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Slot Future War — Game Review

Slot Future War — Game Review

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Future Wars: Time Travellers

Future Wars is a point and click graphic adventure. The game starts out with an animated title screen depicting an alien spaceship attack on some humans in a forest.

The game then continues, and brings you to a city in the present time, where you, as the hero of the game, is busy with your job as a window washer. that’s right — a window washer.

However, things are quickly about to change, as you are about to stumble into a cosmic conspiracy that involves the whole outcome of a war. a future war that is raging some 2,000 years from your present time.

The game is quite mysterious at first, as you wander around your job site and uncover a secret room which contains a time machine. why is it here at your job? Is your boss really who he seems?

Eventually you unwittingly manage to travel back in time to the dark ages. Once in dark ages the game grows more mysterious as you find what looks like a futuristic necklace in a swamp. Who dropped it? And why is it in the dark ages?

As the game continues all of your questions will be answered and you will soon find yourself trying to save Earth itself from it’s future defeat by an evil alien race.

All of this makes for a great game playing experience as the game has one of the coolest plots I’ve seen in a adventure game. It’s also very movie like in several places as it has a few good animation sequences showing futuristic ships.

All in all, Future Wars is a great game!

Reviewed by ricky500 on Aug 29, 2006
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GRAPHICS: 9 / 10

Very nice graphics. with scenes ranging from a bombed out futuristic city to a grand castle hall in the dark ages.

MUSIC: 10 / 10

Some of best sound and music I’ve ever heard in an Amiga game! The digitized sound samples are top notch and the music is incredible and really adds to the game.


Future Wars has a point and click interface which means no typing in commands like some of the older Sierra games. However, the interface is slightly flawed in the fact that you need to move the hero in just the right spot in order to perform many needed actions.

OVERALL: 10 / 10

One of the best adventure games ever! Great graphics, sound, music and a good sci-fi plot.


Treesong 2018-11-11
I know that this game ‘Les voyageurs du temps’ is very hard and that the interface asks to be a bit too precise with the mouse pointer but i put the note of 9/10.As this game has such a dreamlike atmosphere, is so beautiful and has such a good scenario, I can’t do otherwise.
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rbn 2012-08-27
For the time it was released it was really outstanding even with the «problems» earlier comments feature. I like it and I think it is a timeless one. Every adventure fan should have played this because of it’s great artdesign making it very atmospheric. And yes . It is hard and unfair . But isn’t this the way life is tending to happen anyway .
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scorp18 2012-04-09
Graphics 7/10 (why make tiny rooms when you can draw them fullscreen?)
Sound 9/10
Playability 0/10
Overal 4/10 (Playability counts double. )

Could be a masterpiece, but with so many problems (dying easily, «come a little closer», being able to progress without necessary items) I’d just leave it aside and play Loom, Universe or Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis instead.
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mailman 2012-03-16
Comparing this game to Indiana Jones 3 is ridiculous. «Future Wars» has an interesting story but the whole user interface and handling is a bit jerky. The biggest problem of this game are objects of 1 pixel size which you have to collect and when you try it you get the response that you should come a little closer. After some time you end up hopelessly looking for things that are nearly not there or they are only when you are close enough. It becomes pretty annoying after some time. Add to this the fact that you can actually progress through the game without necessary items what will eventualy get you stuck in some part of the game and there is no way of getting back to the point where the item was located. Next downside is arcade parts of the game that in combination with a jerky interface are annoying even more. In overall this is an average adventure game only for hardcore fans of the genre.
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catilealo 2010-09-11
Probably the best adventure game ever made for the Amiga during the 1980’s, along with Indy last crusade. The music/fx was superb.
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danangleland 2010-06-12
I remember buying this on budget; one of those lovely small, slim boxes. The game looked good, and, although not a fervent fan of adventure games, I do enjoy a good one. Unfortunately, I was still young at the time (probably 12-14), and I’ve never been particularly good at problem solving, so I got stuck just a few rooms into the start building! I should have stuck to window cleaning. By all accounts it was a top game, shame I never unlocked its potential.
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Ocn 2010-04-04
A classic! This and operation stealth were my favourites for a very long time.
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comiga 2009-11-15
Fond memories of this game, not so fond a memories of the second disc having a read write error!

