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Slot Chess Royale — Game Review

Slot Chess Royale — Game Review

Platform(s): Android, PC, iOS
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Release Date: Jan. 30, 2020

About Jared Hall

Jared started playing computer games in the ’80s on a Commodore 64, moving over to PC gaming in the era of Wolf3D and Doom. Favorites include Dark Souls, Mass Effect and Civilization.


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PC Review — ‘Might & Magic: Chess Royale’

by Jared Hall on April 17, 2020 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Might & Magic: Chess Royale takes classic units from the Might and Magic franchise and strategically places them into a fast-paced auto chess experience.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale hopes to take advantage of the rise in popularity of both the auto-battler and battle royale formats. Available in both desktop and mobile formats, the game functions primarily like an auto-battler, but each game consists of 100 players, and the last man standing is declared the victor. Despite the name and the board shape, Chess Royale has virtually nothing in common with traditional chess.

Chess Royale adheres closely to the standard auto-battle format. Each round begins with purchasing units from the shop. The shop offers five units chosen at random, and you can pay a fee to re-randomize the available units. Once units are purchased, they are placed on your bench, and from your bench, you can place them on the board to do battle. The board has three rows per side, so you can place your tougher melee units up front and the ranged units in the back. The number of units allowed on the board is determined by your level, which increases as the game progresses, starting at two units and ending with eight or nine in the late game. Levels can also be purchased with gold to increase your unit cap.

After the purchasing timer expires at around 30 seconds, battle commences. All units are controlled by AI and attack whatever is closest to them, building up mana, and casting the unit’s associated ability once mana is full. There are some exceptions, with assassin-type units leaping into the opponent’s back line to cause havoc on their ranged attackers. Combat is automated, so the player can sit back and watch the fireworks. There is also a chart showing overall damage done for each unit to analyze your army’s effectiveness. At the end of combat, the losing player loses one hit point. Lose three hit points, and you are eliminated. To further complicate the issue, there are five different tiers of units, each unit can be upgraded twice, and each unit belongs to two alliances.

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The tiers affect the cost and power of units, starting at one gold for a white unit and five gold for legendary orange units, with and a color spectrum of green, blue, and purple in between. Each tier is increasingly more powerful and rare, with many orange units never appearing in the shop throughout the course of a game.

Once a unit is purchased, it begins as a bronze one-star unit. To upgrade to a silver two-star unit, you must purchase three copies of the same unit. At this point, the three copies merge into a more powerful single unit. Three copies of a two-star unit (nine purchases total) can also be merged into a very powerful gold three-star unit.

Finally, each unit belongs to two alliances, indicated by two square, colored icons. These alliances provide special bonuses once their requirements (usually possessing a certain number of units belonging to that alliance) are met. For example, possessing two assassin units will give all assassins a chance to critical strike, and four assassins will increase the critical strike chance and damage bonus.

Chess Royale‘s unique offering, aside from the 100-player game format, is the addition of spells. There are six spells available in a game that is randomized daily. These spells fall into three tiers, and each tier is unlocked after a certain number of players have been eliminated. Once a spell is purchased, it remains in effect for five rounds of combat. Purchasing another copy of the same spell refreshes the duration and increases the effect. Spells seem to have an impact (in theory) on the standard meta game, keeping things fresh from day to day. For example, one spell reduces all healing for both allies and enemies, which lowers the value of any healing strategies for the day.

What most auto-battlers devolve into — and Chess Royale is no exception — is a slot machine. Players pull the randomize lever on the shop, hoping to get copies of what they already have, or gain particular units that mesh with their current composition. In some games, you get super lucky and get a three-star unit on the third round, and in other games, you can’t upgrade a two-star unit to save your life. There is a lot of RNG involved in determining the victor. You’ll get trounced in some games no matter how experienced you are, and sometimes even a complete newb can steal a win.

This particular auto-battler strikes me as simpler than other offerings in the genre, and it’s possibly a good place to start if you are new to auto-battlers. There are no items to equip on units, there are no hero units to manage, and there’s no interest on held gold. There are fewer decisions to make when compared to something like Dota Underlords, and for a new player, that translates to fewer opportunities to make a poor decision.

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There is a rewards system, so you can unlock things as you play, but the unlocks are currently limited to avatars, borders for your avatars, and emotes. This brings me to the battle royale screen, which is unique to this auto-battler. Between each round of combat, the chessboard display is hidden, and a screen of all 100 player avatars in the game is shown. This would be the screen where you show off your unlocked avatars, borders and emotes. You can also display a national flag, which I thought was a neat perk, and a constant reminder of how ignorant I am of the many flags in the world.

