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Slot Dj Mario — Game Review

Triple Profits Games (TPG)

More commonly known as TPG or Triple PG, Triple Profits Games is an Asian-based developer. Today they’re known for delivering multiple types of online casino games to players worldwide. Founded in 2014, the company has since grown to build a reputation for outstanding bonus and winning systems.


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Why play at a TPG casino?

Triple Profits Games puts a great deal of effort into making sure their products match industry standards. Their titles always stand out due to the quality graphics and user-friendly gaming interface. But perhaps the most important motivation for playing at a TPG casino is the potential returns on these games.

Multiple bonuses and jackpots are available in TPG products. Not to mention the innovative Booster Bonus which allows players to collect daily rewards while playing.

TPG Triple Profit Games has also partnered with Slotegrator to provide other gaming services using the special APIGrator solution. This means more quality games hosted over secure networks and is just one more reason to play at a TPG casino.

Outside of gaming, TPG provides arguably one of the best customer support services in the online casino industry. They offer customer care solutions through email contact options. In addition, TPG also provides players with a reporting system that helps them track spending on wagers and returns.

Finally, TPG titles are compatible with all types of devices. Using HTML5 technology, players can access Triple PG games on their iOS or Android smartphones, desktops and tablets.

TPG Games


The company prides itself on development of social games which give businesses a competitive edge. That explains its tagline “work with us before your competitors do”. Given their roots, it’s not surprising that most products come with an Asian-theme. Regardless, Triple Profits Games remains keen on meeting the diverse needs of international casino customers.

With scores of titles in their portfolio, TPG is focused on customer retention as the end goal of its products. Most of the games revolve around Chinese or Japanese myths, events or concepts. Otherwise, they draw inspiration from other cultures, TV shows or sports.

The gaming collection includes slots, fun slots, traditional table games, casual games and fishing games. Regardless of game type or theme, all TPG products share colourful designs and rich background music.

Table Games

Triple Games Profits don’t offer too many table games, but they are worth a mention. They provide multiple Baccarat titles, plus Asian favourites Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo.


Slots are the most popular game in online casinos around the world. So naturally Triple PG produces a vast selection of titles. TPG slots have a rare mix of original and clone slots. Clone slots are created by copying the model or programs of existing slots.
Quite notably, slots form the bulk of TPG’s portfolio. Popular titles include Korean BBQ, Zombie, The Advisors Alliance, 88 Fortunes and Soccer All Stars. Such slots boast features like double payouts, free spins and jackpots.

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TGP Slots

Fun Slot Games

As the name implies, fun slots are focused on the gaming experience, as opposed to winning real money. Titles among this category include Book of Dragons, Lucky Gems and Hawaii Tiki.

Casual Games

Quite similar to fun slots, there is no betting involved in casual games. They only offer a limited selection of games to help players improve their online gaming skills. Available titles here are DJ Mario, Xi You Mario, Neon Keno and Dessert Mario.

Fishing Games

These games are hugely popular across Asia. The premise is simple. Battle other players to shoot the fish and earn money. TPG offers several fishing games, including Gold Dragon 360 and Gogold Fishing 360.

fishing games

TPG Bonuses and Promotional Rewards

For a more rewarding gaming experience, there are plenty of bonuses and rewards to enjoy with Triple PG games.

  • Free Spins: Naturally, Free Spins are unique to slot games. They are bonuses which allow players to spin slot reels for free. Players can also increase their earnings if they hit winning combinations during a free spins bonus.
  • Booster Buy Feature: This feature is for casino providers to enable daily rewards for players. There are three types of boosters available per game type in this feature. For instance, in slots, the booster buy comes in the form of a wild card, locking reels and double payouts.
  • Jackpots: A few slot games have jackpot features. If players land a certain game symbol or combination, they can win the jackpot.

Company History

Triple Profits Games was established in 2014. They provide Random Number Generator driven games to casinos. Triple PG also partners with Solid Gaming and Slotegrator to deliver quality gaming services to clients, both individual gamers and casinos.

Since its inception, the casino has diversified its offering to provide services in more than seven languages including English and Chinese. To also cater to its global audience, the casino allows players to wager in different currencies. Their products have acquired GLI certification, which ensures that games meet the standards of responsible and fair gambling.

The company aims to produce hundreds of games and rival the top industry providers. Casino gamers can only enjoy the current quality of games and hope for more titles in coming years.


What games do Triple Profits Games produce?

The company produces a wide variety of games including slots, fun slots, table, fishing and casual games. Most of the products come with promotional rewards such as a Booster Buy feature, tournaments and daily rewards. Some of the most popular titles include Highway Kings, The Advisors Alliance, Ancient Egypt, Blooming Riches and 88 Fortunes.

How can I win when playing Triple Profits Games titles?