But now i can try again and finally finish it! YAY! Awesome adventure right from the opening credits!
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Chuckles 2009-08-15
Beautiful game, just like the magazine ads said. Future wars is one which should be played—but there are problems. The pacing is slowed by the amount of «pixel-hunting» you have to do. Eyestrain aside—it’s a good game.

Predseda 2009-05-03
I like the game, the technical aspects are really awesome. There are very nasty features though — you can miss some items, the game lets you pass and you need these items later, but you can’t return. Also there are some moments, where you can die quickly. So I recommend to save OFTEN and to MANY slots.
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Arsace 2009-02-20
Great graphics (having «style» this means that they are good even on the actual standards, as everything that have style), very good atmosphere, i loved this, the only little problem is the fact that you can go ahead, and you have forgotten an object so you are blocked and you cant proceed further on. I think this was a problem with all the «early» adventures, so if you are not a maniac who click on every single pixel of the screen in search of a possible object, this cant be completed without a guide. Anyway this is one of the best early adventures and if you have a guide to check here and there when you are stuck, an excellent experience.
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ennio 2007-07-16
An excellent precursor to Another World. It had some pixel-hunting issues, and you could get stuck, forcing you to load a previously saved game, but it was still an immersing adventure during which you could lose entire afternoons without glancing at the clock. Lots of fun and had unique graphics, the most memorable image for me being the reflection of the city on the windows of the building as you wash the outside panes from the scaffold.

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I remember playing this a lot the summer between college and the «real world.» Ah, escapism.
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Yure 2007-05-07
Super atmosphere, good balanced adventure. Delphine quality! Perfect evocative music and good plot. A must-to-have.
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Kai 2007-03-06
Really nice adventure game. (80%)
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Ray 2006-04-30
I didn’t like the gameplay, but the graphics were so stylish and atmospheric I was blown away. No wonder: they were done by Eric Chahi, who later went on to produce «Another World», one of my favourite games of all times.
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ricky500 2006-03-04
Let’s time warp! :d
this game is one of the best adventure games i have ever played! Great graphics, nifty sound effects and cool music run thoughout the whole game.
travel back in time, meet up with a pretty girl from the future then get ready to kick some alien butt!
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EvilCensor 2006-01-01
A lovely game.. One that got you involved straight off.. Agreed the pixel hunting nature at the start was a little naughty but a good game with a good story.

Operation Stealth was a disappointment after playing this however.
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stooart 2005-11-28
This was one of the first point and click adventure games I ever played and jeez, did it blow me away! I totally loved the thought of interacting with those lavishly drawn backgrounds, and will never forget the bucket of water on the boss’s head at the start. Totally mind blowing.
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Guybrush Threepwood 2005-06-05
What a gane to play. First off this adventure game wasn’t around when the likes of Monkey Island were out or indeed some of the Indiana Jones adventure type games either. This was a milestone in adventuring history.

The game has lush GFX, nice sound, atmospheric music and a fantastic storyline to which you can get well engrossed into & to be quite honest this would go down as a good film.

As far as I’m concerned everyone’s comments on this game initially are all correct and good, except for people who say «not as good as Monkey Island», hmm that’s cos this game was out before Monkey Island, Duh!

Anyway Delphine Software in my opinion had went from strength to strength in their adventure games, following success was the likes Operation Stealth, Cruise for a Corpse, Another World, Flashback and so on.
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Trantor 2005-02-11
Gotta agree with the previous posts. Nice first game in the genre for Delphine and they would really get the hang of point and clickers with Operation Stealth, still, if you have the occassional hint from a walkthrough a very nice adventure.
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DeAdLy_cOoKiE 2005-02-09
Really nice and atmospheric adventure game by Delphine. A game with some frustrating moments — I never got far myself, but the graphics and settings will keep you interested. If you like this game you might want to try Operation Stealth too.
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Shunichiro 2005-02-09
An enjoyable and entertaining debut by Delphine. Small but stylishly detailed graphics. Also some clever twists in time-travelling concept. As said below, sudden deaths and pixel hunting for some objects were frustrating but considering this was the team’s first adventure game they were small neglects.
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Kriko 2005-02-09
Great French adventure, with superb graphics and music. It has instant deaths and some stupid problems requiring pixel spotting, but I could forgive that as the story sucks you in so well (OK, so I played it with a walktrough eventually). A pre-LucasArts classic.
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thechap 2005-02-09
Another quality title from French developers Delphine. It may not be up there with Monkey Island and the Lucasarts adventures, but it really is a fun game to play. I never did manage to finish it; but I’m certainly going to give it a go soon!
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Guardian War

