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Slot Indian Myth — Game Review

Most Common Casino Slot Machine Myths Debunked – 2023 Guide


Even though both online and land-based casinos have been popular for a few centuries, there are still many myths and misconceptions about slot machines. If you have visited the online casino, you have found the slot games that cover most of the online games. There are two main reasons for having machine slots: one is that the slot machines generate most of the operators’ income, and the other is that it is the most popular game in online casinos. There are multiple advantages to playing slot machines online. It is the easiest and most common among the newbies, and they become experts in no time with the chance of an online casino because there are no strict rules and regulations to learn this game. You need to push the button and spin the boot. In online slot machines, all the rules and bonus features are transparently listed in each game. There are particular articles where you can find on the internet about the worth, time, and reviews of this game. Moreover, you can play it in your home with ease and comfort. Online betting and gaming create the myth booster environment. Myths are self-created by the competitors and circulated by them in the air, in the mind of every gambler with no proof and no logical existence. As there are numerous positive aspects of this game on the other side, it has some myths and misconceptions. In today’s discussion, we will debunk the most popular ones.

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Most Popular Myths about online slots

1. Time and Space

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  • Progressive Jackpots usually hit on weekends instead of the weekdays.
  • Slots payout is more fabulous in the slow periods as compared to the busy periods.
  • The machines shut down to the regions where high traffic (entrance/exit) and higher payout than those in the low traffic places or the other way around.
  • The same slots have some special payout in some types of casinos.

I hope you get the idea from these myths, but keep in mind these have nothing to do with reality. Choose from some of the most fun slots to play among the list of best non Gamstop casinos at nongamstopcasinos.org. Every turn has an equal chance of winning whatever the human brain is; it depends on nothing but the math mysteries.

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2. Cold and Hot Slot Myths

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Here are all the mysteries about the hot and cold slot cycles. If you are not well aware of the term hot and cold myths, let me tell you about the hot waves that are the winning, and the cold ones represent the losses. These waves are found to be healthy, so there is nothing wrong with noticing them. Hot or cold streaks are the myth of losing/winning is a myth and a potential mistake by the user. It is just because of irrational behavior and negative thoughts in our minds. It is your mind that believes the hot and cold streaks are the sign of winning and losing.

3. Bet Value Affects Chances of winning.

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One of the most popular myths among the gamblers is that you have to play maximum slots at the slot machine to win it. Some progressive slots might require a maximum amount of coins to win, but it is also a baseless myth with no reason at all. You can stake in the slot machine as much you want to do, win, and get paid accordingly.

4. Auto Play Feature

Playing with an automatic spin is an exciting option with a predetermined number of turns for the not-so-potential slots. It will save your time of multiple hitting efforts. But there are certain people who think it will lower the overall winning potential. Leaving it for autoplay is threatening for those gamblers who doubt the randomness of the slots. They found it is the best opportunity for the casino to collect their bets without targeting a chance or without showing any combination. There is nothing without the reason that how casinos work though it is again a based less myth.

5. A machine that has not to payout is due to the hit.

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There is no way to find out that will tell you the machine has not paid you is due to the hit. Every spin in the slot machine is random and not bearing what happened in the previous spin. Don’t ever play more and more to prove that it is due to the previously happened spin because it is nothing but just because of misconception. It is also expected to devastate your bankroll if you want to prove it is due to the previous spin.

6. The temperature of the coins has a significant role that the machine pays you.

There is no sensor to check if you are playing a hot, cold, old, or new coin in the slot machine. So, there is no effect of temperature on your wins or losses. A Coin slot is just a mechanical device; it has no feeling to check if it is hot or cold. Unfortunately, it is also just a myth.

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7. The use of slot club cards will affect your payback.

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This myth might become the most damaging of all others because of the club card. There is no link between the card reader and RNG of the slot machines. But if you do not use your card, you will degrade your valuable camps and sometimes get the cashback from the casino.

Final Verdict

Most people have less knowledge about casinos and gambling, and you know less experience can cause specific problems. The same is the case with them; their less knowledge makes them create myths in the online casino environment that can cause considerable problems in the casino industry. But if you understand and have enough experience with casinos and gambling, you can follow these are just baseless myths and nothing else.

Do California Slot Machines Pay Back 70-80 Percent?

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Know Your Slots

This is one of those persistent things that I see posted as fact on social media all the time. California only has Tribal Gaming facilities, and do not have to report their payback data. As such, California slot machines have a payback of only 70 percent to 80 percent, much lower than you’d find in Las Vegas, because they can get away with it.

Since the casino’s don’t report, there is no official government document that you can refer to that will tell you the precise payback percentage. But, we can still look at a variety of things and answer with some confidence:

STATUS: They don’t. The worst they would possibly be is similar to a cruise ship.

Attempting a Direct Approach

I attempted to do a research project to try to find that out. On many casino win/loss statements, it tells you your coin-in and coin-out, which, in aggregate across enough players, can start to indicate some trends. It wouldn’t be perfect, but seeing if a casino was paying back 70 percent, vs. a more standard number like the low 90s, should become clear before too long.

Except… many California casinos don’t give you enough information to determine the answer. Instead of showing coin-in and coin-out like at Mlife properties, you only get the total won/lost. That doesn’t help you understand anything beyond a very basic final accounting.

