new customers. However, a good casino realizes that a welcome bonus isn’t enough and to keep players they need to make sure they run ongoing promotions and have a nice loyalty scheme that rewards players for your using their site. At Rolling Slots, they have made sure they have all the above.

    The welcome bonus is advertised as a 200 percent matched deposit up to 500 euro with 100 free spins. Now thankfully its more customer friendly than this as having deposit 500 euro to get the full welcome bonus is a lot to ask. So, Rolling Slots have divided the bonus into 3 tiers, each tier you need to deposit at least 20 euros to get the deposit and they will also have a max figure you can go to each deposit. Make sure you read the details which they give you on site to make sure you do everything to get the most out of the bonus.

    Rolling Slots are not offering no deposit bonuses now but it’s not really an issue due to them offering both weekly and weekend reload, and cashback offers. The cashback offer applies every Monday and is up to a maximum of 200 euro while the reload bonuses require minimum deposits of 20 euro. Again, make sure you read the T&C’s carefully, so you know how to get your bonuses.

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  • How to sign up to Rolling Slots

    Signing up for Rolling slots is super simple and should take you less than a minutes

    • Click sign up
    • Enter personal details
    • Confirm account details
    • Accept terms and conditions
    • deposit
    • Contact the live chat to claim your welcome bonus
    • Play!

    Software and graphics review

    As we hinted at above, we absolutely love the graphics and software that Rolling Slots use. The fun cartoonish rock and roll band jamming out immediately made us smile when we entered the site, and the fun theme remains throughout the site. Maybe it’s a nostalgic opinion but being able to choose your own avatar will always win points for you in our book! The games are also presented in a colorful and clear manner which we enjoyed. Finding your favorite games is also simple. The home page has some of the most popular games divided into categories already for you and the lobby has plenty of search options including being able to search by provider.

    Rolling Slots Software

    Slots and jackpots

    As we said Rolling Slots are a new casino and will expand their game Library in the future. They already have over 1000 games you can choose from. These games come from 51 providers as we already mentioned above, these providers are also some of the top ones on the market like Netent, Play’n Go and Quickfire. Having these top providers means that Rolling Slots have verified Random Number Generator (RNG) certificates, this means you can guarantee you are in safe hands as all games are tested and updated regularly to make sure customers are getting the best quality they can offer. What’s also great is you can play all games except for in the live dealer section in demo mode! Some of the most popular slots on offer are:

    • Take the Kingdom
    • Sweet Bonanza Xmas
    • Money Train 2
    • Mega Moolah
    • Bounty Raid
    • Danger High Voltage
    • Wolf Gold

    Table games

    The best casinos understand that slots are their biggest weapon but also how important table games are. A lot of casinos most consistent players prefer games of skill rather than chance as they have more control on the outcome so making sure you have a well-stocked table game section is important. Here are some of the table games that Rolling Slots offer:

    • Classic speed Blackjack
    • Spin till you win roulette
    • 4 of a kind bonus poker
    • Baccarat

    Live casino

    In our ‘what’s to like’ section we already told you that we love Rolling Slots live casino section but it deserves mentioning again. They have so many live dealer games it seems crazy to think they were only founded last year! The quality of the live games is also very impressive, and it is not a case of valuing quantity over quality. Some of our favorite live games were:

    • Classic Blackjack
    • Speed Roulette
    • Craps
    • Poker live


    Rolling Slots don’t have an app but to be honest we found it easier this way because their site is completely compatible across all devices including all IOS and android devices. We found the mobile site holds up very well and as far as we can tell has the exact same features as the website does. They do not have any special mobile games but don’t worry all your favorite games from the desktop version will be available to you.

    Safety and support

    Previously we told you that Rolling slots are owned and run by GBL Solutions N.V. who are a veteran company of the online casino industry, so you know you are in good hands. They are regulated by the Government of Curacao as well, so they are covered when it comes to a proper license. In terms of payments and date they employ the latest firewalls to protect their players and as mentioned all games employ the RNG system and are tested regularly. So, in total we can pretty much say with certainty that Rolling slots are looking out for your safety.

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    Withdrawal Methods and Payments options

    We have touched a little on this, but it is one of the big positives for us with Rolling Slots and that’s the fact they accept cryptocurrencies, but not just this they accept a whole list of them. It’s this forward-thinking attitude that makes us feel if we are member we are going in the right. A small thing would be in future we hope they add more traditional payment methods, they have a few but we could do with a more versatile selection.

    Another black mark against Rolling Slots is their withdrawal limits. Unfortunately, you can only withdraw 400 euro per day and 10,000 per month so this will turn off a few higher rollers but hopefully this will change soon. In terms of minimum deposits, you’ll need to put in 20 when it comes to credit and debit card payments while those playing with Crypto will need to deposit the equivalent of 50 euros. Tax related questions will depend on your country, and you should consult your countries govenement tax websites to find out more information.

    Safe gambling

    We were quite disappointed with Rolling Slots safe gambling section. They do have it available on the homepage which is nice, but they only have one paragraph dedicated to help their customers. The option is there to contact support and terminate your account but that’s it there is no outside help linked or time out help. We are always a little suspicious when you have to contact customer support to close your account as we would prefer it to be simpler and not involve having to contact another person so the player can be more at ease.


    As Rolling Slots are new to the game, we give them a thumbs up. They have some issues like the withdrawal limit, no phone support, lack of responsible gambling help and an average amount of slot games but we can attribute nearly all of these to growing pains. Also, the positive outweigh the negatives that is for sure. They have a bonus plan that really looks after new and old customers equally and have invested in having quality providers provide them with the best games, not to mention their commitment to best servicing their Crypto players! We think Rolling slots are one for the future and you should get on board the train while you still can.

    FAQ Rolling Slots

    How to open an account on Rolling Slots?

    Opening an account is simple just click the sign-up button, register your details and you’re ready to go! Just remember to message their live chat support to get your welcome bonus.

    How does Rolling Slots work on mobile?

    Simple and easy! No downloads needed just search them on your web browser, log in and you are ready to go as normal!

    Is it save to play on Rolling Slots?

    Yes, they are fully licensed and are operated by a trustworthy company, they also have extensive measures in place throughout the site to protect their players data and make sure the games are fair.

    How to withdraw from Rolling Slots?

    Withdrawing is simple just follow the steps on site. Just remember the max amount you can take out per day is 400 euros and the minimum per withdrawal is 20 euros.

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