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Slot Lapland — Game Review

Santa’s Wild Ride Slot

It’s just gone past midnight on December 25th and the full moon has appeared amongst the stars which means only one thing in Lapland – it’s time for Santa Claus to start the nightshift and take a journey across the world at rapid speed delivering presents that will put a beaming smile on children who will wake up to unwrap them – and with so many deliveries to make he’s roped you in for assistance in exchange for huge rewards!

A Thrilling Evening with Santa Claus

Santa’s Wild Ride has a tongue-in-cheek feel to it compared to the other Christmas themed titles that Microgaming have released, most notably the Ho Ho Ho slot machine and the Santa Paws slot machine, as Santa has ditched the old creaking sleigh that was guided by reindeers and instead revs up the turbo-charged engine of a Harley-Davidson with you clutching onto him for dear life as he breaks all speed limits and his sexy female assistant sits cosily in the sidecar.

It’s another 5-reeled, 243-ways to win slot machine from Microgaming with Santa allowing you to join him on his delivery route from as little as 30p. That is a small price to pay as your journey will see you encounter Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds and Trailing Wilds as Santa leaves a trail of presents across the world at rapid speed to ensure all children have lots of unwrapping to do and he could even gift you a free spins feature for assisting him which boasts a maximum prize of 1,900,000 coins!

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Santa’s Wild Ride

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Santa’s Special Gifts

You’re in for a magical experience as you assist Santa in the darkness of night to ensure that he manages to make all of his deliveries on time with him rewarding you with lots of special gifts to show his gratitude.

This includes gifts which contain a cash prize with these appearing on the second and fourth reels only, but it’s the Santa’s Wild Ride logo that has the highest value of all. This brings you rewards of up to 800 coins and it is also the Wild symbol with you enjoying multiplier bonuses of either 2x, 3x or 4x when it is part of a winning combination. The other special symbol worth mentioning is the Scatter which is the Blitzin keys and these bring rewards of 5x, 10x or 50x your stake for three, four or five on the reels at once respectively.

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On the reels you will also see the big man himself wearing his biker goggles with him being worth up to 200 coins, his sexy female assistant who sits in the sidecar and is worth up to 175 coins, his elf mechanic armed with a spanner and power drill who is worth up to 150 coins, the Harley-Davidson which is the mode of transport and worth up to 125 coins, a post box in the North Pole that is filled with letters to Santa that is worth up to 100 coins, plus there are low valued items like pudding, a sandwich, beer, mince pies and tasty cookies to feast on at all of the homes you visit!

Find the Blitzin Keys for Free Spins

Blitzen was the name of one of eight reindeers that Santa used to pull his heavy sleigh before he upgraded his mode of transport, and it seems that Blitzen must have been his favourite reindeer as he has named his Harley-Davidson Blitzin too.

The task to deliver presents to homes across the world has been halted though as Santa has lost his keys in the snow and it’s up to you to find them, a feat which will see you rewarded with a fantastic free spins bonus game. You’ll need to find three or more Blitzin key symbols (Scatters) which will see Santa gift you 25 free spins with the opportunity to choose one of the following features to be included in them.

Stacked Wild: Each of the five reels will contain Stacked Wild symbols to increase the chances of landing winning combinations

Expanding Wild: Should a Wild symbol land on the reels it will transform into an Expanding Wild symbol and hopefully create additional wins

Trailing Wild: This feature will see Wild symbols added to the reels at random before each of your free spins – the more the merrier, thanks!

Whichever feature you choose will result in big wins on the reels, up to a colossal 1,900,000 coins in fact, and this is further reinforced due to all wins from free spins being doubled in value!

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Slot Lapland — Game Review

Agon: Episode 3, Pirates of Madagascar

Developer/Publisher: Private Moon Studios
Year Released: 2004

Review by Rosemary Young (October, 2004)

It’s good to see Professor Samuel Hunt back again in this 3rd chapter of the Agon saga. The telling of his tale began about a year ago now when Agon: London Scene was released. Set in the British Museum in the year 1903 the first chapter relates how the receipt of a mysterious manuscript fired up the Professor’s imagination and inspired him to embark on this quest. Shortly after he was on the trail of a secret which led him into the colder climes of Lapland in Agon: Adventures in Lapland. Now, on this latest journey, The Pirates of Madagascar, he sheds his heavy coat and woolly gloves and heads south to tropical Madagascar.

