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Slot Dragons Tombs — Game Review

Slot Dragons Tombs — Game Review

Header image for Dragon Power, an online slot by Wild Streak Gaming.

Bruce Lee brought some powerful kung fu moves to the screen in Enter the Dragon, and so can you – in a virtual sense, at least – when you play the online slot Dragon Power from Wildstreak Gaming.

Channel your inner dragon as you spin the reels in your quest for winning big, and look out for animated slot symbols, glowing orbs, and some exciting bonus rounds along the way. Read on to find out more about this exciting game.

Game overview

Like many other kinds of online slot machines, Dragon Power is a 5×3 reel game with 50 paylines. It has an RTP (return to player) of 95.69% and is considered a medium volatility game.

Released in 2019, this online casino slot game includes a respin feature with high frequency and offers a free games round designed for consistent wins with big multipliers.

The max-win potential in the base game is x5,000, and the minimum bet is 0.5 credits.

How to play

As you’ll find with many other kinds of jackpot slots, Dragon Power is all about lining up the most valuable symbols on the reels.

To play, you simply have to load your credits and set your bet level. You can do this by clicking the up and down arrows to the bottom right-hand side of your screen until you’ve chosen the bet level that’s right for you.

You might want to bring other features into your gameplay as the “max bet” feature, which is the stack of coins symbol you see between the two up and down arrows we just mentioned. You can adjust any of these settings by clicking the settings cogwheel towards the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

Once you’ve done all that, click the green “play” button to start spinning!


Screenshot of the reels in Dragon Power, an online slot by Wild Streak Gaming.

If you play slots online often, you’ll no doubt be used to many types of Asian-themed games. What makes Dragon Power stand out is the intricately designed, animated symbols on the reels, as well as the richly textured, traditional Chinese brocade background.

Apart from the game’s namesake Dragon symbol, you’ll also find a tiger, rooster, and koi carp on the reels, along with the typical low-paying royal playing-card symbols. There are glowing orbs that are tightly clutched in dragon claws to keep things interesting, which can act as triggers and wild symbols.

Besides all the animals you might be familiar with from reading your Chinese horoscope or learning about Chinese New Year, some special gold ingots might land on the reels, leading to some free spins.


By just clicking “play,” you’re sure to be captivated by the lifelike animations of the slot online symbols you’ll find in this game.

Another feature in this game is that randomly during gameplay, all the symbols in the middle reel will turn into golden orbs with values. This is known as the “golden orb” feature. These symbols can also act as a wild and can lead to the respin feature being triggered (which we’ll talk about in the next section).

Since everyone loves some free spins, note that 3, 4, or 5 gold ingots will give you (respectively) 8, 15, or 25 free games. During each free spin, you could win with multipliers of up to 25x (good luck!).

If you get six or more orbs with values on the reels, you’ll trigger the Dragon Power respin feature, which will give you three respins. If you land an orb during this feature, the number of respins will be reset to 3.

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Bonuses and jackpots

View of the reels in Dragon Power with golden orb symbols down the middle reel.

Unfortunately, unlike many other casino slot games, Dragon Power is not a progressive slot but has some prizes to offer when it comes to landing glowing dragon orbs on the screen.

We’ve covered all the main bonus features in the point above, but there are four of these, namely Grand, Major, Mini, and Minor, for jackpot prizes. If you collect all the different orbs in the game, you could win the Grand jackpot prize!

Similar games

There are so many exciting online slot games to play, but if you enjoyed this Asian-themed one, in particular, you also might get a thrill from these other casino slots:

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There Isn’t Going to be a Warhammer: The Old World Starter Set

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It looks like the rumors are true, and there isn’t going to be a Warhammer: The Old World starter box set, at least not yet.

At this point, it feels like it’s been a really long time since GW announced Old World would be coming way back in 2019. So, after nearly four years, we know the game is on the way soon, but it might come with some disappointment.

We heard rumors about this idea, and after the reveals at Warhammer Fest, it looks like they are coming true. While there will probably be army starter boxes, we won’t be seeing anything like we are for 10th Edition.

One Year Later, Pass or Fail: Vorte.

