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Slot Fortunium — Game Review

Fortunium Slot

Fortunium Slot

Fortunium is a very original and wildly popular slot machine from, none other than the top provider Microgaming. This game has a so-called «steampunk» science fiction theme, where 19th-century fashion meets steam engines and old technology.

This results in an authentic slot machine where you can form wild symbols in rows above each other and where many win boosters and scatter symbols make your game exciting. Fortunium is a slot machine with 40 paylines spread over the 5×5 grid. Enough options, therefore, to earn back your bet twice and for all!

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Fortunium Overview

Fortunium has a 19th-century city theme. The building in the background represents an old science fiction city full of factories. The characters and symbols in the game have the same theme, which results in special pictures. On a grid of five rows of five boxes you will find the following different symbols: a man or a woman, these symbols are stacked and can cover a total of 4 boxes to reveal the full character. These are the symbols with the highest value. There is also a treasure chest, a zeppelin, a strange gun and three playing card symbols. These images always appear in stacks in pairs.

Scatter symbol & Wild Symbol

In addition to the standard symbols with which you can form over 40 winning combinations/paylines, there are also two other symbols that give Fortunium some extra spice. These are the scatter symbol and the wild symbol. The wild symbol is recognizable by the big W on a golden vault door. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination. The scatter symbol is a large green mysterious sphere, which can give you free spins when you collect at least three.

Win Booster & Mystery Symbol

Fortunium, however, has even more symbols that can pop up and bring benefits to the game. So you have the Mystery symbol, which can stack up over a whole row to turn into all kinds of other symbols, and you can achieve a nice win. The Mystery symbol can be recognized by the big question mark.

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There is also a «Win Booster» in the game. This Win Booster appears as a large header next to the field with boxes. When you click on this button, you can make an extra 50% of your original bet, ensuring that the Mystery Symbols only change to symbols with a high value! You keep the strings in your hands for the style you want to play with, which gives you more control with this slot machine than with the average slot machine.

  • CasinoGuideNJ Fortunium Tip: We recommend that you always use the Win Booster. This may cost you 50% of your bet, but it does increase your chance of winning considerably because all Mystery symbols will only reveal high value symbols!


Free Spins

Yes, the Fortunium slot machine also has a feature in the game that can give you free spins. This feature is activated by the green scatter symbol. When 3, 4 or 5 of these appear in the field (it doesn’t matter where, as long as they are visible), a new screen will open automatically and you will be awarded 10 free spins. If even more scatter symbols appear during those free spins, they will generate extra spins every time!

However, if the 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols appear stacked, you will get even more extra benefit on top of the free spins. You can then expect 1, 2 or 3 «wild» reels per free spin! In other words than per spin you can count on three reels that are completely ‘wild’. This gives you the chance to grab the highest possible payout, and that’s 800x your original bet.

Fortunium in Figures & Facts

Fortunium is a great slot machine with which you can win huge payouts. The «Return to Player» percentage is 96.47 percent, which is an excellent score for an online slot machine. You can bet from as little as 10 cents, rising to € 125. If you decide to go for this maximum bet you can earn a win of no less than 1 ton within a single spin! Such a jackpot is not at all crazy to win, of course, especially when you consider that you have no fewer than 40 paylines on which you can make such a winning combination possible.

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Fortunium on your Mobile

In addition to its excellent games and revolutionary game designs, Microgaming is also known for its high-quality mobile platform. Playing fortunium on your mobile is therefore nothing less than a pleasure. The game can be accessed via your browser in «instant play» mode. Fortunium then adjusts to the dimensions of your screen, allowing you to play optimally. Fortunium can also be played easily in portrait mode, with a very smooth and seamless gameplay as the mobile platform of Microgaming makes possible.


Fortunium is a very lucrative slot machine with an original theme. This top player from Microgaming provides you with a gaming experience of the highest level within the slot machine world. In addition, there are countless symbols that provide extra benefits and Mystery symbols that make your game nice and exciting. Fortunium also offers a chance of high jackpots as a video slot machine. These can go up to 1 ton within a single spin! Reason enough to take a look yourself and take a chance, that is possible from 10 cents. Good luck!