Your chances of winning at Triple PG casinos depend on the types of game you play. Also, games generally have an RTP of 92.00% to 98.00%. To win, you should aim for the many bonuses and jackpot features available in TPG games. It would also help to play demo games at our recommended casinos in order to learn the game mechanics.

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Are TPG games rigged?

Triple Profit games are not rigged. Instead, the company adopts a random number generator to determine wins. Players or casino providers cannot influence the outcome of games since the games are hosted over secure networks.

What is the best Triple Profits Games (TPG) casino?

Use the list of Triple Profits Games (TPG) casinos to see and compare all online casinos with Triple Profits Games (TPG) games. We filter the casino top list to only show Triple Profits Games (TPG) casinos that accept players from your location.

Slot Dj Mario — Game Review

NES system

Launch Date: February 1986
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: Cartridge
Controller ports: 2
Save Capability: None
Number of Games: Over 800
Video Output: RF, Composite
Original Price: $199.99

After the video game crash of ’83 most retailers and electronic manufacturers left the home video game market for dead. A small Japanese company by the name of Nintendo saw this overration as an opportunity. While their initial efforts to get their console stocked were met with resistance, Nintendo cleverly managed to get their foot in the door by marketing the system as a toy. This was accomplished by packaging the console with a light gun and robot accessory.

With a wide-open market and a runaway hit in Super Mario Bros, the NES took off immediately and would dominate the home market for the rest of the decade. In fact, during the mid-80’s the terms «video game» and «Nintendo» were practically synonymous. The NES even maintained strong sales well into the 16-bit generation, prompting Nintendo to release a redesigned top-loading model.

NES system

NES system

Console design: C. Looking more like a Fisher Price toy more than a game console, the original NES sported a plain, breadbox design with a cream and gray color scheme. A power button (with light) is located on the front of the console, along with a reset button and two controller ports. One curious feature is the front-loading, spring-equipped cartridge slot with a hinged cover. The system boasted a composite video output in addition to coax.

A second «top-loader» model appeared on the tail end of the system’s life cycle, in 1993. More compact and easy to «load», this system lacked the composite output ports that made the games look extra sharp.

Console durability: C-. The NES system was known for having problems loading games. This resulted in the «blow-into-the-cartridge-first» phenomenon, which many NES die-hards swore to be effective. Fortunately it is possible to clean or replace a dirty cartridge slot.

Contra (1988)

Graphics: B+. Compared to the Atari 7800 or Sega Master System, NES visuals appear more colorful and vibrant. This was partly due to the system’s composite video output. The system could produce fast, smooth animation, allowing it to run frantic arcade-style games. There were limitations however, as when too many objects crowded the screen at one time, slow-down, flicker, or «break-up» could occur. Still, these were only a minor annoyance.

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Audio: C. The NES was not known for its sound capabilities but it could produce some memorable harmonized music. Attempts to digitize speech resulted in sounds that were comically scratchy.

NES controllers

Original NES control pad (left) and «dog bone» (right)

Controllers: A. Perhaps the greatest NES innovation was its compact controllers, boasting four buttons (including Start and Select) and the first modern, eight-way directional pad (instead of a joystick). These comfortable controllers proved very durable and well-suited to long playing sessions.

In 1991 Nintendo replaced its original rectangular controllers with a new rounded design, affectionately known as «dogbone controllers». A few novelty controllers were released as well including the «Power Glove» and «Power Pad» (for Track and Field).

NES carts

NES cartridge

Media: B. Although far larger than they needed to be (there’s mostly air inside), NES cartridges have a nice rectangular shape that makes them easy to organize on a shelf. The label on the front of the game contains a small section for artwork, and the sticker extends to the top edge where the name is displayed.

One shortcoming of the NES cartridge design is its wide-open bottom with its numerous exposed pins that easily attract dust and dirt. To mitigate this the cartridges were sold with a black plastic «sleeve».

Most licensed NES cartridges sport a gray design, although a few (like Zelda) featured a flashy metallic finish. Cartridges manufactured by Tengen are black in color with their own unique shape.

Packaging: B. NES games were sold in boxes a bit smaller than those for Atari 2600. In fact, they are only slightly larger than the cartridges themselves! Cartridges came with protective black plastic «sleeves» which were promptly discarded most of the time.

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Pack-in Game: A+. Most NES system came with a combination cartridge that included Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Let’s face it; Super Mario Bros. alone would sell any system in droves. Duck Hunt was kind of a throw-away title included to support the light gun, but this endearing shooter made quite an impression and has become iconic.

Launch titles: A-. A whopping 17 titles were ready at the American launch, covering a wide cross-section of genres. They include Excite Bike, Hogan’s Alley, Ice Climber, Kung Fu, and Soccer.