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warhammer the old world

In case you missed the past Warhammer Old World announcements, we’ve included them here:

  • GW Announces Warhammer Fantasy Returning (sort of)
  • Warhammer Old World Release Date Details & Starter Set
  • Fantasy Bears! More Kislev Previews For Warhammer Old World
  • Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, Orcs & More Confirmed in Warhammer Old World!
  • Warhammer The Old World: Everything We Know So Far

There Isn’t Going to be a Warhammer: The Old World Starter Set

old world necrosphinx

When asked about the starter set in the Warhammer Fest Old World Q&A session following the streamed preview, Games Workshop presenter Eddie Eccles said there will be products that “make it easy” for people to jump into the game.

Eccles went on to mention that every faction in the new game will get some new plastic kits, and old plastic kits will return to production, along with some Forge World resin kits, and even some metal models.

For now, it looks more like a hodgepodge of models and not huge starter releases. Considering he never once mentioned a starter set and some “intro” kits, we expect every faction will get something similar to a Vanguard box.

They also revealed Tomb Kings and Bretonnians will get books and models first, but again, it appears we will not receive a big starter set for the two factions.

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Warhammer Old World Square Base Size 2

Eccles also mentioned that just like 10th Edition Warhammer 40k, rules will be available online for every army that was present in eighth edition Warhammer Fantasy that debuted back in 2010.

While the lack of a new starter set isn’t great news, it does dovetail with the recent rumors we’ve seen, but they did, however, mention a “launch box.”

So let’s look at what has been rumored so far.

RUMORS: Warhammer Old World Release Date Details & Kits

These come from Faeit 212 .

Warhammer The Old World will be just (like Epic) a small release. We get the Launch Box, Rulebook, the Compendium, and an Accessories Pack for returnee Players.

They want to fill the “40 Years of Warhammer” topic without blunders. Then, bigger releases in Early 2024 before they go “all in” with Warhammer Age of Sigmar…

Tomb Kings Weapons 3

First up, a launch box is not the same as a starter; this could easily be a box for each faction (like the army starters with the rules), and with Eddie’s reluctance to say starter, it’s hard to think this will be a big release. This timeframe actually makes sense (with the 40k/AoS cycle), as they are trying to keep the 40 years of Warhammer going, with 10th, and possibly Epic (according to these rumors), and finally, Old World.

Late 2023 really is the only place the game could fit into the release cycle unless they double up with AoS in 2024, and that doesn’t seem likely. As Warhammer 40k 10th Edition is taking up the summer slot, and even if the Epic rumors are true (and it is revealed at Warhammer Fest), that only covers a small amount of time and leaves a big slot without a huge game release. However, a Luanch box is not really the same as a

Tomb Kings Weapons

We know the three-year cycle GW likes to do with AoS and 40k, and Sigmar is next in line for a new edition. If they follow the cycle they have since its release, 2024 will be all about AoS.

Plus, in theory, Games Workshop has been hinting at a smaller release for the Old World as they have really only talked about a few factions, most notably, Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, Empire, Cathay, and Kislev. There has been some talk about the Orks, and Dwarves, but not nearly as much as the other armies.

warhammer the old world

  • GW Announces Warhammer Fantasy Returning (sort of)
  • Fantasy Bears! More Kislev Previews For Warhammer Old World
  • Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, Orcs & More Confirmed in Warhammer Old World!

In case you missed the past Warhammer Old World announcements, we’ve included them above.

All the Latest on Warhammer Old World!

Are you excited about Warhammer the Old World returning with no starter set or launch box?

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12 Rare D&D Magic Items Worth Saving All Your Gold For

Dungeons & Dragons has tons of fantastic magical items for adventurers to spend their hard-earned gold on, but which are the best ones to save up for?

Artwork showing an Instant Fortress and Belt of Dwarvenkind with the Staff of the Woodland in the middle

Every Dungeons & Dragons player loves magic items, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which are the best to save that hard-earned gold for. Some magic items can cost a hefty amount of gold, and while some are well worth the price tag, others are not. So it’s important to know which items are worth saving up for with the good old piggy bank.

