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Slot Ladder Game — Game Review

Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot

Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes is a new release from Pragmatic Play based on the legendary board game. In this slot, you’ll come across a bonus game filled with multipliers and cash prizes so that you can win up to 5,300x your bet. For more details, check my full Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot Review below!

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Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot Review

Have you ever played the Snakes & Ladders board game? Or perhaps you’ve played Pragmatic Play’s Snakes and Ladders Megadice slot? If you’ve tried any of these games, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of the new Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot. If you’re not familiar with any of this, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything!

Table of Contents

  1. About Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot
  2. Design, Symbols and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

snakes & ladders snake eyes slot

About Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot

The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot plays across 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. Playable across all mobile and desktop devices, this game accepts bets that range from £0.10 to £100 per spin. To win, you need to land 3 or more matching symbols on a payline, starting from the leftmost reel.

The reel action becomes more dynamic as soon as you trigger the game’s bonus features. Namely, Pragmatic Play packed the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot with Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, the Snake & Ladders Board Bonus, and the Rage Mode. From there, you can win up to 5,300x your bet.

Design, Symbols and Graphics

The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot has a stunning design. The reels are placed on a background showing mountains with waterfalls on both sides. The scenery changes to the well-known board game as soon as you hit the bonus round. The animations are smooth with high-end graphics, which is expected from a Pragmatic Play release.

snakes & ladders snake eyes

The paytable consists of different symbols, divided into low-paying and high-paying categories. The low-paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A, while the higher-paying symbols are a woven basket, a snake, a banana, and a gorilla wearing a crown. The game logo is the bonus symbol, while the dice is the wild symbol.

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RTP, Variance and Payouts for Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot

The default RTP of the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot is 96.08% which is the industry average. Combined with high variance, the game produces less frequent but more valuable payouts. In total, you can win 5,300x the stake on a single spin.

You can learn more about these technical terms and how they work in online slots in our thorough Variance, Volatility and RTP Guide.

snakes & ladders snake eyes slot review

Gameplay and Features on Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot

The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot has only one bonus symbol, but it’s worth two! The bonus is played on a 12×12-sized board with 144 squares. Get ready for a memorable reel adventure!

Snake Bonus Feature

To trigger the bonus feature, you need to land at least 3 scatter symbols on the same spin. Landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters will give you 12, 14 or 16 dice rolls, respectively. If you trigger the feature with 4 or 5 scatters, there is a chance for one symbol to turn into a Snake Bonus symbol, meaning you’ll win 2 extra dice rolls.

When the feature starts, you’ll be taken to a new screen. The bonus is played on a 12×12-sized board with 144 squares, and you begin on square 1. Random items will be placed across the squares, such as multipliers (from 4x to 100x the bet), ladders, snakes, bananas, and total win multipliers.

snakes & ladders snake eyes slot bonus game

On every turn, 2 dice are rolled. If you land on a square with one of the above-mentioned items, you can win the following prizes:

  • Money – awards a random multiplier between 4x and 100x the stake;
  • Multiplier – multiplies the total win collected so far;
  • Ladder – this is a shortcut that takes you to the end of the board;
  • Snake – landing on the snake’s head will move you to the square at the tip of its tail;
  • Banana – adds random money values to the board and all other bananas are removed;
  • Final position – you’ll win a prize of 1,000x the bet;
  • Rope Charmer — any square can have a hidden rope charmer. If you land on it, you’ll move to a random position higher on the grid.

The Snake Bonus ends when you run out of dice rolls or you make it to square 144. The total won amount will be paid out to you.

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In addition, the bonus has a minimum win of 20x the stake, and if you win less than this in the end, the monkey will turn into Rage Mode. Then, the monkey will move to the end of the grid, collecting all multipliers along the way. However, it’ll ignore snakes, ladders, bananas, and rope charmers.

snakes & ladders snake eyes slot pragmatic play

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Our Verdict

I enjoyed the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot much more compared to the first release. That’s because this game offers an updated design and a fantastic bonus game which makes it stand out from the crowd. It was fun going through the board and winning extra features which lead to the maximum payouts.


Are you searching for the Snakes and Ladders Game Changer review? This slot is the latest in a line of slot machines based on a well-known game.

Over the years, Snakes & Ladders has been adapted into a variety of games, and each one offers a unique playing experience. The version we receive from Realistic here has good visual appeal and has a lot of promise in terms of payouts.

A Brief of Snakes and Ladders Game Changer Review

On the 5×3 reels of Snakes & Ladders: Game Changer, there are 20 lines. It is a slot machine that may award a jackpot of up to 5,000 times the bet, or up to $100,000 in cash. 96.10% RTP appears to be satisfactory, however volatility is significant.

The main features of the game are wilds, a Game Changer board that can award you with Squirrel Monkey, Toco Toucan, a Loot Ladder via special scatters, and a multi-level Pot bonus, among other bonuses.

1. Wagering Options

Given the significant volatility of this slot machine, choose the highest amount you can afford. The lowest you can go is $0.05, and the highest is $20.

The jackpot value might vary according to how much you bet, but the maximum return is 5,000 times what you risked. If you place a large enough bet, you might win up to $100,000 in a single spin. It has a high level of volatility but a respectable RTP of 96.10%.

