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Slot Crypto Slots — Game Review

CryptoSlots Casino Review

CryptoSlots Casino is an online casino established in 2018 with games supplied by Slotland. It is operated by Slotland Entertainment S.A. and is registered under the jurisdiction of Anjouan. Last Updated: November 21, 2022.

CryptoSlots Casino welcomes players from Romania.

Our rating: Good

CryptoSlots Casino User Rating

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At a Glance

  • Unique bespoke slots available only at this operator’s casinos
  • $1,000,000 jackpot trigger prize available
  • All games feature provably fair mechanism
  • Experienced and respected operator
  • Quick crypto deposits and withdrawals
  • Converts crypto deposits to US Dollars while in play
  • High minimum withdrawal amount
  • No identity, age, or payment verification

Casino Summary

  • Game Suppliers:Slotland
  • Jurisdiction:Anjouan
  • Operator: Slotland Entertainment S.A.
  • Player funds protection: Unknown
  • Audited payouts or RTPs: No
  • Established: 2018
  • Currencies: USD
  • Languages: English

Payment Details

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CryptoSlots Casino Bonus Offers

177% to $500 1st Deposit bonus

  • Type: Cashable bonus
  • Claim Code: MATCH177CLST
  • Max Cashout: $5000
  • Wager Reqs: 35xB : Slots • 175xB : Video Poker
  • Notes: Code must be redeemed BEFORE depositing.
    New customers only / 18+ / T&Cs apply

111% to $500 1st Deposit bonus

  • Type: Cashable bonus
  • Claim Code: WELCOME1
  • Max Cashout: $5000 / Min Deposit: $25
  • Wager Reqs: 35xB : Slots • 175xB : Video Poker
  • Notes: New customers only / 18+ / T&Cs apply

3% to $1000 Cashback

  • Type: Cashable bonus
  • Wager Reqs: 1xB : Slots, Video Poker
  • Notes: Weekly cashback bonus in your inbox each Wednesday. Bonus amount equals 3% of your previous week’s net loss (Mon–Sun).
    18+ / T&Cs apply

Review of CryptoSlots Casino

For as long as I’ve been gambling online, I’ve been playing at both Slotland and WinADay Casino. Both sites are run by the same operator, Slotland Entertainment, and they have proven to be reputable casinos, and some of the best for Americans to play at. Their latest casino project is known as CryptoSlots, and it has well and truly jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. You won’t find any traditional banking options here, but what you will find are reasonably fast payouts and a unique game selection that I have come to expect from CryptoSlots’ sister sites.

Software and game selection

CryptoSlots presents itself via a web-based instant play platform. There’s nothing for you to install, as everything works directly in your web browser whether you are using a PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. I logged into CryptoSlots using my Galaxy Note and had no issues navigating the site or selecting the games I wanted to play. Signing up for an account is as simple as filling out four things: pick a username and a password, check a box asserting that you are legally old enough to gamble, and supply your email address which you’ll have to verify thereafter. After years of conditioning from playing at casinos that ask for your life story before you can even begin to play, I was quite surprised to find that is all this casino asks you for as long as you play at the site. Together with the use of cryptocurrencies for financial transactions, if you are so inclined you could use a VPN and a disposable email address and be effectively anonymous while playing at this casino, with both the good and bad that entails. The game library at CryptoSlots is small and is mostly comprised of slots, although there are a few video poker machines available for play as well. You’ll only find these games on offer at Slotland’s other sites, but the full library hasn’t been ported over to CryptoSlots just yet. When I was looking at the casino, there were just 19 slots on offer as well as 6 video poker machines. I would expect that more games will be ported over in the future, but you shouldn’t be expecting hundreds of games to choose from. The games are all optimised for both mobile and desktop play, so they load quickly, and don’t require Flash or any other unusual browser plugins. CryptoSlots does not feature a sitewide progressive jackpot like Slotland or Winaday. Instead it has a special game that is called Jackpot Trigger that can only be played using what the casino calls jackpot tokens. You earn these tokens by playing on the site and accumulating winnings. Every time you accumulate a multiple of $100 in winnings you are awarded one jackpot token. Using these tokens on Jackpot Trigger can win you various prizes up to the major jackpot which is fixed at $1,000,000.

