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Slot Crossy Road — Game Review

Crossy Road Review

You may not be able to answer this, but now you can make a chicken cross as many roads as you like! Or at least, as many roads as you’re capable of crossing. Crossy Road is a fairly simple game: help a chicken cross the road. It’s very similar to the old arcade game, Frogger. You can move forward by tapping or sideways by swiping. You gain a point for each hop forward, but you have to avoid cars, trucks, trains and falling into rivers! But don’t dither too long. If you don’t move quickly enough, the screen will catch up with your mascot and send a plane to bring you back to the start. You can also gain points by picking them up when you hop on them. Although gaining coins helps you get game swag, sometimes it’s smarter to leave them behind so you can hop to safety quickly.

After a certain amount of time, usually a half hour, Crossy Road will give you a gift. This includes the ability to play as a new mascot, if you have enough coins to buy it. Some of the additional mascots include a cow, a frog and an ‘unlucky cat’. Sometimes, it will let you access new options by watching an ad. Unfortunately, if you accidentally tap an ad, there is no way to get out of it. You will just have to watch the 30 second ad, usually for another app. You can also use your coins on a slot machine to get new mascots. If you want to, you can even use your real money to buy more coins and mascots.

Crossy Road is an easier Temple Run. It’d be perfect for time killing on public transportation or between appointments. It might not be quite as addicting as Candy Crush or Two Dots, but it will keep you entertained. The 8-bit graphics are nostalgic and appealing, bringing Frogger to mind once more. It’ll certainly kick off that competition sector of your brain, even if you’re the only one playing! You can link up to Google Play or the Game Center to see how well your friends do on Crossy Road.

Crossy Road is definitely worth the free download! It is available in the App Store, Google Play and as an Amazon app. Let us know how far you get

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Review: Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted uses similar ‘retro’ blocky graphics to the hit Crossy Road, but this time you’re driving. And on the run. And heading wherever you like, chased by police with cars and helicopters (and more), it’s up to you whether you dice it out on the roads or try your luck with rougher terrain. It’s all in miniature, but is great fun, and is definitely ‘casual’ in duration — the average game/attempt (to escape) is about a minute!

  • 90 unlockable vehicles!!
  • Random generated environment with chance to encounter secret locations
  • All vehicles have their own behaviour. Find your favourite!
  • Great visuals and sound

The aim is to amass dollars in order to buy other, stronger and faster (and more exciting) vehicles and in typical premium fashion, this takes an eternity to grow. There are some lesser vehicles offered as prizes to a fruit machine mini-game, but otherwise if you want something heavyweight to drive then you’ll have to dive into the in-app-purchases.

Here then is a visual review of this new casual hit. ‘Smashy Road: Wanted’ strikes just about the perfect blend of freemium and commercialism — occasional players can still enjoy the ride, while hard core fans will want to grab £10 or more of vehicles and play with how these effect your chances of evading the law for longer.

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Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

Your opening view, the controls are ultra-simple, just left and right, with the hot zones shown here on the opening panorama. Acceleration is all automatic — forwards if your way isn’t blocked, reverse if it is!

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

You’ll want to splash out on an at least one premium vehicle — what about this heavy duty, military grade rocket launcher? The other hundred or so cars (including ice cream trucks, tanks and err. F1!) are all shown in the main selection grid, in swipeable pages — tap on each to bring it up large, for inspection, naturally.

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

And then it’s out into the isometric 3D world, with the game picking scenarios at random — this is urban, obviously, and I’ve veered miles off the main highway and so far have only one police car in pursuit. The tyre tracks are a bit over the top in terms of realism, but a nice touch in terms of the game.

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

Here I am again — with the Mini! — in the desert, and about to veer off into an army training camp. The further you go in the game/level, more and more pursuit vehicles are mobilised until eventually.

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

You’re hemmed in after a particularly brutal crash. Nowhere to run, etc And a chopper hovering overhead. The physics of crashes is just right — you can smash aside small cars, you can bounce off lorries (or blow up a tanker, but then it’s game over for your car too!), through fences, but — understandably — hit a building and you’re stopped stone dead and it’s time to reverse.

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Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

An intra-level fruit machine mini game let’s you spin for extra rewards, including some of the lesser vehicles (that’s how I got the mini!).

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

I’ve been stuck on ’98 to go’ for a while, so it’s fair to assume that I’ve either got to win more new cars in the mini-game or — horror — dip into my wallet. At least there’s restoration of purchases and game status from the Cloud, so you can have the same garage of cars in the game on multiple devices!

Screenshot, Smashy Road: Wanted

Busted again. Next to a pyramid — I told you the scenarios were a bit — though joyfully(!) — random. I was obviously too busy sight-seeing to see where I was going. Darn it, back to prison again.