Castlevania screenshot

Castlevania (1987)

Library: A. The NES boasts an absolutely HUGE library of games, including numerous classics like Contra, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and of course the Super Mario Bros series. With its bright graphics and fast gameplay, the system excelled in practically every style of video game, from sports to arcade to RPGs.

Although the system had its share of old standards like Pac-Man and Galaga, many titles were innovative and pushed the limits of 2D gameplay. It’s also interesting to note that Nintendo closely controlled third-party game developers by reserving the right to manufacture the cartridges for the system (hence the Nintendo «seal of quality»).

Collectability: A. The NES is a terrific system to collect for, thanks to its great selection of fun, readily-available games. Since most are 2D and simple to play, they tend to hold up very well over time. Although boxes and instructions are hard to track down, most manuals are available online, and many don’t really require them. The hardest part is finding a reliable console.

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Innovations: Directional control pads, included light gun, robot accessory, first game with battery backup (Legend of Zelda).

Pros and Cons:
+ Huge selection of popular titles to choose from.
+ Games cheap and easy to find.
+ Durable, comfortable controllers.
— Front-loading cartridge mechanism.

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NES/GBA Review – Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario 3 – I have beaten this game annually for the past 10 years with my twin brother. We do it the old fashion way; no skipping levels and when you beat a level or die, you pass the controller. The amazing thing about this game is I never get board. It’s just so well put together that its fun every time I play it. Also – quick note – I have been playing with my newly modded RGB NES with a palette switch to try out some different palettes, so the screen shot colours look a little different compared to the original NES palette.

M3 2

This game was the last main Super Mario adventure to grace the NES and was re-released in Super Mario Allstars on the SNES, and later on GBA as the final Super Mario Advanced game. It starts off with a unique title screen. The curtains rise and turtle shells fly, as you think – is this the beginning of a play? The answer is YES – Miyamoto confirmed it last year (see link)!

M3 1

The player starts off in a simple first world with six levels, a mid-castle, some toad houses, and some mini games! This is a huge departure from the original and one that is much welcomed because of the added variety it brings! The toad houses, flip card games, and roaming enemies allow players to store items for later use in particularly hard-to-beat levels, while the mini games (somewhat similar in concept to Mario 2’s slot machines) allows players to grab some extra lives. I found the addition of these new stages (especially toad houses) really fleshed out Mario’s world and made it feel more like a place!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In terms of level design, each one feels unique and interesting and looks great graphically. What makes them interesting is that each world acts as a backdrop that allows new concepts to effect gameplay. For instance, in the water world, you play a stage where a giant fish is trying to eat you. In the desert world, you play stages where a Sun sent from Hell jumps around the screen trying to burn you. And in the ice world, the ground is slippery which makes you slip and slide all over the place!

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M3 9

The game starts off easy enough though, allowing the player to get accustomed to Mario and his power-ups (fireballs, leafs, and mushrooms). By stages 3 and 4 however, players are being pushed with scrolling screen levels and discovering white blocks (that allow Mario to slip behind the curtain!). This leads me to another point where this game goes above and beyond the previous entries – the SECRETS!

M3 3

The two previous Mario games had a few secrets that allowed players to skip some levels, but Mario 3 brings it to a plateau. Now the world map can be explored for secret toad houses (especially world 2 and 3)! The magic flutes can be found scattered in the first two worlds, and most impressively, new secret rooms can be found in levels that have giant boxes in them that gave Mario new awesome powers like the Tanooki suit! These new additions give the game a sense of wonder and exploration that encourages players to carefully examine each level to find all the secrets!

M3 4

The game also brings back some classic ideas from the previous original games – the main ones being castle levels and bosses. Each world has at least one castle mid-way through. These levels can be quite challenging with many of them requiring the player to find hidden exits or solving puzzles to proceed. This variety adds another layer of depth to the game and still challenges me to this day! Boom Boom is also a hilarious boss that is faced at the end of each castle but is sadly quite easy to destroy if you jump on him right away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, Mario 3 introduces the airship levels! These levels house the final boss for each world and really push the player to the their gaming limit with cannon-ball filled scrolling screens! Each airship contains one of Bowser’s children, all of which make for a huge upgrade over the original that had Bowser at the end of every world. The children also have great personality and get much harder as the game progresses. In terms of graphics, they are simple but still stand up today and where quite the upgrade compared to the original when first released. The music is also still awesome, and sound effects complement the gameplay, making it satisfying to jump on turtles heads, swim in the water, and fly through the air.

M3 8

In summary, this is a game that all gamers should play. I have played in on NES and on GBA and both versions are similar and excellent. It doesn’t matter your age or experience – this is good old fashion NES fun! I give this game the coveted 10/10. It is a timeless masterpiece that still holds up to the best of games today!


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