This time it’s been a little longer between trips so Professor Hunt obviously needed longer to prepare. And this isn’t surprising as this leg of the journey is the most intricate thus far and the good professor has some even more challenging enigmas to puzzle over, and there a couple more of them too.

Someone has already walked this way .
Agon, from Private Moon Studios, is a story told in chapters that you can download and purchase online after which you receive a key code to unlock the game. It is anticipated that there will be 14 chapters in all and each one (bar the first) culminates in a board game that you are challenged to play against the relevant computer character. You can then play the game as many times as you like and hone your skills.

This chapter begins with a short telling of the tale thus far to remind you what the Professor was up to in the first two chapters. Perhaps you could start the journey right here with this short introduction but I recommend playing each part in order so that you get to know Samuel Hunt and understand the intricacies of his quest.

Someone knows the secret .
The Pirates of Madagascar is a longer trip than the previous games because of the extra challenge. As I recall the first two games took me 4 or so hours to complete (plus extra time for the board game in Lapland), this one took measurably longer . around 8 hours or thereabouts. The Board Game is more challenging too, and that takes extra time.

The puzzles are similar but with an extra edge. You need to find objects in the game world to use, study books to extract clues, and drawing diagrams is a great help too. I had squiggles filling a page whilst translating some glyphs although this particular puzzle did have a hiccup. It involved ordering objects stamped with the glyphs and once you get it right they stayed fixed. The problem arises because some glyphs are illegible once in their proper place so if you haven’t ‘read’ them you end up in trouble. I solved the problem by restoring and completing the translation letter by letter before attending to the ordering.

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I was also less than enamoured with the aural navigation puzzle in the jungle. It involved listening for a sound to follow a path. To be honest I couldn’t discern in exactly which direction I was supposed to be headed so this trip took longer than expected. A visual clue would have been a great help.

But these problems weren’t too drastic, they didn’t spoil my enjoyment. They simply left room for improvement. Other puzzles had no such problems and one, involving the use of a telescope, kept me busy for a good while. All in all Agon fans should be happy with this episode although the jungle trek means that deaf players will certainly miss out. I experimented with the sound off and my patience ran out before I got anywhere.

Someone started a game .
The graphic are improved with more background movement in Pirates of Madagascar. Fishing nets sway in the breeze and ripples fan out on the shoreline. And there is a more varied gameworld to explore as well. A tranquil, sandy beach in daylight transforms into a brilliant purple, blue and orange wonderland by night, a dense, green jungle thwarts your movement, and there is a tree house to explore plus a dark, winding cave system.

In this epode there are three characters to meet and question and professor Hunt himself is just as sweet as ever, for the want of a better word. He’s a curious character, slightly out of place adventuring, but surely right at home in the British Museum. His ‘proper’ manners, he writes wonderful letters back home to his wife, and his innocence really make me smile. He’s quintessentially English, but he’s not because the dialogue isn’t quite right. But I’m looking forward to following him as long as he’s brave enough to keep on with his quest.

Agon has a simple point and click interface and you move from node to node as your explore. At each stopping place you can pan around 360 degrees and there is some vertical leeway as well. There are eight save game slots which is ample and although the dialogue is in English there are subtitles available in Hungarian, French and German as well as English.

I can only reiterate from my previous reviews. Why not join Samuel Hunt on his quest? This chapter is a good one and I’m still tinkering with the Board Game even now. Agon 1, 2 and 3 can be downloaded and purchased online from Private Moon Studios. Here you can also download a demo from the first episode to get a taste of the game and there are other goodies too including including screensavers, music clips and screenshots.

Copyright © Rosemary Young 2004. All rights reserved.

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System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 400 Mhz Pentium II or equivalent processor, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB DirectX 8.0 Compatible 3D Video Card (TNT2 or equal) DirectX Compatible Sound Card.

Optimal: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 800 Mhz Pentium III or equivalent processor, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB DirectX 8.0 Compatible 3D Video Card (GeForce2 or equal) DirectX Compatible Sound Card.