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So, it’s going to be tough to really confirm with actual data. But we do have other things we can review that may get us somewhere.

Indirect Available Information

We can look to other sources of information to determine paybacks in California, because there are known pieces of data that we can evaluate. Here’s examples of things that are known about California’s casinos.

Class III Slot Machines are Available

California’s Tribal Gaming casinos can have Vegas-style/Class III slot machines if they have a compact with the state. Some can have a limited number of Vegas-style slot machines, while others can have as many as they want. There are more than 50 gaming properties in the state of California under these compacts, so Class III slot machines are everywhere.

The presence of Class III slot machines is important, as these are the same slot machines that the manufacturers sell elsewhere. You can read how slot payback is determined in more detail elsewhere on this site, but in summary casinos can choose from a handful (usually something like half a dozen) payback options – it’s not an open-ended number, but there’s a set of programmed choices.

Most games are designed to meet the market regulations of many states at once, so usually the choices are between 80 percent and 98 percent, and even more commonly between 85 percent and 95 percent. This would put the slots considerably higher than the 70 percent many people worry about.

Cruise ships many times tend to run slots on the lowest payback setting, about 85 percent. You can feel a difference many times when they’re turned down that low. A slot that only paid back 70 percent would be pretty obviously detected and felt, and casinos would probably struggle to retain customers before long. If a player doesn’t feel they’re getting a fair shake, they’re generally inclined to walk away (or at least they should).

Other Paytables Are Still Public

I’ve previously shared the advice of one slot floor director here who says look to Video Poker paytables for an idea of how a casino’s floor is set up to pay.

Tighter casinos tend to have tighter everything – tighter video poker pays, tighter Blackjack rules, tighter Roulette (ever heard of 000 Roulette?) and so on. A casino is not going to choose one group and rake them over the coals while offering really good Blackjack odds.

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So you can get a feel for how the casino sets paybacks by comparing data. For Video Poker data, the site vpfree2.com is a great resource, with user-reported updates as to Video Poker paytables throughout the country.

Here’s a link to the West Coast, which is where you’ll find California casinos. A number of them have choices that outrank what you’ll find on the strip. Downtown casinos are harder to beat as they still tout value and that can include some of the Video Poker options. But it doesn’t look as dire as many would make it out to be.

It would be highly illogical for a casino to offer 98% payback on video poker and 70% payback on slots. Why offer video poker at all if the goal is to just take money as fast as possible?

State Regulations Do Exist

The compacts with the state do give state regulators a chance in certain cases to inspect and look things over. These regulations can include machine inspection and certification. There are always players that think casinos somehow hack machines to make them pay less than designed, another scenario that would be too expensive to make a reality for the money they would derive.

Having state oversight and review of machines further protects players to make sure the games are paying out as designed. And since we know they’re designed by slot manufacturers who set a floor to protect their own business too, as well as meet state regulations, you can take solace that paybacks have to be above a certain number.

Now, that doesn’t mean every compact allows this; California’s compacts have evolved over time and newer ones have different elements than older ones. But given manufacturers are selling the same products to all the casinos, any oversight has a cascading effect.

The Class II/Bingo Machines Wrinkle

Tribal Gaming operations also have the option of operating Bingo machines, or Class II machines, which aid in the playing of Bingo, even though they may look like a slot machine on the surface. Less is known about the bingo paybacks since the payouts are based on the game of Bingo, outside the machines.

But most casinos that have Class II are using it to fill in because of a cap on how many Class III machines they’re allowed to have. If Class II machines were paying markedly lower payouts than Class III, players would be able to sense it after awhile.

Slot Chilli Hunter Bingo - Game Review

Given this, it’s very unlikely the Bingo machines would differ widely from their slot machine counterparts. And, as noted earlier, it would make little sense to set one set of machines at a markedly lower payout than another. The casino has a house hold goal across a casino floor, and all the machines are generally set to support that goal.

Operators Across State Lines

California also has operators within their borders who manage properties in other parts of the country as well, such as Hard Rock (which recently opened a casino in Sacramento) and Harrah’s.

When larger companies like this exist, they tend to have a company wide goal, that all their properties together are set up to help meet. They want to have a consistent experience across all their properties, so you have a good time and want to visit other properties.

Harrah’s in California isn’t going to have such bad payouts that you’d want to avoid them in Laughlin or Las Vegas, and Hard Rock isn’t going to want to give you a bad experience that would lead you to skip Hollywood, Florida or Atlantic City.

Those that aren’t owned by bigger chains will know this about the chains, and will want to compete accordingly. With the number of casinos in California, and Las Vegas and other Nevada markets close enough, there’s too much competition to go down the low payout rabbit hole.

In fact, older casinos may see their payouts be a bit above the average to try to encourage players to come back more since they can’t compete on new and shiny.


There’s enough data points out there to reassure players that California casinos aren’t set up to hoover your wallet. For those wondering about Tribal Gaming casinos outside of California, that holds true as well.

But because players want as much tangible evidence as possible, presuming success with the California data experiment, I’ll expand it other markets where such data can be compared. Ultimately, casinos aim to balance the need to make a profit with the ability to offer an entertaining experience and, yes, a chance to take home a jackpot.

Paybacks set too low simply will struggle to provide that entertainment, so it’s in the casinos’ best interest to ensure the balance is maintained. And that means payback well above 70 or even 80 percent.

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