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Slot Desert Cats — Game Review


The name Cats might immediately make you think of the Broadway musical, but this slot is actually based on wild cats — specifically those found in the jungle. Initially introduced as a land-based slot, IGT transformed this popular game into an online offering that was released in 2017.


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95 Rating 98 Popularity


95 Rating 95 Popularity

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91 Rating 90 Popularity

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Cats Review

  • Cats is a majestic wildlife slot from IGT
  • Incorporates exciting features like free spins, wilds, scatters, and split symbols
  • Win a maximum payout of 10,000x your stake
  • Find out where to play Cats

Cats consist of several features such as free spins, wilds, scatters, and split symbols, boasting a top payout of 10,000x your stake. It’s a medium variance slot with an RTP between 93.04% – 94.93%.

You can play this game at many online casinos in PA for free or dive right in with a real money deposit. If you want to know more, keep reading our detailed Cats slot review.

Find the best bonus for Cats

Cats symbols and payouts

Cats is a five-reel video slot with three rows and 30 adjustable paylines. A combination of three or more matching symbols on a line will produce a payout according to the paytable. Furthermore, the symbols must appear in order from left to right, starting on the far left reel.

Additionally, this slot incorporates the split symbols feature, which consists of single symbols and double symbols. Single symbols only have one cat, while double symbols have two images of the same cat. In other words, a winning line can have between three to ten symbols.

Cats Slot Game


This slot’s theme is all about big cats, so you can expect a lot of wildlife references. For starters, the background depicts a vibrant outdoor scene on the African plains, complete with tall grass and iconic Acacia trees. Then, there are various images of wild cats on the reels as well.

You can encounter five types of high-paying cat symbols: black panthers, lions, tigers, cheetahs, and mountain lions. Additionally, there are four low-value playing card symbols in various colors: a red A, a blue K, a purple Q, and a green J.

Lastly, the slot’s logo acts as the wild, while a red paw print takes the form of the scatter symbol.


If you can line up five double symbols of the black panther, you’ll walk away with the highest regular payout of 2,500x your stake. On the other hand, five matching symbols of any playing card result in a win of 200x your bet.

Cats Slot Paylines

Cats min/max bets

Here, you can choose how many lines you want to play. The minimum stake is $1 per line, with a maximum of $500. If you bet with all 30 lines active, this translates to a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $15,000.

Cats RTP, volatility & hit frequency

The Cats RTP varies between 93.04% and 94.93%, while its hit frequency is around 30%. Additionally, its volatility is in the medium range, which means you can expect plenty of low and mid-sized payouts throughout the game. However, it may take a while before you hit any significant wins.

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Cats maximum win

In this slot, you won’t find a progressive jackpot. However, you can win the maximum prize of 10,000x your stake during the lucrative free spins feature, which we’ll explain below.

Cats features

Apart from split symbols, you can also activate the following features:

Wilds and other base game features


The Cats logo is the wild symbol. Its job is to replace the highest-paying symbols to complete winning combinations. When a wild substitutes for a cat symbol, the split symbols feature comes into play, giving you the potential for even more rewarding payouts.

Cats Free Spins

You can trigger this feature by landing five or six paw print scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. However, note that these lucrative symbols only appear on reels two to four, but they also incorporate the split symbols feature.

For instance, two double paw prints and a single paw print results in a total of five paw prints. On the other hand, three double paw print symbols are equal to six scatters. The more scatters you land, the more free spins you earn, as follows:

  • Four pawprints award a scatter win
  • Five pawprints award five free spins
  • Six paw prints award ten free spins

Graphics & Sound

IGT has maintained the slot’s original theme, solely optimizing the graphics for online play. The result is a vibrant game with bright colors and detailed images that are instantly recognizable. There isn’t a soundtrack that accompanies the slot, but it does incorporate unique roars when you hit a winning combination.

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Here are some other excellent wildlife slots you can take for a spin:


Cats is an excellent slot game that incorporates a lot of fun features, particularly its split symbol innovation that allows you to form wins with up to ten symbols. Apart from this, you can also trigger free spins, which hold the key to winning the top prize of 10,000x.

Furthermore, the low volatility means that you can land wins regularly without devouring your bankroll in a single sitting. So, if you want to make friends with wild animals, why not give Cats a try?

Online casinos in Pennsylvania offer a world of opportunities for local gamblers! With multiple casinos available to sign up with, how does one decide where to go? pacasino.com is here to help make that decision a little easier.


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Desert Cats Slot Review

Desert Cats

The Desert Cats slot promises something few other casino games dare to do; they give you at least 2 wild reels on every spin. But is that enough?

We weren’t sure how we felt after playing on this Desert Cats mobile slot. Mostly, because, on paper, this Williams casino game review should be amazing.

Desert Cats is basically a 7 reel 4-row slot with 50 paylines, with two reels wild at all times, and 4 reels wild during the free spin bonus games.

