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Slot Fire 88 — Game Review

Fire 88 Slot Review

Let’s start some fire in the Fire 88 video slot, powered by Pragmatic Play. With the Chinese theme, the title holds a special meaning. Therefore, when you begin your fire adventure, you should know this element brings strength and persistence while number 8 is the luckiest number. Just in case, another digit is added to ensure a successful journey in this game, featuring a 3×3 old-school grid, and 7 pay lines. Even if you don’t believe in these signs, the truth is, Fire 88 is pretty easy, and fun to play. Visual experience is definitely something to look for, so don’t let it go to waste.

Fireworks on the Reels

When you enter the Fire 88, you’ll see straight away the game is dominated by a Wild dragon, spreading fire on the reels. Everywhere you look, the only thing present will be fire. Beautiful warm tones of red, orange, and yellow come alive with the wonderful eastern tune.

On the extremely hot reels, there will be a few symbols turning. Among the most important ones, the dragon. As hinted, he’s the Wild, and he’ll do wonderfully on this 3×3 grid.

A few others also appear, like the number 88, engulfed in fire, a fire diamond, a Chinese coin, firecracker bars in green, purple and red, and the Jackpot 88.

Fire 88 slot paytable

On the left side of the reels, you’ll have all the symbol combinations, and their combined value, so that’ll make everything much easier.

The game, even though it features old-school 3×3 settings, provides with amazing graphics, and a few delightful dragon animations.

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Pick the Right Coins

The Fire 88 offers 3 kinds of Jackpot, and it’ll be up to you to choose which one it’ll be. In order to trigger the Jackpot Bonus, you’ll need 3 Jackpot 88. When you get it, a 3×3 set of coins will be shown to you. Your task is to pick coins, and when you get the combination of 3 equal ones, that’ll be your rightful prize. As it was displayed in the base game above the reels, there is a blue mini jackpot with a x38 the total bet, then a green major jackpot with a 88 the total bet, and a red grand with a x888 total bet. So, what you’ll have is 3 blue, 3 green, and 3 red coins, and the first colour combo you gather will match your jackpot reward.

Fire 88 slot by Pragmatic Play

Say Hello to the Lovely Dragon

This marvellous creature, besides the entertainment, provides with his Wild skills. He can replace any symbol, and his influence doesn’t stop there. If he appears in a pair in one spin, then a respin will be awarded. But not just any kind of respin. It goes like this, 2 Wilds will hold the reels they’re on, while the one they don’t occupy, turns.

Will the Number 88 Bring you the Jackpot

Enveloped in warm tones, this video slot gives a lot to consider. It’s quite simple, but also highly entertaining, and addictive. Graphics and animations seem exceptional, and the music, while you play, goes perfectly. Even if you don’t hit a Jackpot, Fire 88 allows many opportunities to win, especially with the awesome dragon. The respin is a great chance to win even more, so another plus. Despite the fact it’s a game with an old-school 3×3 grid, it doesn’t lack when it comes to dynamic. Quite the opposite, it has a beautiful rhythm, and it doesn’t wear off. In the end, try it, and hopefully, you’ll pick the right colour coins.

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Fire 88 Slots


Chinese themed slots have always been popular. They’ve had their followers even before China opened its doors for online gambling. And after this massive new market opened, not a month goes by that one software provider doesn’t launch a Chinese themed game! Our gripe with many of these releases is that they all look exactly the same. Not to mention they’re usually re-skins of existing slots. Fire 88 has none of those issues! Built from the ground up as a unique game, it promises great fun condensed into only three reels and seven paylines!

There’s something incredibly satisfying about this release’s graphics. We think it’s the background. The flames flicker back and forth, creating a gorgeous view! And yet, most of the time, you won’t even notice it, due to focusing on the reels! Sadly, the symbols themselves aren’t nearly as impressive! They consist of firecrackers, Chinese coins, flaming diamonds, the number 88 lit on fire and a dragon’s head. It’s a great mix of traditional China with icons Western players are more familiar with.

You play Fire 88 on a 3×3 board with 7 fixed paylines, which pay left to right only. In terms of special features, there’s not much to talk about here. The less spacious playing field leaves less room for having more bonuses, unfortunately. On the upside, that does mean the special features which are there are that much more lucrative! Find two dragon head Wilds, and you get a free re-spin of the reel which is missing a Wild. The number 88 also has a chance of appearing with a jackpot badge beneath it. And when three of them appear at the same time, then you’ve triggered the jackpot bonus!

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Fire 88 Slots Real Money

Few developers can have a functional interface and be able to boast about putting their logo on the screen! And while that’s undeniably cool, what’s even better is the way you set your total bet. If you so choose, you can individually change coins per payline and coin value until you find your perfect stake. But, if you’re like us and don’t care about going that far in-depth? You can just spam click plus and minus until you find a bet that works for you. Gamblers can wager between GBP 0.07 and GBP 35 per spin.

If you’re looking to win the top prize of this slot, you will have to cross your fingers. Because winning the jackpot is only possible through the jackpot special feature! That bonus, in turn, demands that you get super lucky and land three of the most valuable symbol. And even if you succeed in doing so, you only have a shot at hitting the most valuable fixed jackpot, since there are three. Despite that, this game has a medium variance and an RTP of 96.45%. With an above average RTP, it’s cleared all the minimal conditions to be recommended. All that’s left is to see how its bonuses hold up!

Unsurprisingly, the results aren’t that grand. There’s only so much you can do with a 3×3 board, after all! First on the list is the Wild. When two Wilds are present on the reels, the reel with the missing third Wild will play a single re-spin. If another Wild appears, then you win the associated cash prize.

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And if you want to win free spins, you need three flaming 88 icons with a jackpot badge. How do you make this badge appear? You can’t: whether or not it appears is completely random! But when three eligible symbols appear at the same time, they start a jackpot bonus. In it, you flip face-down coins to reveal them as red, blue or green. The first colour that completes three coins is the jackpot you win.

This release is far from perfect. But it feels so different to play that it proved to be a nice change of pace. We’re usually not huge fans of classic slots, but Fire 88 won us over! It goes to show just how important a good special feature or two can be to just about any type of game! If you enjoy three reel releases, we recommend checking it out.

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