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Fortunium Slot Review

phparena 18plus and security min

In 2015, NetEnt provided its users with a fantastic Steampunk game which was known to be Steam Tower. If any of you do not know what a Steampunk is, we would like to tell you that a SteamPunk is a kind of science fiction film set or novel in ancient times where instead of advanced technologies, steam power was used. Shortly after the release of Steam Tower, Microgaming bought us another Steampunk, and you all know its name. Yes, we are talking about Fortunium. Microgaming’s Fortunium was released on 20th June 2018. There is a total of 2 characters in this online slot game, Victoria and Maximillian. In the game, you will see both the characters are attempting killings in the city of Fortunium. The game has plenty of exciting features. Let us find out some of the more exciting features of the game.

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Key Facts:

  • You will notice a total of 5 reels with 40 pay lines in the game.
  • The game features a medium variance. The RTP, i.e., Return to Person of the game is 96.47%.
  • The minimum betting amount of Fortunium is 10p whereas; you can bet a maximum of £125 every spin.
  • There are different symbols in the game, including Scatter, Gun, Victoria, and Airship.
  • The highest-valued symbol is Scatter, while the lowest valued symbols are the 4 card suits (Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond).
  • The maximum amount you can win while playing the game is 800 times your original bet. Let us have a look at the slot features of Fortunium.

Slot Features

As you know, Fortunium features a total of 5 reels. The reels exhibit different symbols, such as airships and guns. The game also includes a wild symbol and the wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the reels except the Scatter one.
Let us get some in-depth information about different features:

Win Booster Feature

Fortunium Slot

Slot TypesVideo Slots
Slot Game Features5 Reel Slots Wild Symbol Scatters Free Spins
Min. Bet0.15
Max. Bet187.5
Slot RTP96.37%

If you want to increase your winning chances on the Fortunium slot, you can use the Win Boost feature. After the use, you will get 50% more on every spin. Moreover, this feature also removes the low valued symbols (Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond) from the reels. This means that on every spin, the symbols that will be featured will include high valued symbols and the wild symbols only. It is clear that by using this feature, you can quickly increase your winning chances by 50%.

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Scatter and Free Spins

A green glass sphere represents the Scatter symbol. If you have a bit of good luck and somehow all the five reels are triggered with the scatter symbols, you will get 100 times the amount you bet initially. So, if you bet $2 and after getting 5 scatter symbols on the reels, you will be getting a total of $200. Isn’t it the most fantastic feature?

If we talk about free spins, the scatter symbols are also capable of giving you free spins. 3, 4, or 5 landed scatter symbols on the reels can provide you with ten free spins. During this round, if any additional scatter lands, then also you will be getting an extra turn.

Apart from all these, during free spins, 3, 4, or 5 scatters can also provide you with 1, 2, or 3 mystery reels. This means that only mystery symbols will be landing on the reels during the spins. And there is also a probability of getting three wild symbols in a row. You must have understood by now that using those wild symbols; you can unlock Fortinium slot’s maximum win and get the highest return of 800 times your stake.

RTP Of Fortunium

The Return to Person (RTP) of Fortunium slot is 96.47% which is quite better than numerous other online slot games. Having such an RTP means that while betting a total of 100 coins, there is 96.47% chance that you will get some reward.


The jackpot can be achieved in the game when five scatter symbols land on all the 5 reels. You have plenty of opportunities for enormous wins. If some mystery symbols get combined with Win Booster, then you will get a huge success. Because the mystery symbol has a feature of getting changed into any other symbol and the Win Booster will allow it to turn into high paying symbols only. And thus, there is no probability of landing low paying symbols on the reels.

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Graphics and Sounds

For the very first time, the developers designed Fortunium as a mobile game. At that time, portrait play experience was given more priority. This thing has been repeated in the desktop version too as you can notice that the reel set is a bit smaller. However, the artwork, sound effects and the graphics of the game are no less than a magical outlook.

Fortunium provides a user with everything that can be expected from a steampunk slot. The game features a golden landscape. Moreover, the appearance of the focused characters, Victoria and Maximilian, with colourful costumes, make the game more appealing and engaging.

While hitting the bonus, the game will take you to a machine room, and you will visualize the blue and cloudless sky. The background music of the game exactly suits the theme of the steampunk. The soundtrack seems to be generic, and it does not feel disturbing while you try your hands on the game.

Final Verdict

If we jump to the conclusion, overall, Fortunium is a fun and amazing video slot. It features some extraordinary features that have not been displayed by the primary video slots yet. No matter how much amount you are going to bet into this game, you have excellent chances of winning some rewards as the RTP of Fortunium is incredible.

If you want to play such a game that appears to be unique from the norm and has excellent chances of winning big, we recommend you to try your hands on Fortunium at least once. You will be amazed to experience the fun it provides to its users.

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