Banking and customer support

As the name suggests, CryptoSlots’ banking system goes full bore with cryptocurrencies, so there are none of the usual credit card or eWallet methods at all. You are given the option of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or BCash to move money to and from the casino. However in a disappointing twist that I didn’t see coming, I soon found that no matter what you use to deposit into the casino, it is converted into U.S. Dollars which is the only unit of currency used by all the games. While I guess this is familiar and comfortable for a lot of people, it leaves you exposed to the notorious volatility of the crypto/fiat exchange rates. In a worst case scenario, you could deposit using Bitcoin, win, then withdraw, yet end up with less Bitcoin than you started with, if the exchange rates moved against you while you were waiting for your withdrawal. Of course, to be fair, this could work in your favour in reverse. But I think one element of gambling is quite enough when I am playing at a casino. I would far prefer to see this casino allow me to deposit, play, and withdraw in Bitcoin without converting to anything else in between. There aren’t any upper limitations specified for withdrawals, though if you request more than $10,000 the casino says it will split your withdrawal up into multiple smaller payments to separate blockchain addresses. The minimum withdrawal amount is a little steep at $100, considering how cheap and easy it is to pay out any amount using cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency blockchains work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and should be trivial to pay out nearly instantly, CryptoSlots only processes withdrawals once per day for all withdrawals submitted before 23:59 GMT on the previous day. While this is faster than most American-friendly casinos, it still pales in comparison to some other betting sites that handle cryptocurrency withdrawals within minutes. And the potential time delay reiterates the point about those crypto/fiat exchange rate fluctuations I mentioned earlier. Customer support is pretty solid at CryptoSlots, as the casino has their team available through email and live text chat. I reached out to the team and had a response to my question in under a minute. I didn’t really ask anything that would be too taxing for the support team, but my previous experiences with support at Slotland and WinADay has been positive.

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Security and fairness

Site security is addressed using SSL encryption, and it should be noted that using cryptocurrencies for banking does add another layer of protection for privacy. As mentioned earlier this casino does not ask you for personally identifiable information. However given the use of pseudo-anonymous payment methods and the lack of identification, one improvement I would like to see at this casino is the use of two factor authentication to protect accounts. As things stand, if an unauthorised person does get into your account somehow, once your money is withdrawn to crypto it is gone forever with no way to get it back. CryptoSlots doesn’t hold a gaming license from a regulator in a recognised jurisdiction. Instead the site works under a license from Anjouan (a little known island in the Indian Ocean) which is little more than a stamp on a piece of paper. It is patently clear that this casino could only really work the way it does in terms of anonymity due to lack of regulation and enforcement of various laws. On the other hand, the operator has proven itself to be professional and reliable for almost two decades now. Fairness is an interesting concept with a site like CryptoSlots. No payout rates are disclosed for its games, nor are payout percentage audits published. However it does employ one quite ingenious technology that cryptocurrency casinos have promoted in recent times, known as provably fair games. Though you don’t actually need to use cryptocurrency to have a provably fair game, it seems the two have become somewhat synonymous due to the common use of cryptography. What does this actually mean? In a nutshell every game at CryptoSlots has a mechanism that allows you to verify that the casino is playing fair and not cheating you after you place your bets. This is accomplished by supplying you with an encrypted set of spins or deals before you wager your money that you can use to verify after the bet is completed to see that the result of your bet was fairly determined. In fact CryptoSlots has gone a little further than other sites that I have seen this on, in that they guarantee that there is a possibility of getting a winning spin on every single wager using this method. There is a good explanation of how CryptoSlots’ provably fair mechanism works on their website if you want to find out more about how to verify your results.

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Responsible gaming issues

Responsible gaming is a thorny issue for this casino. First up there are no controls in your account settings that you can use to limit your gaming on the site. If you do want to limit your gaming or even self exclude, you will need to chat to someone in the customer support department. So not great, and certainly not up to modern standards enforced by regulated casinos. But far more important is that I could not shake the nagging question of whether a site that allows anyone to play more or less anonymously without any identity verification at all can in any way be described as «responsible». While the potential anonymity is convenient and even attractive on a personal level for me, it is concerning when considering issues such as problem gambling and underage gambling. Obviously the benefits of anonymity come at a cost, and I am not convinced that this casino is doing enough to mitigate the potential problems raised by their choices.