By default that should bring some brilliant gameplay.

Too many paylines and too many 4 and 5 of a kind wins

How is this a criticism? Well, it’s a small one at that.

But basically, while the drama of having two reels wild at all times is wonderful to watch, the reality is that it makes 4 and 5 of a kind wins worth less on the paytables

Especially when you have 50 paylines, so you need multiple wins on multiple lines to get anything close to just 10x your bet.

Thank god for the Desert Cats slot jackpots and free spins

But, all hope is not lost, mostly thanks to the fact that you do get two different ways of getting a top up to your wallet, both of which involve the free spins.

Why? Because during the Desert Cats bonus games, you get 4 out of 7 wild reels at all time. So suddenly, those multiple wins are more than possible.

We won over 200 times our bet here, which is why we couldn’t help to give this game 3 stars, even if we were edging towards 2 stars when we were playing on the base game.

You also are more likely to get one of the 5 in-game jackpots, as the gems that trigger the jackpots are on the wild symbols only. More wilds = more jackpots.


  • Desert Cats Mobile Slot Machine
  • Desert Cats Mobile Slot Bonus
  • Desert Cat Slot Free Spins

Desert Cats slot stats

Slot typeVideo Slot
Slot reels / paylines7 Reels / 50 Paylines
House edge / RTP4.21% / 95.79%
Slot volatilityMedium
Min/Max bet0.50 / 100
Free spins5 to 50 Free Spins / 4 Wild Reels on every spin
Bonus roundsWild Reels, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins,
Slot ThemesAncient Egypt

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In-game bonus features

Wild Reels: The Wild Golden cats are the wild symbol and will replace any other symbols on the reels in order create wins over 50 paylines. They always cover 2 of the 7 total reels on each spin in the base game.

Free Spins Bonus: Land 3, 4 or 5 lion Symbols to be awarded 5 free spins, 15 or 50 free spins, respectively.

During the free spin, 2 sets of 2 adjacent reels (so 4 out of 7 reels) will be wild at all times.

How to trigger the Jackpots: There are 5 in-game jackpots you can win. How? Because some of the wilds will contain red gems. How many gems you land will match how much you can win.

  • 6 gems will trigger the minor jackpot: 10x bet your bet
  • 7 gems will trigger the medium jackpot: 40x bet your bet
  • 8 gems will trigger the major jackpot: 80x bet your bet
  • 9 gems will trigger the super jackpot: 600x bet your bet
  • 10 gems will trigger the mega jackpot: 2,000x your bet
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Desert Cats Review Conclusion

We love Egyptian games and this Desert Cats online slot sits precariously somewhere between good and bad.

If we are honest, we can’t admit loving this game, because we were bored as anything spinning 7 reels in the base game, even with the two wild reels.

But then we hit the free spins bonuses on multiple occasions, and we were impressed with some of the wins you can catch thanks to those jackpots and wilds.

This is one of those WMS slots that we would totally get if you didn’t like. In which case we’d recommend you try Nemo’s Voyage slot instead, or maybe OMG Kittens game.

But if you like mobile slot machines with big reels and big features, like Kronos Unleashed or the Mighty Black Night slot, then these Deserts Cats may provide you with a fun 10 or 20 minutes of casino play.

Ready To Start Spinning?

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Review by Lucky Mobile Slots , last updated: March 26, 2021 — Rating 3

Desert Cats Slot Machine Review By WMS

Desert Cats slot Review

Although it is a commonly misunderstood belief that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, they were highly respected and held a significant role in Egyptian society. The Egyptians believed that these creatures possessed supernatural abilities and were capable of protecting people’s homes and children. This is why cats were frequently depicted in Egyptian art and sculptures.During ancient times, harming or causing the death of a cat was severely punished, sometimes even with the death penalty.

Table Of Contents show

This indicates the high value placed on cats in Egyptian culture. The Egyptians revered a cat goddess named Bastet, who had a human body and a cat’s head, and was viewed as a kind and protective deity.The city of Bubastis in Northern Egypt was devoted to the goddess Bastet, and celebrated an annual festival in her honor. Additionally, there was a temple dedicated to her worship in the city with caretakers to manage its many resident cats. Many mummified cats and small statues of cats have been discovered in the vicinity of the temple.

Desert Cats graphics

This game is easily recognizable as a WMS game, and players who are familiar with it will feel comfortable playing. The Ancient Egyptian theme is well-reflected in the game’s graphics, with reels set against a backdrop of pyramids and a desert. The reels are colored royal blue, which is appropriate for a pharaoh.The symbols are well-aligned with the theme, including an ankh cross, hieroglyphics on a stone tablet, a sculpture of a black cat that is often linked with the Goddess Bastet, a female figure with cat-like features, and a striking cat head with bejewelled eyes.

The features Egyptian-themed music that enhances the immersive atmosphere. Additionally, it includes playing card symbols such as 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The music changes to a more modern tune when there is a win, possibly to make it more noticeable.