Guardian War is a console RPG or tactical role-playing game released for the 3DO console. It is notable for its use of 3-D animation which was uncommon for console RPGs at the time. It is also known as Powers Kingdom ( パワーズキングダム , Pawazu Kingudamu ) [3] in Japan and Europe, and is one of the few 3DO games which is region-protected. [4] This only applies to the PAL game and console. Both NTSC versions can play on both US and JP consoles.

Gameplay [ edit ]

Top: A golem exploring the map.
Bottom: A battle taking place.

The player moves a party around a world map consisting of distinct nodes. Most nodes are hostile territory (called fields in the game), very much like in Final Fantasy Tactics. When the party enters hostile territory, the party moves around as a single character in an over-the-shoulder perspective until they come in range of an enemy. The party then moves into a battle formation that the player designs beforehand. Unlike most console RPGs, the game does not cut to a separate screen or location for battles. Attacks have various ranges and area of effects. Turns are defined on a unit-by-unit basis, similarly to Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention. To advance past a hostile territory, the player must defeat all the enemies in that territory. Some side territories (called fields in the game) cannot be cleared and can be used to continue leveling characters. The player may also leave a territory any time that the party is not engaging an enemy, in which case all enemies will have respawned when the party returns to that territory.

Each shrine node houses an additional golem, which will immediately awaken and join the party if they enter the shrine. There are also shop nodes where the player can sell and buy items and equipment.

Additional golem bodies (character classes) can be applied to each character. Each character can carry up to three bodies. The primary slot determines the character’s appearance, stats, equipable items, and ability to navigate specific terrains, and class experience gained from killing monsters is applied only to the body in that character’s primary slot. However, the character may use the skills of secondary and tertiary bodies as long as that character has sufficient magic points. Accumulated class experience allows the character to eventually promote that body to a more powerful class. Certain skills can only be used when two characters with compatible skills combine them.

Some items allow the party to try to persuade an enemy to join the party. If they are successful, the enemy joins the party and will gain experience points when killing monsters, but remains under AI control. The game finishes when all members of the active party have been killed, or when the player has conquered all hostile territories.

Synopsis [ edit ]

The player controls a golem who was awakened by the Goddess Erald which is fighting against Azrael, the Evil Lord.

Reception [ edit ]


Review scores

AllGame [5]
Electronic Gaming Monthly7.75/10 [6]
GameFan286/300 [7]
GamePro17.5/20 [8]
Next Generation [9]
3DO Magazine [10]
Génération 482% [11]
Joystick60% [12]
Video Games72% [13]
VideoGames8/10 [14]

GameFan (1994)Best Strategy
Best Special Effects (3DO) [15]
EGM (1995)The EGM Hot 50 [16]

Guardian War received two awards in GameFan ‘ s 1994 «Megawards», including Best Strategy Game and Best Special Effects on the 3DO. [15]

GamePro ‘ s Leonardo da Video declared Guardian War «one of the most original, enjoyable, and addictive RPG/strategy games to come along in a while». He remarked that the system of party members changing bodies and carrying along sub-bodies is highly unique yet easy to adjust to due to the «simple and virtually self-explanatory» interface, and highly praised the graphics, especially the spell casting effects. [8]

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Electronic Gaming Monthly scored it 7.75 out of 10, and ranked it as one of their 50 highest-rated games of 1994. [6] [16]

Game Bytes gave the game a positive review in 1994. [17]

Next Generation gave three stars out of five to the game. [9]

References [ edit ]

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External links [ edit ]

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Empire Shields

Empire Shields puts you in an intense environment straight from the get-go with a suspenseful environment and an imminent war, but will the gameplay be just as dramatic as the theme?