While I understand the battle royale screen is supposed to display the state of the game, how many players remain and how many hit points each have left, it seemed more like a feeble attempt to make avatars, borders, and emotes valuable. However, with 100 players all spamming silly two-word emotes, and 1 hp of damage flying back and forth between various players, it becomes a jumble of nonsense and isn’t very engaging. I would prefer to use that time to consider my army and strategy rather than this screen constantly interrupting me. This would be a perfect time to read unit stats and spells to understand the game, but you are forced to look at everyone’s avatar.

The 100-player format also makes having a responsive strategy nearly impossible. You can see other players’ units on the battle royale screen, but you don’t get to see their army layout, and there are so many players that creating a counter-strategy is basically impossible. In a smaller format, you can keep tabs on who the top dogs are and adjust your strategy to deal with their particular setup.

All in all, despite Might & Magic: Chess Royale being free to play, I have a hard time recommending the game as anything other than an introduction to auto-battlers or a very casual experience to distract a few minutes while waiting in line. It’s overly simplified and displays little in the way of character. With several games of this nature on the market, it’s difficult to see how Chess Royale could compete.

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Score: 6.7/10

Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn Review

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Laro Reviews

Nagkaroon ng trend sa pagitan ng mga developer ng RPG na mag-publish ng isang larong Auto-Battle mula nang naging isang big hit ang mod para sa DOTA 2. Isa na rito ang Riot Games sa kanilang Teamfight Tactics, Valve sa kanilang Dota Underlords, at marami pang ibang mga gaming company. Ngunit hindi magpapatalo ang Ubisoft Entertainment dahil nakisali rin sila sa Auto Chess mania sa kanilang laro na pinangalanang “Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn.” Ito ay isang labanan sa pagitan ng daan-daang manlalaro upang maabot ang top rank sa bawat laro. Nilagay ang real-time na PvP arena game sa isang chessboard kung saan kailangan mong gumastos ng mga coin sa bawat labanan.

Magsisimula ang laro sa isang daang players na sasabak sa 1v1 na labanan. Bawat isa sa kanila ay may tatlong mga hero, at matatapos ang iyong laro kapag namatay na silang lahat. Maihahalintulad ito sa battle royale kung saan ang huling player na natira ang mananalo. Talunin ang iyong mga kaaway sa pamamagitan ng pagkitil sa lahat ng kanilang mga unit. Magagawa mo ito sa pamamagitan ng pag-deploy sa kanila o pagbili ng spell. Ang mga character ay lalaban nang mag-isa, kaya ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay gumawa ng diskarte para talunin ang iyong kalaban. Ang huling laban kung saan ka nakaligtas ay ang iyong ranggo. Samakatuwid, kung may anim na manlalaro na natitira at ikaw ang unang natalo, mapupunta ka sa ika-6 na pwesto.

Magsisimula ka sa tatlong panimulang unit sa iyong bench, depende sa kung anong mga hero ang mayroon ka. Magsimula sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng mga ito sa board. Tinutukoy ng icon sa kaliwang ibaba kung gaano karaming mga unit ang maaari mong ma-deploy. Maaari mong taasan ang level nito sa pamamagitan ng paggastos ng mga coin. Dahil dito, madadagdagan ang mga unit na nais mong i-deploy. Magkakaroon ka rin ng limitadong oras para mag-recruit ng mas maraming hukbo sa Shop o bumili ng spell sa Spell Shop bawat round. Sasalakayin ng unit ang kanilang kalaban ng mag-isa kapag tapos na ang oras. At ang bayani ng manlalaro ay mamamatay kung ang lahat ng kanyang hukbo ay nawala.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Features ng Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn

Mga Hero – Magkakaroon ka ng tatlo sa iyong koponan. Ang active Hero ay nagbibigay ng mga bonus. Maaari itong magbigay ng Synergy Boost sa Favored Unit kapag nagsimula na ang laban. Kapag namatay ang iyong unang Hero, susunod ang pangalawa. At ang pangatlo ang susunod kapag namatay din sila.

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Mga Unit – Sila ang iyong mga pwedeng laruin na character na lalaban sa kabilang koponan, at nahahati sila sa anim na Faction at siyam na Class. Ang mga Faction ay Haven, Necropolis, Sylvan, Fortress, Stronghold, Dungeon. Ang siyam na Class ay Warrior, Assassin, Hunter, Guardian, Colossus, Dragon, Mythical, Mage, at Spirit.

League – Makakakuha ka ng mga tropeo sa tuwing mananalo ka sa labanan. Makatanggap ka rin ng mga gantimpala depende sa iyong mga puntos. At ang 3 star Warlord ang pinakamataas na makukuha mong ranggo.