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2. Game Features

The game has a very large list of possible characteristics, and in addition to the numerous bonus games, there is also a wild symbol that is much more common. It has the S&L logo, which can produce the slot’s highest wins, which can total up to 5,000 times the bet from a single winning combination.

The symbols on reels 1 and 5 or at the bottom and top of reels 2-4 make up the Game Board, which is the outer portion of the reels. There are specific symbols that must appear in order for you to activate a bonus feature.

The symbols located in the center of reels 2-4 will be eliminated once the bonus round has begun. The game area may display trails of 5 Toco Toucans, 5 Squirrel Monkeys, or 3 Loot Ladders, depending on the symbols you obtain there. The logo elements receive an X and the number 10.

In order to roll the dice in Snakes & Ladders: Game Changer, click on the pair of dice. You move around the board according to the number on the dice, and depending on where you land, you are paid. If you land on one of the logo symbols instead of a symbol, you lose a life instead of receiving anything.

When you get to a terrible spot (logos with Snake Eye, Double or Quits, Roll Even, Double Trouble, Take Prize), the feature ends, albeit occasionally you still have a chance to proceed. The good news is that you don’t need to comprehend any of its complexity in order to begin using the function.

3. Theme and Design

Many of its symbols will indicate that it is based on the game of snakes and ladders. The style they selected is a little antiquated for my taste and we wouldn’t expect much from it, but if you enjoy its features, it’s not a huge deal.

The S&L logo, one or two dice, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, avocados, and other fruits, along with multiple logos, squirrel monkeys, and toucan birds, are among the symbols utilized in this game.

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Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Snakes and Ladders Game Changer review, for a player who appreciates the genre, this slot gacor pagi ini game might work, but the features are simply too complicated. It doesn’t sound like a decent game design when you have to study pages of rules before you can understand what is happening.

Snakes & Ladders Slot Review

A pub classic, this realistic classic slot game is easy to play and will be familiar to many.

Realistic Gaming have released their own version os the Snakes & Ladders slot and non-UK folks may wonder why. By far one of the more prominent fruities you’ll see in pubs all over the UK, many are now trying to release their own version of the popular slot game.

From our count, we really like Realistic Games version, and perhaps even prefer it. It’s fairly low volatility, which means you’ll get the snakes and ladders feature pretty often, and the classic look and feel of the slot machine is how it should be. Usually we walked out, on average, with about 14x our bet from the special feature, hitting the Jackpot once

This Snakes and Ladders mobile slot, on the other hand, may not hit as hard, but will continue to entertain, with plenty of smaller simpler wins to see you through the day, but with the hope of hitting that 600x your bet jackpot. Don’t get us wrong, hitting that is equal to climbing mount Everest; 100’s have done it, it’s possible, but the likely hood that we will chase that dream is pretty unlikely.

Still, we like the retro feel of the 3 reels on our tablet and the impression that we were playing on a real slot machine. As an Android phone slot and iPhone things are very different, as the machine will look and feel more like a standard mobile slot, with the Snakes & Ladders board only showing up when you hit the feature. In some ways, however, this is probably an advantage as you can see more clearly what is happening on the reels.

A decent addition to the classic pub fruity style machines on mobile.


  • Snakes & Ladders Mobile Slot Screenshot
  • Snakes & Ladders Mobile Slot Win
  • Snakes & Ladders Mobile Slot Paytable

Snakes & Ladders slot stats

Slot typeClassic Slot
SoftwareRealistic Games
Jackpot amount600x your bet
Slot reels / paylines3 Reels / 5 Paylines
House edge / RTP5% / 95%
Slot volatilityLow/Medium
Coins range0.05 — 5.00
Min/Max bet0.25 / 25
Max win15,000
Free spinsNo Free Spins
Bonus roundsSnakes & Ladders Mini Game
Slot ThemesAnimals
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In-game bonus features

Snakes & Ladders mini-game: If you get three dice on a winning payline, you enter the mini game feature. Here you’ll roll the dice and climb the board familiar to any child of 5 and above.

If you hit a snake head you’ll go down the board, if you hit a ladder you climb up the board. You’ll want to keep climbing all the way to the top to get to the ‘Jackpot Repeat Chance‘, though chances are you’ll land on one of the multipliers littering the board first. On average we got about 10x to 14x our bet during this bonus feature.

Jackpot Repeat Chance: As soon as you land on this case you get an automatic 30x your bet. You were expecting 600x? That’s where the ‘repeat chance’ comes into play. You’ll get a little ticker of ‘yes or no’ at the top of the machine. If you land on yes, you get another 30x your bet. If you land on no, you walk away and continue your game. The maximum you can win with this feature is 600x your bet.

Snakes & Ladders Review Conclusion

Some nice classic reels that likes to keep things simple. With bells, oranges, cherries and melons spinning away, anyone can start playing this Snakes and Ladders mobile classic slot at any time and quickly get the hang of it.

It won’t make you a millionaire, but the hope of a big jackpot is there to keep you intrigued whilst the smaller wins come often enough that you’ll feel nicely entertained.

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