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The frequency of the black Bastet cat statue also increases when there is a win, and colorful jewels are also part of the visual experience. The combination of graphics and sounds creates a captivating atmosphere that truly embodies the Egyptian cat motif.

How to play Desert Cats

This game has numerous symbols to consider along with 50 paylines and bonus features that may seem overwhelming at first. But new players need not worry as it is easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

In the basic version of the game, you will find two adjacent reels. Start spinning and try to match any three symbols to win. However, the amount of your win will depend on the symbols that you match. The playing card symbols give the least payout, followed by the Pharaoh mask, stone tablet, and ankh sign. The black cat statue and the cat lady symbols give the highest payout.

Be sure to pay attention to the wild symbol, which is a golden feline that resembles a lion. The symbol comes in two variations: with jeweled eyes and without. It is significant because the jeweled eyes can trigger individual jackpots.

This game offers numerous opportunities to win, creating an exciting experience. Additionally, players can receive more spins during the bonus feature, and if they are fortunate, they could earn up to 55 free spins. The free spins game also features a reel with extra wild symbols, increasing the chances of winning even more.

RTP of Desert Cats

The game’s RTP is 95.79%, which might seem like a strange number. However, these percentages are determined by a complex algorithm and shouldn’t be taken too literally. For those who are new to online slots, it’s important to note that this percentage doesn’t mean the game will pay out 95.79% of the time.

Although they are not a guarantee of winning, it’s important not to dismiss the significance of RTP percentages as they provide an indication of a game’s potential payout. A higher RTP typically means a better chance of winning, but the amount won is mainly dependent on luck. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you decide to place real bets, you should only gamble with funds you can afford to lose.

Des Cats provides good opportunities to win and potentially win large amounts of money with luck and practice.

How to win at Desert Cats

It is relatively easy to win in the base game by matching three to seven symbols, but the payout may not be substantial. The values for 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols are the least generous. Matching three symbols earns one coin, four symbols earns three coins, five symbols earns five coins, six symbols earns ten coins, and matching seven symbols earns 15 coins. The payouts are slightly better for the Pharaoh, tablet, and ankh cross symbols. Matching three symbols earns two coins, four symbols earns five coins, five symbols earns ten coins, six symbols earns 15 coins, and matching seven symbols earns 20 coins. Although the payouts are not amazing, they can still be helpful.The black cat statue has different coin values depending on how many of them you have: three statues are worth three coins, four statues are worth seven coins, five statues are worth 15 coins, six statues are worth 25 coins, and seven statues are worth 50 coins. Additionally, in the base game, the cat lady is the most generous symbol. Three cat lady symbols are worth five coins, four are worth 4 coins, five are worth 20 coins, six are worth 50 coins, and seven are worth 200 coins.

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Considering that the coin value can vary from 0.50 to 100, getting low symbol matches is not too bad if you are betting the maximum amount. Additionally, the wild symbol can appear as either a 1×1 segment or a 2×2 one and provides good winning opportunities. In fact, in the base game, getting a certain number of wild symbols can result in payouts similar to that of the cat lady symbol, making it an important symbol to watch for.

The wild animal that looks like a golden lion and has jeweled eyes is the gateway to the primary bonus features of the game. Collecting the jewels can lead to significant winnings.

Desert Cats bonus features

The game’s primary bonus feature involves the jewels. By matching the golden lion-like cat wild, you can trigger red jewels and increase your winnings. Matching six red gems will give you the minor jackpot worth ten times your total bet, while matching seven red gems will give you the medium jackpot, worth 40 times your total bet. If you collect eight red gems at once, you can trigger the major jackpot and win 80 times the amount of your total bet. If you collect nine red gems, you can win the super jackpot and receive 600 times your total bet. Collecting 10 red gems will earn you the mega jackpot, which is a whopping 2,000 times your total bet.

In, there is a free spins feature in this game that you should know about. If you manage to match three, four or five of the regular golden cats without jewel-eyes that resemble lions, you will receive five, fifteen, or fifty free games respectively. You will also get ten times your entire bet for four matches and fifteen times your entire bet for five matches.

When you consider that one reel contains two sets filled entirely with wild symbols, it increases your chances of hitting the jackpot and makes the game much more enticing.

Top wins in Desert Cats

This game offers great opportunities to win big with its jackpot slot, including up to 2,000 times your total bet, plenty of free spins, wilds, and large multipliers. If you’re a fan of jackpot slots, this game is definitely worth checking out!

It’s highly possible that you’ll match at least three of the lower-value symbols, even if you do not hit any of the jackpots. Thus, it’s unlikely that you’ll leave empty-handed. However, it’s crucial to never place bets on money you don’t possess. Games that have numerous winning opportunities may entice you to go overboard with betting, but it’s not recommended. Responsible gambling is vital.

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