Santa’s Gifts Slot Review

Santa’s Gifts Slot

Reel spinners who want to escape to the North Pole should look no further than Leap Gaming’s Santa’s Gifts. Playable from $0,20 to $200, this Christmas-themed slot can help everyone who is not in the mood for the upcoming festive.

Santa Claus is preparing to start delivering presents around the world and to help him along, players need to set the five reels of the game in motion. Yet, its brightly-colored and detailed visuals are not the only standout feature of Santa’s Gifts. While exploring this magical snowy scenery, reel spinners will find several richly rewarding bonus features.

Seeing their winnings soar is unlikely to be that challenging as the free spins functionality, mystery win bonus, and Santa’s gift bonus will help along with getting more wins into players’ tally.

Santa’s Gifts Slot Summary
ProviderLeap Gaming
Paylines20 fixed win lines
Minimum Bet$0,20
Maximum Bet$200.00
Wild SymbolSanta Claus appears on all reels but the first one, and cannot act only instead of the bonus symbols
Scatter SymbolRudolf can land on reels two, three, and four and awards7 free spins
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, mystery bonus, and Santa’s Gifts bonus

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Santa’s Gifts

The scenery, which appears before the eyes of players when they open Santa’s Gifts is a typical winter one and is reminiscent of the setting in Lapland. There is snow all over the place, and it sparkles in the sun, thus making the setting truly magical. The small and cozy houses that are adorned with strings of lights are snuggled in a blanket of snow, while thin smoke goes up in their chimneys.

There is a small forest in the background, while the last sunset beams make the scenery even easier on the eyes. Snowflakes fall from the sky from time to time right in front of the transparent reel engine. In addition to the nicely-done design, Santa’s Gifts has a typical Christmas background track.

While wandering through the lands of Santa Claus, players will encounter a range of icons that are cut to fit the holiday theme. The quartet of low-payers is represented by baubles of different colors. The blue, green, and purple bulks award 20 credits when the winning combo is made of five identical icons. The red bauble is a bit more lucrative because the awarded payout for five of a kind is 40 credits.

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There are also four cute and jolly snowmen that play the role of high-value symbols. The one that pays the least is the snowman with the blue hat and scarf as it awards 100 credits. The snowman with the green hat and scarf bring about wins of 300 credits for five of a kind.

As long as five snowmen with purple scarfs appear on a win line at once, players’ bankroll will increase by 1,000 credits. The snowman with the tophat is the symbol, which produces the most handsome wins all these symbols because when five of these hit on a payline, players will collect 2,000 credits.

The image of Santa Claus is the wild symbol in the game, while his best friend Rudolf acts as a scatter symbol. Santa Claus can enter all reels, but the leftmost one, and cannot be used instead of the bonus symbols.

Bonus Features of Santa’s Gifts

Each time players press the spin button, they should check if Santa Claus’ sack, which is overflowing with golden coins has appeared on the reels. As long as reel spinners collect six of these symbols, they will activate the Santa Gifts bonus feature. Then, a re-spin will be awarded and what is best about it are the epic wins players will stand the chance to win.

While evaluating the wins at the end of the re-spin, the values of the sack multipliers will be added as well, thus producing even larger wins. The re-spin counter will be zeroed whenever a new bonus symbol lands on the screen.

The appearance of three or more Rudolf scatter symbols unlocks a series of 7 bonus rounds. Yet, the middle three reels are the only ones on which Rudolf can emerge. Getting the set of free rounds underway all over again will be unattainable.

Santa Claus has not yet finished with the presents and the surprises as the mystery win bonus has what it takes to keep players on the edge of their seats for the duration of their entire betting session. Collecting mystery bonus symbols will help players snatch massive wins during the free spins feature. This can happen as the mystery gift can reveal wild or other symbols matching icons on all spaces where it has popped up.


Santa’s Gifts is a holiday-themed slot, which takes players on a magical ride to Lapland where they can come by wins of 5,000x the bet amount. Visually, the game is no poles apart from the majority of the Christmas-themed slots, but its bonus features are what turns it into a go-to option. Massive wins might be due to falling any moment, thanks to the mystery bonus symbols that will emerge during free spins and the other two reel-based special functionalities.

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