As you can probably tell I am a bit torn on this one. There is no doubt that the site provides a quality casino experience for players, albeit with a very limited selection of games and the issues mentioned in relation to crypto/fiat currency conversion. There aren’t many boundaries at all in terms of player region restrictions, which will be welcomed by players in more restrictive locations. On the flip side there aren’t really any boundaries at all in other aspects such as identity verification and age limits, which is disappointing, if not downright irresponsible.

CryptoSlots Reviews

I don’t want start this review very derogatory but recent two months I have opportunity to try around 15 casinos at all, but this one has unique feature which indeed belongs to most dangerous features which one, can met with. At first sight looks this casino trustworthy and everything is perfect unless god forbid you win.
I won, Yes at first time, I only deposited 25 $ in ETH, after series of short spinning on slots where is, by the way really difficulty obtain more money as you put in. For an instance for 1 $ you usually get max 0,8 $ what is in this casino treated for a big success, I almost got away. When I spotted special thing or special kind of token which I had never seen before. This magical token called (Jackpot Trigger Token) and it’s value is really impressive, something about 100 $ if you want to get it by standard way. It means you have to wager 100 $ and you will get 1 JTT. Situation at the beginning is for new player on the board little bit different. This is fabulous really fantastic you get 25 JTT for minimum deposit 25 dollars and you can play very luxury looking slots as I had never seen before. My eyes was in state of orgasm or something like that. You push magical button and music sounds and all effects makes you feeling of extreme euphoria from play but here I have to stop with pretty description because its the same like when somebody trying to sell you very good looking new Mercedes with absolutely damaged engine, of course you don’t know it and mistake doesn’t appears at first ride. Me and my two friends also tried this JTT special play they won nothing but for them it was very good therefor my case consist of one week struggling and executing money from this tricksters. The best thing has to be told at the end. This is real experience and please read carefully. I won 1000 $ on Sunday afternoon by JTT special slots where, by the way you can win one million dollars too. Hard to imagine how long would last to Cryptoslots management recalculate your win and send it to you, my opinion is NEVER. But it is only my imagination and doesn’t matter how long this would be last. I have my own experience and here is: Sunday afternoon was full of happiness from win, I contact support and they was really friendly and in that time helpfully behave to me as a customer. They said via chat your money is on the way you you and you will get it in short time. It is true I sent at firs time only 200$ because I was afraid of cryptocurrency transactions I did it first time in my life. Sunday turned into Monday and Monday turned into Tuesday money still wasn’t on my account. Meanwhile I chat very frequently with support and my psychical condition get worse, my overall health became worse at all. Only promises, empty promises. Money nowhere. I had started to browse web for solution and customers reviews of this casino. The day before day when money appeared on my coinbase account was impossible to find out by google or duck doesn’t matter one positive review. I fall into agony and desperation. In my mind was only one picture of my money turns into dust. Whole web was full of negative statements. I took remaining 600 dollars and wager all of my money without any sign of little win, everything fall in empty spins without one “cink” of winners flavoured sound. Very strange I considered. When logged off from casino Coinbase alerted me that I had received 200$. From this moment was almost impossible to find out one negative review on this casino till today. It is OK . Maybe I m not OK but maybe it is work of smart programatically modified truckers or what could made mi mind let thought the casino is bad and only one thing you can do is to wager all of empty money?

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Date of experience : November 19, 2022

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

5 reviews
Dec 22, 2022

This is fake

This is fake. I lost all the deposited money because they don’t allow me to withdraw until the $777 wager.

Date of experience : December 21, 2022

1 review
Aug 10, 2020

Love this casino

Love this casino — games are provably fair so you know they’re trustworthy and the site is pretty original. Cool slots as well, it’s the best crypto casino I’ve tried.

Date of experience : August 10, 2020

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Global cryptocurrency casino accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin & Monero. Provably Fair games, secure transactions, anonymous play, and $1,000,000 Jackpot!

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