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Dungeons & Dragons divides its magic items by rarity, with common items found most often and artifacts being the most rare, with often only one existing. A perfect middle ground is rare magic items that are scarce enough to have some impressive properties but won’t bankrupt the player trying to purchase them. Luckily, there are a few that fit that description.


12 Scorpion Armor

Artwork of scorpion armor next to an image of a DnD character battling a giant scorpion.

Scorpion armor is a set of plate armor with some great properties found in DnD’s Tomb of Annihilation. Although it has a Strength requirement of 15, the armor also grants a +5 to initiative rolls. This heavy armor doesn’t impose disadvantage on Stealth checks, or any saving throws as a result of extreme heat, making it perfect for the jungles of Chult.

There is the small matter of it being cursed, but that shouldn’t put off anyone brave enough to come across this armor. Whenever a character puts on or takes off the armor, they must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 10d10 + 45 poison damage on a fail, half on a success. Curse aside, if a character were resistant or immune to poison damage, then the Scorpion Armor is a great DnD purchase.

11 Atlas Of Endless Horizons

DnD Atlas of Endless Horizons

The Atlas of Endless Horizons is a powerful DnD magical item for wizards introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. This beautiful spellbook is a rare magical item in DnD, containing seven amazing travel spells which are available while attuned to the Atlas. With the spells arcane gate, dimension door, gate, misty step, plane shift, teleportation circle, and word of recall, the Atlas of Endless Horizons opens up some interesting possibilities.

The book also has three charges that can be used for additional benefits. Wizards can use one charge to replace one of their prepared wizard spells with a different spell in the book, however, the new spell must be from the conjuration school. The other option is when hit with an attack, the player can use their reaction, costing one charge, to teleport up to 10 feet away; if that takes the player out of range of the attack, then it misses.

10 Belt Of Dwarvenkind

DnD Belt of Dwarvenkind

A classic DnD rare magic item is the Belt of Dwarvenkind. This sturdy-looking belt has a few advantages to buying it, the least of which is that it increases its wearer’s Constitution score by two and grants darkvision up to 60 feet. As the name suggests, the other benefits lean heavily into the dwarven theme but are still very useful.

Players would have advantage on Persuasion checks made against dwarves and would also be able to speak, read and write in dwarvish. The character would also have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, along with resistance to poison damage. However, one of the best parts of wearing the Belt of Dwarvenkind is that while attuned, there is a 50 percent chance every day to grow a beard, and that alone makes it worth getting.

9 Ioun Stone Of Reserve

Artwork of a collection of Ioun stones in Dungeons & Dragons

Named after the DnD Forgotten Realms deity of knowledge, Ioun, there are many different kinds of Ioun stones ranging from rare to legendary. Of the rare variety, one of the best is the Ioun Stone of Reserve which takes the form of a vibrant purple prism. While this stone orbits the character’s head, it is able to hold up to three levels worth of spells.

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The stone also allows anyone touching it to cast a spell into the stone for it to hold. The spell can then be cast at a later time by a separate party member using the spell stats of the original caster. As it doesn’t require the original caster to activate the spell, the Ioun Stone of Reserve is great for situational spells like feather fall or gentle repose.

8 Staff Of The Woodlands

DnD Staff of the Woodlands

The Staff of the Woodlands is an amazing druid-only magic item that packs a lot into one staff. While the staff can be used as a traditional +2 quarterstaff, it is the magic charges that make the Staff of the Woodlands stand out. The staff has 10 charges that can be used to cast seven different DnD spells, along with the ability to cast pass without trace, without using any charges or spell slot.

From the helpful animal friendship costing one charge to the powerful sixth-level wall of thorns that costs six charges, there are some great nature-themed spells stored in the staff. The Staff of the Woodland holds both speak with animals and speak with plants covering any conversation any druid could ever wish to have. The staff also has a tree form that creates a large 60-foot tall tree which players could find several creative uses for.

7 Amulet Of Health

DnD Amulet of Health

Some magic items are complicated, creating a variety of effects; then there are some that are nice and straightforward. The Amulet of Health is one of those items, doing just one thing, but doing it really well.

