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Slot Fruit Splash — Game Review

Fruit Splash

Fruit Splash

There are so many elements you can include on a modern slot that it can be a tough decision to make on what to put into a slot, and what design aspects to leave out. Therefore any slot that makes the decision to leave out the much-loved Free Spins bonus needs to have something a little extra going for it to make up for that fact.

Rival Gaming have made that decision in releasing their latest slot. It’s called Fruit Splash and it is fusion of water and fruit all wrapped up in a rather cheery, summertime theme. The fusion of elements does not end there as this is a retro-styled slot in many respects, but in others it has the features of a more modern game, such as 243 Ways to Win.

These slot games which combine different elements can be a real hotchpotch of games, some good, some bad, some great, some awful, so where does the Fruit Splash slot lie on this continuum? Is this a sweet, succulent ripe fruit slot ready for playing, or is it the one that will be left going moldy at the bottom of the fruit bowl?

We decided to take a look to find out.


Where can I play the Fruit Splash slot?

If you are looking to play the new Fruit Splash slot from Rival Gaming then the casino to visit ti try the game out is Slots Capital.

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The presentation on the Fruit Splash slot is very nicely done and the graphics are superb. The watery effects on the backdrop of the reels are among the best I have seen on any slot game, with the way the light is reflected in the water being particularly effective. The musical accompaniment of a cheery Caribbean-sounding tune is also a nice, pleasant backdrop to the slot and gives the game a warm, summery feeling.

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What’s on the reels?

There are a number of different symbols on the reels in the Fruit Splash slot. The lower value symbols are the four playing card symbols, which increase slightly in value from the clubs to spades to diamond to hearts, but even five hearts still only pays 11 coins for a win.

The higher value symbols are the different fruit and in terms of value they go in the order of strawberry, blueberries, kiwi, orange, blackberry, cherry, lime, apple and lastly the raspberry which is by far the largest paying slot offering 20 coins for three on a line and 500 coins for five on a line.

The only other symbol on the reels is the Sticky Wild symbol which we will explore in the section below.

Wild features

The Star Fruit is the Wild symbol in the Fruit Splash slot and it is a Sticky Wild. What this means is that when you land the Wild symbol and it substitutes another of the symbols in the game to form part of a win, the Wild will be held in place on the reels and you will receive a free re-spin of the reels.

If this re-spin is a winner too, then you will receive that extra cash too. However, if you land a further Sticky Wild on that re-spin, then you will receive another re-spin. This will continue until you land a spin that does not contain another Sticky Wild.

This is the main bonus feature of the slot and it does trigger relatively frequently although the size of the wins that you can land on this bonus do vary quite significantly.

Free Spins features

There is no Free Spins bonus in play on the Fruit Splash slot, the only bonus spins come in the form of the Re-spins when the Sticky Wild symbol is landed as explained above.

Other bonus features

There are no other additional bonus features on the Fruit Splash slot.

Best feature of the Fruit Splash slot

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There is only really the one feature of the Fruit Splash slot and that is the Sticky Wild bonus, but I have to confess that although it a very simplistic bonus, it does work very well with this slot. That doesn’t mean it will guarantee big wins, often it doesn’t but it does trigger often enough as to make it feel that you have a realistic chance of landing it on every spin.

What does the Fruit Splash slot lack?

Of course, with relatively few features and bonuses and the lack of a Free Spins bonus round, the Fruit Splash slot doesn’t have the depth of some other slots you may want to play. However, this lack of additional bonuses is offset a little by the fact that the one bonus the slot does have will trigger relatively frequently. However if you are an enthusiast of free spins and see it as big drawing factor for a slot, then you will likely find that the Fruit Splash slot doesn’t meet your expectations.


Rival Gaming have produced a rather unusual slot here. It is a mishmash of a more retro styled slot with its simplistic game-play, single bonus feature and fruit symbols on the reel, but added to it are elements of more modern slots including a 5×3 reel set and 243 Ways to Win. The presentation is also very nicely done with the water effects particularly striking, but it is the bonus feature that lifts this game and make it well worth taking a closer look at.


  • Presentation: 18 / 20 — The presentation on the Fruit Splash slot is absolutely fantastic and looks amazing on a high quality screen. The watery effects of the background show bubbles and hazy light beams reflecting through the water and it has been done superbly. The reels are very prominent and the Caribbean infused musical accompaniment is a cheerful soundtrack to play through your spins with. Not many slots are better looking or as nicely presented as the Fruit Splash slot, right down to the symbols on the reels.
  • Game-play: 15 / 20 — The Fruit Splash slot has very enjoyable game play. It is a slot which is not the most varied in terms of what it offers, but its excitement and enjoyment factor are enhanced by the fact that the one bonus it has does trigger relatively frequently and offers you a broad range of wins. It isn’t a slot that is going to stretch the more experienced slot players, or those that want a feature-packed game, but for beginners or fans or more simplistic, retro-styled slots it is a great choice.
  • Bonus Features: 10 / 20 — The one bonus feature that the Fruit Splash slot has is a real winner and it triggers often when playing the game but there is no denying that the lack of bonuses, particularly the Free Spins feature which all top slots tend to have nowadays, is something which will put a lot of prospective players off giving the slot a try. That’s a shame as I still feel this slot has a lot to offer even with just the single bonus to play through.
  • Entertainment Factor: 13 / 20 — I think your enjoyment of this slot will be determined by your view on games that are more retro-styled in their structure. If you love retro gaming, then the Fruit Splash slot will tick all the right boxes for you and I have no doubts that you will love this particular slot. If you like slots more modern with more features then Fruit Splash may fall a little short of the mark for you, however I would still urge you to give it a try as it is still a very fun slot to play, even if it is just for a few spins.
  • Play Value: 13 / 20 — As a Medium variance slot, you do get a real mix of pays in the Fruit Splash slot. The jackpot prize is not the biggest at 500 coins, but the fact that you can trigger multiple wins by accessing the bonus feature when landing a winning spin with a Wild symbol, does mean that wins can accumulate together to form larger wins. Indeed, this method is the best way to land some of the bigger value wins. Single base game wins tend to be on the smaller side. Patient play will allow you to get the most enjoyment from the game.
  • Overall 69 / 100 — Fruit Splash is a fun slot to play that has a cheerful summery atmosphere and some rather nifty touches including a new take on how fruit symbols should look on the slot. This modern look though masks the fact that this is a more traditional style slot with only one bonus feature. If you enjoy these particular types of games, then I have no doubt you will love Fruit Splash. However, if you prefer slots with a little more to get your teeth into then there are probably some better options available for you elsewhere.
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