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Slot High Roller Blackjack Perfect Pairs — Game Review

Perfect Pairs Online

Perfect Pairs game is an extraordinary masterpiece from RealTime Gaming. It is easy to understand and play. Perfect Pairs game is similar to traditional European blackjack. This similarity lies in the addition of side bets. You have the opportunity to win a massive jackpot in this game. It would be a perfect idea to play the demo version of the game first. This will accustom you to the principles of the game before playing it at Red Dog casino. Read on this review to find out more about the gameplay.

Specific Rules and Table Limits

  • Players are dealt two cards exposed while the dealer has one card exposed and the other hidden.
  • It is not possible to re-split split hands.
  • You get only one extra card when you split aces.
  • The dealer stands on 17. However, they must draw to 16.
  • A player can double down after splitting.

The table limit is the least value of $1 and a maximum of $250.

Steps to Play Perfect Pairs

Specific properties define Perfect Pairs blackjack. It would be beneficial to be aware of them. Some of them are:

  • Number of Decks: 6
  • Player blackjack: 3/2
  • Insurance bet pays: 2/1
  • Resplit: Disabled
  • Surrender bet: Enabled
  • Expert mode: Disabled

Perfect Pairs game is simple to play. Join a suitable table. The goal of the game is to be as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. The steps below will guide you on how to play the game:

  • Select the amount of cash you are willing to bet on each hand.
  • Choose the amount of money you want to bet in the Perfect Pairs circle.
  • Place your bets.
  • You can either hit, stand, double your bet, or split your hands. Your actions at this point depend on your strategy.

Strategies to Win in Perfect Pairs Casino Game

Perfect Pairs game is a strategic and dynamic game. You cannot know the best move to make every single time. However, here are a few tips to help you excel in this game:

  • Choose the mixed pair bet if you want to raise a little stake.
  • Hit whenever you have a five, six, seven, or eight irrespective of the dealer’s card.
  • Hit on hard 11 on when the dealer shows an ace. If the dealer displays any other card, double down on hard 11.
  • Stand on a hard 12 whenever the dealer’s face-up card is a four, five, or six.
  • Regardless of whatever card the dealer deals, always stand all hard totals of 17.
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The payout range for this game is summarized in the table shown:

Mixed pair5 to 1
Colored pair15 to 1
Perfect pair25 to 1


What is the house edge of this game?

The house edge of this game is considerably high compared to other blackjack variants. Typically, it could fall between 2% and 11%.

Can I play Perfect Pairs on mobile?

Sure, you can. You can play this game online on your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This is good if you are a person who loves to stay on the screen while on the move.

Is there any relationship between the number of decks and the house edge in this game?

Yes, there is a link between them. The house edge decreases as the number of decks decrease. This setting is because fewer decks give you a higher chance to land a natural blackjack.


Perfect Pairs by RealTime Gaming is a classic game for any driven player, irrespective of their skill level. The inclusion of pair bets in Perfect Pairs makes it unique. This game has the potential to satisfy the ever-increasing appetite of high rollers. Beyond the risks, the Perfect Pairs game is set up for fun because you can play Perfect Pairs online for free. If you land a top-notch side bet win, you have a great advantage. If you value the thrills and excitement, this is the game for you.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs blackjack plays almost exactly like a regular
game of 21. The big difference is the “perfect pairs” side bet,
which offers the opportunity to win a large jackpot. As with
most side bets with large payouts, the house edge is higher than
you’re probably prepared for.

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The purpose of this page is to explain how to play Perfect
Pairs blackjack, what the house edge is for both the main game
and for the optional side bet, and the correct basic strategy to
follow while playing.

How to Play

The rules for playing Perfect Pairs are the same as a
standard game. You get two cards. The dealer gets two cards. You
get to hit, stand, double down, etc. You bust if you go over 21,
and the dealer does too.

The only difference is the side bet. This bet is won or lost
separately from your main bet.

You win the main bet by either getting closer to 21 than the
dealer or still being in the hand when the dealer busts.

You win the perfect pairs bet by getting a pair. That sounds
easy enough, but the payout is based on how good your pair is.

Here’s a typical payout table:

  • Different colors and different suits: 5 to 1
  • Same color but different suits: 10 to 1
  • Same color and same suit (the eponymous perfect pair):
    30 to 1

Of course, different casinos will have different payouts. You
might only see 25 to 1 in some casinos for a perfect pair, but
another, more generous property might offer a 35 to 1 payout.
The amounts can vary for the other combinations, too. You might
see 6 to 1 or 12 to 1 payouts instead of 5 to 1 and 10 to 1.

Casinos are experts at manipulating the payouts for some
hands in order to adjust the house edge accordingly. They’ll
compare how many people play at one set of payouts with how much
they’re projected to earn, and they optimize accordingly. They
want the most action with the highest edge. Adjusting the
payouts for the side bets is one way they can accomplish this.

