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Slot Beach Bingo — Game Review

South Beach Bingo Review

Monaco, US Virgin Islands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Netherlands, Venezuela, France, North Korea, Yemen, French Guyana, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy or Romania

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South Beach Bingo is the sister site of the popular Bingo Hall, so you can expect to see many similar items. The layout and overall theme of the site will immediately resemble that of Bingo Hall, so players that have played on that site before will be familiar where all the options are. But for customers that are looking to experience something different might be disappointed with the same style of gaming.

The no deposit welcome bonus is $55, while the promotions are abundant and you really do stand a chance to boost your account with the offer provided under the promotions section of South Beach Bingo. The count of active online users is displayed on the top bar, so you know at any given time the number of players that are on the site.

You can play the following games at South Beach Bingo: Quest for the Minotaur, Transylvania, New Tales of Egypt, Bingo Slot, Diablo 13, Lady of the Moon, Graveyard Shift, 7 Monkeys and many more. The gaming portfolio suits all sorts of players –there are more serious games and also games that are more relaxed, so whatever your preferences are, you are surely going to find what you’re looking for.

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What’s cool about South Beach Bingo is that they care about social causes, which is why they regularly promote special days when people take action for a special cause. There will also be promos accompanied for those special days, so you can take advantage when those unique opportunities arise.

Just like the sister sites, South Beach Bingo is only available in English and can only be played with United Stated Dollars, so in those terms that is a disadvantage. It restricts players to use only one currency, which might be problematic for customers that come from different territories. But despite this, South Beach Bingo is truly a great online bingo site. The huge gaming content and the promotional offers are the best features of the site, and they are what make the whole experience worthwhile for players.

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South Beach Bingo

South Beach Bingo

2015-07-11 16:44

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Poker bonus

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South Beach Bingo

The best place to experience realistic South Beach Bingo plays is at the South Beach Bingo website. Establishing their operations in 1998, South Beach Bingo is currently one of the Internet’s leading Bingo websites. As a matter of fact, it has always been a top choice for all bingo enthusiasts who enjoy playing live bingo games and winning instant cash prizes. With over 300 unique bingo games and patterns, online bingo players can also have fun playing at the site’s video poker and slots either for free or for real money deals.

Unlike other bingo websites, South Beach Bingo offers the most technologically advanced software available. Its game offerings are all very easy and simple to play. The site’s uncluttered layout or interface is sleek and user-friendly. The website also offers games in Flash and in downloadable versions, so players can choose which version will be most efficient and convenient for their computer systems. A live chat option is also offered in all featured games. This provides players the chance to interact with other online participants.

Moreover, purchasing new bingo cards is so easy at the South Beach Bingo site. With its full audio capability, players can clearly hear all bingo calls, thus making it easier for online players to be alerted of all important messages within the site. The website also has a variety of game streams for players to choose from. Top real money games offered at South Beach include Pull Tabs, Video Poker, and Slots. As for jackpot prizes, the site determines the winners by the number of players playing in each game. This means that the player who has the most number of referrals has bigger chances of winning big jackpot prizes.

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Aside from South Beach Bingo’s excellent jackpot deals for its referral option, online players can also win exciting bonus points which they can transfer into real money. Easy and convenient cash deposit options offered by the site are through Mastercard, Neteller, ePassport, Citadel, Central Coin, Visa, and Firepay. As for withdrawal options, South Beach Bingo’s payout transactions are 98 to 99 percent each month — definitely higher than the typical payouts received by most players at Las Vegas casinos. To ensure secure and safe payout transactions, the site only accepts withdrawal processing via Central Coin or NETeller. All withdrawal requests are processed in US dollars. There is no time limit in processing a withdrawal request on Mondays since all transactions will be processed on that day with the same requested amount and order.

In addition to these wonderful attractions, the technical support system of South Beach Bingo is through 24/7 telephone customer support service. Its friendly customer service operators will accommodate all questions and queries of online players. Although the site does not have a live chat support option, it still has a 24-hour email support service to further address all queries and problems encountered by players while playing at the website.

All in all, South Beach Bingo is an impressive bingo website with all its superb game features, excellent player base options, and exciting daily promotions and jackpot deals.

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