Saan pwedeng i-download ang Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn?

Pumunta sa Google Play gamit ang iyong smartphone kung Android user ka o sa App Store kung Apple user ka, at ilagay ang Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn sa search bar. Dahil libre ang laro, i-click at i-install at hintaying ma-download ang laro.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Narito ang mga link kung saan mo maaaring ma-download ang laro:

Download Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.might.magic.heroes.auto.chess.battle.royale.arena.strategy.game

Download Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn on iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/might-magic-chess-royale/id1489336754

Tips at Tricks sa Paglalaro

Dahil may Auto-Battle gameplay ang laro, hindi mo na kailangan pang kontrolin ang iyong mga unit. Ngunit kailangan mong lumikha ng isang diskarte upang manalo laban sa iyong kalaban. Kaya sundin ang mga tip ng Laro Reviews para sa mga baguhang tulad mo.

Tipirin ang iyong mga coin

Nakakatuksong gumastos para i-recruit ang bawat mga army at bilhin ang bawat spell sa labanan. Ngunit hindi mo kailangang bilhin lahat ng mga unit dahil sampu lamang ang maximum capacity mo, kaya huwag masyadong gumastos.

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Unahin ang Synergies

Maaari kang mag-activate ng effect kung naglagay ka ng mga unit na may parehong faction at class. Lagi silang tingnan at unahin sila sa mga laban.

Pag-upgrade ng Star Levels

Ang pagsasama-sama ng mga magkakatulad na unit ay isang diskarte na kadalasang makikita sa mga larong Auto-Battle. Magagawa mo rin ito sa larong ito gamit ang iyong mga barya. Kapag bumili ka ng tatlong unit, maaari mong pagsamahin ang mga ito sa isang 2-star unit. At kung nagmamay-ari ka ng tatlong 2-star units, maaari mong pagsamahin ang mga ito sa pinakahuling bersyon nito.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Mga Placement ng Unit

Bago i-deploy ang iyong mga army, alamin ang range ng kanilang pag-atake. Magagawa mo ito sa pamamagitan ng pagtingin sa mga dilaw na tile kapag inilalagay mo ang mga ito sa board. Ang mga Melee attacker at Tank ay may mas maikling range ngunit mas tumatagal sa labanan, kaya kabilang sila sa frontline. At ang mga unit na may mas mahabang range ng pag-atake ay pinakamainam na ilagay sa likuran upang maiwasang makatanggap ng mga pag-atake mula sa iyong mga kalabang unit.

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Pros at Cons ng Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Heroes Reborn

Ang battle royale kung saan kailangan mong labanan ang 99 na iba pang manlalaro sa real-time ay nagdaragdag ng kasabikan sa laro. Ito ay isang makabagong paraan upang magkaroon ng tuloy-tuloy na laban ang mga competitive at casual player. May tatlong slot para sa mga Hero, kaya mas nakakasabik kung ikaw at ang iyong kalaban ay may isa na lang na natitirang buhay. Laging nangyayari sa akin ang ganitong sitwasyon kapag mayroon na lamang sampung manlalaro. Isa na lang ang aking active Hero at gayundin ang aking kalaban, at kung sino ang matalo ay out na sa game. Ang labanan sa pagitan ng top 10 ang pinakamasaya dahil ito ay maihahalintulad sa life or death experience. Ngunit sa laro lamang. Walang nakitang mga pag-crash at bug rito. At mayroon ka ring opsyon na baguhin ang kalidad ng mga graphics kung hindi kaya ng iyong mobile phone ang laro.

Ngunit gaano man kapanapanabik ang gameplay ng battle royale, may kulang pa rin sa laro. Maaari mo itong pagsawaan, dahil sa paulit-ulit na gameplay. Walang mga goal para sa katagalan. At dahil dito, maaring umalis ang mga manlalaro kapag lagi silang nakakarating sa top 5. Mas maganda kung magdadagdag sila ng mas maraming missions at ng mas maraming mode ng gameplay. Maaari itong maging casual at random na pakikipaglaban sa ibang mga player ngunit hindi sa battle royale game mode.


Maaaring ma-overwhelm ang mga beginner dahil agad kang isasabak sa laro laban sa iba pang mga player. At ang mga kontrol ay maaaring nakalilito sa una. Ngunit masasanay ka rin sa mga ito pagkatapos ng ilang labanan. Ang battle royale ay nagdaragdag ng bagong twist sa gameplay, ngunit maaari silang magdagdag ng higit pang mga mode upang laruin. Inirerekomenda ng Laro Reviews ang larong ito para sa mga tagahanga ng Might & Magic franchise. At mag-e-enjoy ka kung naghahanap ka ng ibang mode ng RPG.

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