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Slot Jules Verne — Game Review

Around The World Slot Machine

Jules Verne’s estate should open its own online casino based around the legendary French author. There have been several online slots based on his tales of adventure, and a fair few on Around The World In 80 Days alone.

The story of a 19th century adventurer, Phileas Fogg, trying to win a bet to travel round the world by road, river and rail still has fans and has been turned into TV series, cartoons, and films.

Now Ash Gaming have got in on the act with an online slot packed with big sideburns, big landmarks, and big bets. But does the Around The World video slot have enough to warrant a one-way trip to the casino? Let’s have a look with our review.

21 Paylines Around the World for Real Cash

If you know Ash Gaming’s slots, you’ll know they come packed with interesting features and a decent range of gambling. Coins start at 0.01, but players can alter their coins to 100 for each of the 21 paylines. The 2100-coin max bet is pretty good for players. The game, meanwhile, is available for instant-play on desktop machines, but also comes mobile-optimised for easy smartphone gambling.

If you hit a winner on these 3×5 reels, you can opt for a Gamble feature. Simply choose from the blue steam tap or red steam tap on one of Fogg’s trains. If you go for the right choice you double your win.

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Around The World

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Land Five Foggs for One Million Coins

Phileas Fogg is the top payer on the paytable. Luckily, you’ll just need two matching symbols on a winning payline to earn real cash. Two sailboats pays 5x your line bet, but five boats pays 300x. Payouts increase for Fogg’s pocketwatch (10x-1000x), Fogg’s assistant, Passpartout (5x-2000x) and Fogg himself (10x for 2OAK to 10,000x for 5OAK).

There is a massive range of best payouts here, with the Eiffel Tower paying just 3x for 2OAK or 150x for 5OAK. You’ll also find the Taj Mahal, a hot air balloon, the Pyramids, and the Great Wall of China on the reels.

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Slot Jules Verne — Game Review

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne

Developer: Kheops Studio
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Year Released: 2005

Review by Rosemary Young (September, 2005)

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne is a twist on the well known Jules Verne tale, From the Earth to the Moon. As such the storybook characters of Barbicane, President of the Baltimore Gun Club, Nicholl, the armourer, and Michel Ardan, make an appearance — even if momentarily in the case of the first two. In the spirit of the novel they have been propelled moonward in an armoured space capsule, or shell, courtesy of a giant cannon.

The immediate background to this story is for you to uncover as you begin playing Voyage, suffice it to say that it’s 1865, and Michel Ardan finds himself the sole survivor, circling the moon. You step (and sometimes float) into Mr Ardan’s shoes and your first challenges are to keep on breathing and facilitate a smooth landing. On the moon you’ll meet the Selenite inhabitants and, if you prove yourself worthy, you may return home once again.

Getting things done
Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne, has a simple yet intricate interface which is very easy to follow. If you have played Return to Mysterious Island, also by Kheops Studios, then all will be familiar. It’s a point and click adventure game with a cursor that changes shape to interact with the game world. It will change into a hand when there is something to take, a pointing finger for movement, cogs when there is something to use, a magnifying glass for close-ups, and a face for speech. Just watch out for the changing cursor and you can’t go wrong.

The intricacy comes in the form of the well designed inventory system which has 12 inventory ‘pockets’, each one opened by clicking a tab, and each one containing 18 slots. Although I didn’t use all the pockets, this generous space means you can organise your inventory collection for ease of access with different types of items grouped together.

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Once again there is a ‘Transit Area» where items are collected ready to be distributed appropriately, and an ‘Assembly Area’ for combining inventory items. Just pick up an item and click it on another and if they combine then they’ll appear in the Assembly Area and float to the Transit Area ready for use. If another item is needed they remain in the Assembly Area with a question mark in the vacant space, waiting for you to experiment and come up with the right formula. Overall it’s an excellent system for inventory organization and manipulation and, to top it off, all inventory items are clearly described in a text bar together with vital information for putting them to good use.

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne

The world around you
The moon is a colourful place and the graphics are clear and detailed with some striking plant life, darkened tunnels and weird contraptions to fix or use appropriately. Maybe a bit more ‘depth’ and a bit more movement would have been nice, but there is some animation, and the Selenites you meet happily go about their business. Voyage is a first person adventure so you step right into the game world and move from node to node. At each stopping point you can pan around 360 degrees and swing up and down.

And speaking of movement, there are times on your moon travels when jumping is the only way forward. Don’t worry if you lack dexterity, it isn’t too difficult, and if you make a mistake you are quickly resurrected to try again. The jumping is made easy by a small graphic or moving gauge with a green mark to show when it’s safe to click and take flight. There is another way to make jumping even easier, a little ‘help’ that you might do well to remember as you progress through the game.

As well as this simple jumping other challenges include several manipulative puzzles, a couple of the match-the-tone variety, a little horticulture exercise dependent on colour matching, some recipes to concoct, a collection of symbols to learn and some simple mathematical calculations with a base number of 20. There are plenty of clues. Michel will also give hints along the way, and an insect companion is a good source of information. If this isn’t enough, the Selenites are very helpful as well, once you demonstrate your intelligence.

Moving along
Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne isn’t a mind crunching game but it does pay to take note of markings on the walls, and a couple of manipulative puzzles may take a while to work out. Mixing concoctions, too, is a bit of work, but certainly not difficult if you read everything and follow orders. It’s a very ‘open’ game, so the ease of your journey may depend on the pathway you follow. If you must tackle every puzzle you meet immediately, then you may just miss a clue that would be given later on.