The House Edge

The house edge for the perfect pairs side bet hovers between
2% or and 11%.

You’ll only see a perfect pair come up once in about every 60
hands on average. Depending on what kind of luck you’re having,
you might see it come up a little more often or a lot less
often, but the frequency should hover right around those

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The house edge for blackjack is hard to calculate, as it’s
based on a large number of situations.

But calculating the house edge for this individual side bet
isn’t hard at all.

You start by calculating the odds of getting each hand and
comparing that with the payout for each hand.

We’ll assume that you’re playing in a game with 8 decks for
purposes of this example.

For the top payout of 30 to 1, you have to calculate the odds
of being dealt a 2nd card that’s the same rank and suit as your
first card. With 8 decks in play, you have 416 cards total, but
one of those has already been dealt. That leaves 415 cards, but
only 7 of them will make your hand. So the probability of
getting a “perfect pair” is 7/415, or about 1 in 59.

  • That’s a 1.69% chance of winning 30 units.

For same color but different suits, we use a similar
calculation. You have 415 cards, and 8 cards which will make
your hand. The probability of making this hand is 8/415, or
about 1 in 51.

  • That’s a 1.93% chance of winning 10 units.

For the lowest paying hand, which is a pair of different
colors and different suits, we use another similar calculation.
You still have 415 cards, but you still only have 16 cards which
will make your hand. (Some of these cards will make a higher
paying hand, so they don’t factor into the calculation.) The
probability of making this hand is the same as before, 16/415,
or about 1 in 26.

  • That’s a 3.86% chance of winning 5 units.

The expected value of each of those payouts can be calculated
by multiplying the percentage chance of hitting the hand by the
payout, as follows:

  • 1.69% X 30 = 0.507
  • 1.93% X 10 = 0.193
  • 3.86% X 5 = 0.193

When you add those 3 possibilities together, you get the
payback percentage for the bet.

  • 0.507 + 0.193 + 0.193 = 89.3%.
  • Subtract that from 100%, and your house edge is 10.7%.

A casino which offers a higher payout on these hands would
offer a lower house edge. And changing the number of decks would
also affect the payout percentage, for obvious reasons.

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Here’s an example of how changing the payout on a hand would
change the house edge:

Suppose you got 35 to 1 instead of 30 to 1. That would change
the expected value on that payout from 0.507 to 0.5915. That’s a
huge difference of about 9%, which would decrease the house edge
to 1.7%, making this a much more reasonable bet.

Here’s an example of how changing the number of decks in play
would change the house edge:

Suppose you have 6 decks in play instead of 8. Instead of a
7/415 chance of hitting your hand, you now have a 5/306 chance
of hitting your hand. That’s a 1.63% chance of hitting the top
paying hand, instead of 1.69%. So the house edge on this side
bet would actually go up with fewer decks in play.

A Simple Strategy for the Perfect Pairs Bet

Be advised that this strategy does nothing to eliminate or
reduce the house edge. It’s just a fun way to take advantage of
the perfect pairs side bet without losing too much money and
still having a chance to hit one of those big payouts.

The idea is to set aside a separate bankroll of betting units
equal to the payout for a perfect pair.


If you’re playing in a casino that offers a 25 to 1 payout
for a perfect pair, and you’re playing for $5 per hand, set
aside $125 for the perfect pair bet. (That’s $5 times 25.)

Use that $125 to bet $5 each hand on the perfect pair side
bet until you run out of bankroll or until you hit a perfect
pair and get your 25 to 1 payout.

There’s a reasonable chance you’ll hit a perfect pair at some
point between 1 and 60 hands. If you hit it during the first 25
hands, you’ll have generated a profit, possibly a large one. If
you don’t hit a perfect pair, you’ve only lost $125.

Play your regular blackjack hand as normal, as if you didn’t
have any money put on the perfect pair bet. You’ll use
standard basic strategy to play your normal blackjack hand.
Depending on the other rules variations, you’ll be facing a
house edge of around 1%, maybe less.

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Perfect Pairs Blackjack is a fun little variant with an
interesting side bet with a relatively high house edge. But the
house edge on this bet isn’t much higher than the house edge on
games with comparable high payout bets like roulette—in fact, in
some cases you might even be able to face a slightly lower house
edge than in roulette. It all depends on how much the payouts
are for the various hands.

A simple money management technique that enables you take a
shot at this big payout without risking a huge amount of money
involves setting aside a separate bankroll specifically for that
side bet. By making that amount the equivalent of the payout for
the perfect pairs bet, you give yourself a reasonable chance at
hitting this min-jackpot before you run out of money. The sooner
you get lucky, the more you’ll profit.

But as with any negative expectation bet, you’re going to see
more losses than wins in the long run. Money management
techniques can’t chance the odds of a game, and Perfect Pairs
blackjack is no exception to this rule of thumb.

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