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Apex Legends Season 17 release date, launch time, Arsenal update PATCH NOTES

Apex Legends Season 17 new character

National Trust 200,000

Apex Legends’ fans are counting down to the launch of Season 17 on PS5, PS4, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC. Titled Arsenal, the Season 17 update introduces a brand new character to Apex Legends. That’s on top of new items, gameplay balance updates and various map changes. If you’re looking forward to Apex Legends Season 17, then the good news is that you don’t have long to wait. Apex Legends Arsenal has a May 9 release date and a 6pm BST UK launch time. The new season launches alongside a big update, which you can see in the patch notes below.

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The headline new feature is the addition of a brand new hero character named Ballistic.

Ballistic’s passive ability lets him store a third weapon in a sling, while his Tactical shoots a projectile that heats up an enemy’s gun as they shoot.

His Tempest Ultimate ability gives nearby teammates faster reloads, move speed and infinite ammo.

Elsewhere, World’s Edge gets a number of new points of interest, including Monument, which is said to commemorate the game’s history.

As you can see from the Season 17 patch notes below, Respawn makes countless bug fixes and balance changes.

Add some killer pieces to your wardrobe with the Arsenal Battle Pass.

Electrify onlookers with System Shock Wattson, Singularity Specialist Horizon, and the Reactive Frontier Faithful CAR. All this and more launches tomorrow, May 9 ������ pic.twitter.com/DHbG9R0nJ4

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) May 8, 2023

Apex Legends Season 17 update patch notes.


— L-Star EMG enters the crate

— RE-45 returns to the floor

• Weapon Crafting Rotation

— Alternator SMG enters the crafter

— Sentinel enters the crafter

— EVA-8 returns to the floor

— 30-30 Repeater returns to the floor

• Gold Weapon Rotation

— Flatline, Triple Take, Spitfire, Mastiff, Volt

— Improved Vault Loot

— Increased chances of gold loot

— Added light mags to spawn pool

— Improved Cargo Bot Loot

— Removed small healing items, Mobile Respawn Beacon, White Armor, White Backpack

— Adjusted Large Healing and Heatshield spawns to allow for more desirable loot spawns

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— Removed gold weapons from purple tier Cargo Bots but increased spawn chance in gold tier

Apex Legends Season 17 new POI

Apex Legends Season 17 new POI (Image: RESPAWN)


• L-Star EMG [Crate]

— Added Disruptor Rounds: 60% damage increase against shields

— Base Damage Reduced to 16 (was 17)

— Projectiles now have passthrough: 60% damage retained

— Projectile growth increased

— Improved recoil pattern

— Ammo Stockpile: 324

— Reduced VFX brightness when hitting unarmored targets

— Projectile size increased when fully charged

— Projectile size increased

— Improved hipfire spread

— Tightened bullet pattern when fully choked

— Ammo per shot reduced to 1 (was 3)

— Magazines sizes adjusted to match the new ammo costs

— Purple Mag: Increased to 10 shots (was 9)

— Removed 1 bullet from base and all magazines

— No Magazine reduced to 19 (was 20)

— White Magazine reduced to 21 (was 22)

— Blue Magazine reduced to 24 (was 25)

— Purple & Gold magazine reduced to 27 (was 28)

— Reduced shots per magazine to 3 (was 4)

— Reduced spawn rate

Apex Legends Season 17 update

Apex Legends Season 17 update (Image: RESPAWN)



— Scan Highlights & Diamonds are no longer visible through the Dark Veil


• Class changed from Skirmisher to Support


• Now gets slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of weapon walk speed when targeting with her tac

Assault Class

• Smart loot gains have been adjusted to reduce skipping an upgrade tier

— It will now be less likely to jump from White to Purple or Blue to Gold

• Optics are now given based on team rather than just Assault Legend who opens them

• Added special drop rate for Gold Optics

Skirmisher Class

• Care packages are now automatically pinged for the team on reveal.

— This includes empty Care Packages that have already been looted by another team

Support Class

• Support Bins will now guarantee at least one Battery in one of the Secret Compartment slots

• Support Bins will now award MRBs if your ally is dead, even if you don’t have their banner card.

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• Legend Banners can now be crafted by ANY player who has a Support Class Legend in their Squad


• New Podium screens for Gun Run and Control

• Display a message in the Kill Feed if Leaver Penalties are disabled for the match due to an unfair match

• Control and Gun Run will indicate the team’s MVPs on the intro podium

• Control and TDM have updated loadouts (Crate Weapon changes and updates based on weapon meta/pick rates/kill rates)

• Gun Run and TDM now have XP Bonuses for Match Completion and Match Completion after Join in Progress


• Map rotation: Barometer is out, Olympus: Hammond Labs is in

• Weapon Evo Change: No longer Evo weapons automatically when a new Rating Tier is reached. Players now reach the new tier and their weapon will Evo when the player holsters and then unholsters their weapon in any form (reload, weapon switch, manual holster, rides a zipline, performs a skydive, etc)

Gun Run

• Weapon Track update for new crate weapons.