You may be familiar with some of Gong Gaming’s more recent slot releases this year, one of them being Lucky O’ Mega. Gong Gaming may not have an extensive slots portfolio as of yet, but they’re certainly working on it, with Empire Shields being yet another new addition!

We’re excited to see how Empire Shields stacks up to other impressive titles from Gong Gaming, so let’s charge in to this Empire Shields Slot Review

Empire Shields Base Game

Empire Shields Betting and Symbols

Empire Shields has a variety of betting options for you to choose from. For those who prefer a lower stake, the minimum bet available is £/€0.20 per spin. For those who prefer a higher stake, the maximum bet available is £/€20 per spin, with plenty of options in between the two.

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The highest paying symbols are the Warriors with the Orange, Green, Red and Purple Backgrounds, followed by the Ring and Orb symbols. Lower paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and nine.

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except Scatters.


Bonus GameNo
Free SpinsYes
Bonus BuyNo

Empire Shields Base Game and Features

Empire Shields is a 5 reel slot with 243 – 7776 ways to win. To form a win you will need to connect 3 or more of the same symbols from left to right, starting from the left-most reel.

Gong Gaming has spiced things up in Empire Shields by introducing Toppers. These Toppers add a little something to an otherwise boring base game. In addition to this, Empire Shields gives you the opportunity of walking away with a very generous 300x prize, in order to achieve this all you have to do is land 5 Wild symbols in any one spin!


Situated above each of the 5 reels is a Topper, these Toppers each hold a Shield that has a unique Feature.

At any given time, a random surge of energy can charge one or more of the Shields on the Toppers. With each spin, the Shields will move one space to the left and once they reach the left-most reel, they will drop off the screen and a new Shield will takes it place on the right-most reel, starting with zero energy charge.

  • Double Reel4 Energy Charges Required – The amount of ways to win is increased, the height of the reel will transform to 6 symbols.
  • Multiplier5 Energy Charges Required – A random Multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x or 10x will be awarded for that reel. When the Multiplier shifts to the left, it awards a new Multiplier.
  • Regualr Wild6 Energy Charges Required – A Wild symbol is awarded in a random position on that reel.
  • Expanding Wild7 Energy Charges Required – The entire reel will become Wild.

Empire Shields Features

Empire Shields Free Spins

Landing 3 or more Scatters on any of the 5 reels, awards 10 Free Spins.

Before Free Spins can begin, you will need to choose your setup. You will need to choose 5 Shields out of a possible 20, each Shield can reveal one of the four Features, Double Reel, Multipliers, Wilds and Expanding Wilds.

During Free Spins, the Topper will charge with the same level of Energies as they do in the base game, the only difference being, the Shields stay in the same position throughout Free Spins.

Once a Shield is fully charged, it will remain active for the duration of Free Spins. If the Multiplier Shield is active, a new Multiplier will be awarded with each Free Spin.

On the 10th and final spin, all Features are activated.

Free Spins can be retirggered by landing 3 or more Scatters on any of the reels. The number of Free Spins awarded are equal to the original trigger.

Empire Shields Free Spins

Empire Shields Our Verdict

Empire Shields is pretty impressive, all things considered.

Props have to be given to the design team for making Empire Shields such a suspenseful experience. The omens of war certainly gives Empire Shields a sense of tension, and as a result you’re gripped straight away and excited to find out what’s next.

Gameplay wise, things look good too. The Toppers really makes Empire Shields seem a little bit different, and the ‘choose your setup’ aspect of the Free Spins really gives the game some longevity. With so many different features to experience, you may well find yourself witnessing an entirely different bonus every time.

Statistically, the RTP for Empire Shields is well above average at 96.19%, and the maximum win potential looks great at 12,150x

Overall, Empire Shields probably doesn’t have all the makings of a timeless masterpiece, but it’s an impressive showing from a smaller provider looking to make some noise.

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