I wouldn’t expect most players to go for too many extra vehicles, especially at £3 a time for the bigger ones. Still, there’s been some thought into all this and many extra cars are 79p/$1, so hopefully something for every wallet size.

Reviewed by Steve Litchfield at 13:54 UTC, January 21st 2016

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Slot Review

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour

Hit the road with the Wheel of Fortune on Tour mobile slot, where the longer you travel, the more money you’ll win.

However, it is the most unique of the lot by far. Unfortunately it does require you to remember or know the Wheel of Fortune game show, which to anyone living outside of North America, isn’t always going to happen.

Think Americana, rather than Wheel of Fortune on Tour

We had no idea that they actually took this game show around America in a winnebago bus to different cities.

It makes the theme a little irrelevant at first, but then we started enjoying it when we took it a simple slice of Americana. Ie. Pretend you’re on a big bus travelling around the states, visiting New York, Hollywood, and route 66.

Suddenly the theme is a little easier to swallow and less about wordplay and spinning wheels.

The Level Up Plus Feature increases your wins

The main problem is that you have to play a very long time to get to the stage where you’ve unlocked all the features.

That hasn’t changed for this Wheel of Fortune video slot, where after playing for almost 2 hours we’d only unlocked 3 of the potentially 6 bonus features available in this Android and iPhone game.

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But the good news is that you notice it less here than you do in Nordic Heroes.

The Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot free spins and wilds

There is no doubt that the longer you play, the bigger and more bonuses you get, and the more enjoyable this Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game becomes.

However, there’s one feature that comes often and has given us big enough wins not to care; namely the bus crosses your screen and you get anything from 2 to 4 extra wilds on these 5 reels. Sometimes more.

The second is the fact that you very quickly unlock the free spins bonus games along your travels. In our opinion, of the 6 features you can unlock, it’s the one with the biggest wins.

We got over 200 times our bet, and this is on an a game that is really tailored to give you smaller wins to keep you playing for longer.

But sometimes, it’s about winning often and having fun on the open road.


  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour Mobile Slot Reels
  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour Mobile Slot Bonus Wheel
  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour Mobile Slot Bonus

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedAugust 2016
Slot typeVideo Slot
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 30 Paylines
House edge / RTP7.5% (Level 1) to (Level 7) 3.4% / 92.5%
Slot volatilityLow/Medium
Min/Max bet0.50 / 500
Free spins3 Free Spins / Extra Wilds
Bonus roundsFree Spins, Instant Cash, Multipliers, Extra Wilds, Scatters
Slot ThemesAdventure & Explorer

Casumo Casino provides you with a wide range of casino slots full of bonus features and big win potential. Play huge jackpot slots or enjoy their bonus-filled casino loyalty program. Go take Casumo for a spin with or without their welcome bonus and we bet it won’t dissapoint.

Try Casumo Casumo Review

In-game bonus features

Wild: The wheel of fortune slot logo is wild and replaces all other symbols on screen except the bonus bus symbol.

Wheelmobile Wilds: After any random spin, you might see the bus cross the screen and give you anything from 2 to 4 extra wilds on screen.

On a really good day, the bus might come back across the screen the other way and grant you another 2 to 4 wilds, resulting in some pretty impressive results.

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Level Up Plus Features: Every time a bonus symbol shows up on screen, you fill up your petrol tank at the bottom left hand of the screen.

This is important, because you need to fill up the tank to travel across America and win features and instant cash.

It takes about 10 bonus symbols to fill up the tank in this IGT Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game. Each tank is equal to 1 mile. You can generally expect to have about 3 to 5 miles in the tank when you trigger the bonus.

When you do, you are guaranteed to spin a wheel of fortune with instant cash, but as you unlock the features and travel further, that wheel also triggers the bonus games.

  • Level 1: Just instant cash.
  • Level 2 — 5 miles travelled: Free spins unlock where you play 3 spins where one symbol is transformed into a wild (leading to about 30 to 50 extra wilds on each spin).
  • Level 3 — 13 miles: The top cash award of 1,000 coins is now a double wedge, giving you extra chance to win bigger.
  • Level 4 — 25 miles: A classic letter board picker bonus, where you pick letters and win cash and multipliers.
  • Level 5 — 45 miles: You now get a multiplier wedge that gives you a 2x to 5x multiplier on the next spin in the wheel of fortune.
  • Level 6 — 80 miles: You get to pick from a top awards. You can choose to reject (and try again for a bigger reward) or accept and that award will now be on the wheel of fortune.
  • Level 7 — 150 miles: This isn’t a feature, so much as a reward for your patience; the bonus games now trigger far easier in the base game.

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Review Conclusion

Although you do need a little patience, it doesn’t take long before you start reaping the benefits of this Wheel of Fortune on Tour mobile slot.

Think of it as an evolving game, where every time you play, you can get an almost different experience.

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Review by Lucky Mobile Slots , last updated: May 25, 2020 — Rating 3

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