• Added an additional XP bonus on the last weapon knife kill

Team Deathmatch

• Map rotation: Skulltown is out, Phase Runner is in


• Prowler: fixed ADS while crouching

• IMC Armories: fixed spectres taking too much damage from arc stars

• Fixed Duos showing NBR challenges instead of BR challenges

• Fixed comms wheel not being usable when a game is over

• Fixed players glitching inside of loot bins

• Fixed spectators not receiving audio queues for all types of launch pads/jump pads

• Fixed flickering of banners during victory and end of match screens

• Scoreboard is saved when a game is finished now, not post-podium sequence

• Lifetime Stats numbers no longer overlap for more than 7 digits

• Various lobby ultrawide UI improvements


• Removed Auto-Taunt Prompt on Enemy Killed

• Can now ride ziplines while playing the banner pickup animation

• Bullet impact VFX on snow reduced

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Lower Gas Prices In Myrtle Beach + Annual Blue Crab 5K

The quickest way to get caught up on the most important things happening today in Myrtle Beach.

Karena Garrity's profile picture

Karena Garrity, Patch Staff
Posted Mon, May 8, 2023 at 9:15 pm ET | Updated Mon, May 8, 2023 at 9:32 pm ET

Hello, everybody. It’s me, Karena Garrity, your host of the Myrtle Beach Patch newsletter — back in your inbox with everything you need to know about what’s happening locally. Today you’ll find these stories and more.

  • More relief at the pump.
  • Running Hawaiian 5K.
  • Blue Crab 5K.

But first, today’s weather: Humid; an afternoon t-storm. High: 85 Low: 66.

Our local sponsor has some great stuff to offer:

Find out what’s happening in Myrtle Beach with free, real-time updates from Patch.

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Find out what’s happening in Myrtle Beach with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Here are the top stories today in Myrtle Beach:

  1. Yay! Gas prices are falling again! This is the third week that gas prices have decreased in the Grand Strand area. This is definitely something to celebrate. According to WMBF, «Average gasoline prices in Myrtle Beach fell 13.9 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $3.05 on May 8, according to GasBuddy’s survey of 197 stations in Myrtle Beach. Prices in Myrtle Beach are 31.2 cents lower than a month ago and stand 92.3 cents lower than a year ago.» “Americans are spending hundreds of millions less on fuel every week compared to a year ago, and that’s a number that could rise further as prices are poised to continue trending lower this week,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.» (WMBF)
  2. Mark your calendars for the third annual ‘The Running Hawaiian 5K run/walk’ held in honor of Surfside teen, Aiden Keahi Mendoza, who was just 17 years old when he drowned in Surfside Beach, in December of 2016. Each year the race is held in his honor to raise funds for scholarships for Socastee High School students. To date, a total of six scholarships have been given out. The event will take place on May 13 at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex at 9 a.m. (wpde.com)
  3. May 13 at the Grand Strand Memorial Gardens in Little River the iconic, world-famous, scenic Blue Crab 5K will be taking place. Will you be there? Runners will be pithy to breathtaking morning views as they run along multiple hiking trails and wooden boardwalks across salt marshes and small islands along the Intracoastal Waterway. According to wpde.com, «All are welcome to register to participate in the event. Whether you run or walk, through the course, everyone who participates will receive a finisher medal and a running hat. Race slots are still available, and you can sign up online by clicking here.» (wpde.com)
  4. A community meeting to discuss the proposed Postal Way rezoning in Carolina Forest will be held by the Horry County leaders on Wednesday, May 10, at 5:30 p.m. at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center located at: 2254 Carolina Forest Blvd. According to wpde.com, «Horry County Council, Horry County Government members, and representatives for the rezoning requester will all be attending the meeting. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain information from those who are directly involved in the proposed project.» (wpde.com)
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Today in Myrtle Beach:

  • Social Security Seminar on May 9 and 11 at General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center (11:00 AM)
  • The Carolina Opry (7:00 PM)
  • Charles Bach Wonders! Magic & Illusion Show (7:00 PM)
  • Comedy Hypnosis Hour (9:15 PM)

In partnership with T-Mobile:

Do you know an incredible mom you’d like the rest of Myrtle Beach to know about, too? We want to hear about her! Just fill out this simple form and we’ll do the rest. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, have a look at these awesome moms!

Myrtle Beach Photo Of The Day:

From my notebook:

  • South Carolina National Guard: «The South Carolina National Guard conducted a deployment ceremony May 6, in Darlington, South Carolina to recognize the 251st Area Support Medical Company (ASMC) as they begin the next step in preparing for their mission overseas. » (South Carolina National Guard via Instagram)
  • Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: «Warmer weather is on its way! Myrtle Waves Water Park will reopen in May for weekends and will fully reopen in June.» (Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina via Facebook)
  • The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach: «Lost Cat: Madden, a 4-year-old micro-chipped, neutered male, has been missing from Navigators Drive in Pawleys Island since 04-26-23. Please call Lee at 781-572-2934 with any information on Madden’s location.» (The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach via Facebook)
  • Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon & Coastal 5K: «3rd Annual Fiesta 5K By the numbers! Make plans to join in the fun next year! #runmyrtlebeach #nspromos #fiesta5K #crookedhammockbrewery #barefootlanding #fleetfeetmb #girlsontheruncoastalcarolina» (Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon & Coastal 5K via Instagram)
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More from our sponsors — thanks for supporting local news!

  • Crossing Over With Psychic Medium John Edward Live! (May 17)
  • Add your event

You’re officially in the loop for today! See you all tomorrow for another update.

Karena Garrity

About me: Journalism is in my veins. I have been a community reporter for the better part of the past 20 years. I love my community and I am honored to be a part of Patch.com. You can reach me at; [email protected].

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