Players who attune to this rare magical item in DnD will have their Constitution score increase to 19, although those with Constitutions already higher than 19 will see no increase. This means a +4 modifier and significantly increased hit points, perfect for the party tank or to boost squishier DnD spellcasters.

6 Necklace Of Fireballs

DnD Necklace of Fireballs

DnD’s Necklace of Fireballs is as beautiful as it is deadly. The elegant necklace has three + 1d6 beads hanging from it, with each bead containing the third-level spell fireball. By pulling off a bead and throwing it, players can effectively cast fireball with a DC 15 Dexterity save needed to avoid 8d6 fire damage in a 20-foot radius.

Players can even throw more than one bead at a time. Each additional bead increases the level of fireball by one, so two beads would be a level four fireball, for example. Saving up for this magical DnD item has the bonus of being useful in combat and stylish.

5 Sun Blade

DnD Sun Blade

The closest thing in DnD to a lightsaber is the Sun Blade. What looks at first like a bladeless hilt is, in fact, a powerful magical weapon, and players can use a bonus action to activate the blade. The blade appears to be made of pure radiance and deals radiant damage in place of slashing.

The Sun Blade is a finesse weapon making it great for multiple classes and acts as a +2 magical weapon. The blade emits bright light for 15 feet and dim light for an extra 15 feet, which can be expanded to a maximum of 30 feet each. The light given off is sunlight, and the Sun Blade does an extra 1d8 radiant damage to undead, making this the ultimate DnD vampire-fighting weapon.

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4 Cloak Of Displacement

DnD Cloak of Displacement

Playing as a spellcaster in DnD has its upsides as well as its downsides. Having access to mountains of spells means spellcasters can become some of the biggest damage dealers; however, the trade-off is having low AC making characters easier to hit. Because of this, the Cloak of Displacement is definitely one magical item that squishier characters should save up for.

The cloak creates an illusion that confuses enemies and causes all attack rolls against the wearer to be at disadvantage. The only downside is if they do manage to hit, then the illusion stops until the start of the wearer’s next turn. However, anything that imposed disadvantage on all attack rolls is well worth the gold.

3 Bracers Of Defense

DnD Bracers of Defense

If players are looking for a way to up their defense but can’t wear any armor, then the Bracers of Defense are a must. The bracers give a +2 bonus to AC when the character isn’t wearing armor or using a shield, making them perfect for monks or barbarians.

Even better, it stacks with other bonuses like Unarmored Defense or mage armor. The Bracers of Defense have no prerequisites meaning any class can wear them so long as they have a free attunement slot. A boost of two to AC is nothing to be sniffed at, putting these bracers at the top of the DnD party’s shopping list.

2 Daern’s Instant Fortress


If DnD players want a portable home that doubles as an improvised weapon, then Daern’s Instant Fortress is a must. The fortress starts out as a small metal cube that transforms when the command word is spoken. The 20-foot by 30-foot tower is immune to the knock spell and chime of opening and cannot be tipped over. It is also immune to nonmagical damage, with the exception of siege weapons, but has resistance to all other forms of damage.

Divided into two floors, players can store loot, get a safe long rest and retreat into enemy territory. The fun part is if the fortress is activated when next to any enemies, they will have to make DC 15 Dexterity saving throws or take 10d10 bludgeoning damage and be shoved away. Daern’s Instant Fortress is a fantastic purchase for the whole party and one well worth pooling everyone’s gold for.

1 Ring Of Spell Storing

DnD Ring of Spell Storage

Rare DnD items like the Ring of Spell Storing are definitely worth saving for. This piece of magical jewelry can store up to five levels worth of spells at one time, and when found DMs can even have some already in there. Any spellcaster can cast a spell into the ring just by touching it, making it similar to the Ioun Stone of Reserve but with more storage.

When the spell is released from the ring, it uses the spell save DC, attack bonus, and ability of the original caster. Once a spell has been cast from the ring, it frees up that space for more spells to be stored. The Ring of Spell Storing is not just useful for spellcasters but the entire party, as it only requires attunement to use, making it one of the best rare magic items in Dungeons & Dragons.

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