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Which ever pathway you take through Voyage, there is a journal that records everything you find, including noting examples for you to follow for certain challenges, so it’s a big help. Another book lists the symbols you have identified. Added to this there is also a button to press to hear and read your immediate objectives as well as a ‘Lunar IQ’ score to gauge how smart you are. Although your IQ plays a part in the game (you need to reach a certain level to acquire some objects) it’s not really anything to worry about. I’m usually finicky about scoring top marks when a game offers a scoring system, but I relaxed this rule for Voyage. Especially with the tone matching tests, which are never my forte in puzzling. I just did enough to get through and even refused the opportunity to repeat the tone matching to improve my IQ, and I was fine.

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne

Join the journey
I must say, Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne is a most enjoyable game. It has a good variety of puzzles, some familiar, some not, with lots of interaction which is always a big plus in an adventure game. Because of the tone matching exercises tone deaf players might want to think twice about tackling it, although if I can solve such puzzles without help, then they are fairly forgiving. I had some fun sorting through inventory items and playing with the purifying (mixing) machine and one particular puzzle solution involving food made me smile. ‘Clever’ I thought, when I finally changed tack and got the answer.

As with Return to Mysterious Island, Voyage replaces cut scenes with sketches or drawings to illustrate some of the action and fill in the story. In this case they are sepia and work well to place the game in its time period. There is also some catchy accompanying music. Not too obtrusive, but you are aware of it, and appropriate sound effects to heighten the atmosphere. The voice acting is excellent, the actor voicing Michel Ardan doing a particularly good job, and there are subtitles available throughout. I thought that maybe the game could have been designed a bit tighter so that it wasn’t so easy to solve puzzles before having all the clues, but I know I’m on shaky ground here. Many players prefer openness (or non-linearity) in adventure games, so I shouldn’t dwell on this point. Much to my relief, Voyage also has unlimited save game opportunities so you can save to your heart’s content, and there is even provision for several people to play and save their games separately.

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All in all Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne is a fun weekend’s entertainment.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young 2005. All rights reserved.

System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (XP recommended), Pentium III 800 MHz (Pentium IIII 1 GHz recommended), 64 MB RAM (128 recommended), 1.3 GB disc space. 16x CD ROM, (24x recommended), 64 MB DirectX 9 compliant video card, DirectX 9 compatible sound card.

The Grand Journey Slot Review

The Grand Journey

The only game in history that will make you hope you don’t win during the free spins round, The Grand Journey mobile slot is as inventive as it’s source material.

For the literary buffs out there, you may recognise the theme as Microgaming’s own take on Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the earth. With liberal Hollywood type splashing of ancient civilizations full of beautiful woman and a giant wooden drill. We are sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, but we won’t be crude enough to make it.

The Grand Journey Slot is all about the wild adventure

The first thing you’ll notice is that the wilds come with a 2x multiplier. The second thing is that they often come stacked. The third is that if you get any wild symbol on the middle reel, that giant drill we were taking about earlier shows up to make that entire reel wild. That’s a whole load of wilds.

And that’s just in the base game, which still allows for some impressive wins to help you move your bankroll along. It ensures plenty of action and rarely do you find your eyes wandering off the screen.

Catching that 10x multiplier on the bonus games

So every dead spin increases that multiplier by one from 2x to 10x. As you only get 15 free spins, guess how often those don’t hit? Generally hitting the 4x multiplier is good enough to walk away with about 30x your bet, but we’ve hit 60x our bet wins from this feature and many have gotten 100x or more.

After all, the max amount you can win here is 1,000x your bet , which ultimately, is the kind of number that makes an adventure worth taking.

Much like the original story, The Grand Journey slot game is in a little topsy turvy world of its own, one where you wish for non wins, yet doesn’t fail to thrill and entertain.

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  • The Grand Journey Mobile Slot Free Spins Win

The Grand Journey slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedJuly 2014 (on mobile)
Slot typeVideo Slot
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 30 Paylines
House edge / RTP3.65% / 96.35%
Slot volatilityMedium
Coins range0.01 — 0.10
Min/Max bet0.30 / 60
Max win600,000
Free spins15 Free Spins / up to 10x Multiplier
Bonus roundsStacked Wilds, Expanded Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins
Slot ThemesAdventure & Explorer

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18+ Gamble Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

In-game bonus features

Stacked Wilds: The Grand Journey slot logo is the wild symbol, substituting for all symbols except scatter. They usually come stacked on all reels and double any win.

Expanded Wilds: A giant drill symbol can appear on reel 3 at any point and it will turn the whole reel wild. It’s basically just a fun animation instead of having stacked wilds and doesn’t come with a multiplier. So not as good as the stacked ones, but like we said, still fun and usually comes with a set of stacked wilds to give you decent 3 or 4 of a kind wins.

Scatters & Free Spins: 3 or more old fashioned globes scatter symbols trigger 15 free spin games with a multiplier trail. During the free spins each non-winning spin will increase the multiplier by 1. A win at any point will grant you the multiplier on show and reset the multiplier trail back down to zero.

The trail goes from 1x (normal) to 10x multiplier. Getting all the way up to 10x is nay on impossible, but still brings some good stomach churning moments as each non-win makes you clench a little tighter for a higher multiplier.

The Grand Journey Review Conclusion

The Grand Journey mobile slot is our kind of adventurous fun. Not too risky, giving you enough to balance out your budget if you are careful, but with some big figures hiding in the reels to give you hope for the big jackpot slot win.

Add a great theme, sounds and the multiplier trail that brings something a little different to the table and we would recommend this mobile slot game to all slot players who are looking for some solid but off-the-wall spins.

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