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Slot African Guardians — Game Review

Slot African Guardians — Game Review

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African Guardians Slot Review

January 27, 2022

African Guardians Slot Review

Though we’ve seen plenty of African-themed slot machines before, it’s rare to come across one that’s based on the continent’s civilizations, like we do in African Guardians. It’s a stunning Microgaming product, and the type of slot that does the topic credit. It appears to be focused on African tribes, and many ones are portrayed in its emblems.

African Guardians gives the player access to 5×3 reels to spin, with 243 chances to win available at all times. In this case, wins of up to $234,000 could be claimed, resulting in a return of up to 12,000 times the stake. It also has a good RTP, with the highest attainable value of 96.86 percent. The multiplier wild, a random Wild Spirits modifier, and four different types of free spins are all key elements.

Prizes and Betting

The African Guardians slot uses 30 coins for its wagers and allows you to choose the total amount that will cover the next round. The smallest bet is $0.30, and the maximum bet is $19.50.

African Guardians has the financial resources to pay properly, but it will not be simple. The biggest potential of the game may be seen during the free spins, where up to 5x multipliers can be used. The maximum return is 12,000x the wager, and with the maximum bet, it could mean $234,000 in cash paid out after just one spin.

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We also know what kind of return on investment we can expect, and the announced figure of 96.86 percent makes us happy. Microgaming’s slots do, however, contain RTP ranges, so lesser values can be used.

Features of the African Guardians Slot Machine

The W logo was created to resemble something an African craftsman may draw or produce, so it fits in with the theme of the slot. This is the wild symbol, which acts as a substitute to help you construct more winning combinations while also multiplying their value by a factor of two. A wild symbol cannot be used to substitute a scatter symbol. Its own combinations pay the most, with 5 symbols paying 50 times the stake.

Wild Spirits is a bonus feature that can appear at any time when playing the game. It can turn 1 to 5 reels into full wilds, thus they have a lot of potential.

The free spins feature of African Guardians is its most notable feature. When three, four, or five African Masks appear on the reels, you can access that side of the slot. These are scatter symbols that only appear on each reel once.

At that moment, you have the option of selecting from various different types of free spins. However, as is typical of Microgaming, you are given access to one sort of free spins at first, and the others are unlocked over time.

This variation of free spins comes with a 5x win multiplier and is accessible right now.

15 free spins with the Baboon Spirit feature: from converted ordinary symbols, you can get 2x and 3x multipliers at random. When two are coupled, the maximum multiplier is 6x. To get this option, you’ll need 5 free spins triggers.

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20 free spins and Rolling Reels: when 10 free spins are triggered, you will receive the version with Rolling Reels and escalating multipliers (up to 5x). Winning symbols are deleted and new ones are introduced. Consecutive victories will increase the multiplier.

25 free spins with Wild Shield: this bonus is available after the 15 free spins have been triggered, and it transforms regular symbols into wilds when the Wild Shield appears on reel 3. By landing a further 2-5 scatters, you can earn up to 4 more spins.

Design & Theme

African Guardians is a gorgeously designed slot that draws inspiration from African culture. As the game’s main icons, tribe people from various areas of the continent appear on the reels. They all have distinct appearances, indicating that they are intended to reflect a bigger portion of the continent’s population and customs.

We find the W logo as the wild, an African mask as the scatter, and four premium symbols depicting tribe members from the region as symbols (two men and two women). There are also drums and water basins, and the lowest paying symbols are six green-colored Royals (9-A).


African Guardians is a visually stunning slot machine that is a good pick for a variety of reasons. There should be enough reasons to test it out, from the concept and the manner it was developed to the list of special features and the large awards that can be claimed.

Slot African Guardians — Game Review

Тема закреплена. Скорее всего, здесь есть важная информация.

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Save Rollback feature: details & instructions

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Some of you have encountered issues with your playthrough, encountering obstacles that have not been resolved by simply reloading the most recent Checkpoint. To help players in that situation, we are implementing a Save Rollback feature as part of the patch released on 23/11. This will allow you to resume a playthrough from the start of the chapter of your choice, essentially resetting your Story, Perks, and Ability Progress to the state they were in at the start of that chapter.

We advise using this feature only if you have encountered an issue that is preventing you from progressing into the story further.

The Chapters Menu, located in the Main Menu of our title, allows players to replay any prior completed Chapter without saving or overwriting your progress, in order to let you experience the dialog or content you may have missed. By activating the Save Rollback feature, you’ll be able to perform a Save Game after selecting Replay Chapter. Please see below step-by-step instructions to do so.

Step-by-step Instructions

First, from the Main Menu, select the Chapters Option. From there, pick the Chapter you wish to restart from.

Once you have exited the Loading Screen and returned to gameplay, you will be able to access the in-game Menu to unlock the Save Rollback feature.

  • PlayStation: the L1, L2, and Triangle Face Button
  • Xbox: the Left Button, Left Trigger, and Y Face Button
  • Switch: the L, ZL, and X Face Button

From there, you will be able to select a Save Slot to write your Save Game on. We recommend choosing an Empty Slot or, if unavailable, one that isn’t your primary Save Game slot, indicated by a Green Checkmark in the Top Right Corner of the Save Game.

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After having selected the Save Slot to write into, or the Save Game to write over, you will be loaded back into the Main Menu’s Chapter Select.

From there, simply back up to the Main Menu, then navigate to Load Game.
Your newly Saved Chapter Replay file is in the Chapter you saved from and is now set as your Default file — once again indicated by the Green Checkmark — and resetting the Story, Perks, and Ability Progress, but keeping your unlockable items and files in the Galactic Compendium.

After loading into this new Save File, you’ll notice that both the Save Game and Load Game options are now available by default. Progressing ahead to any Checkpoint in the Story will continue to Autosave over your new file.

Note that some items in the Compendium may appear missing from the menu after using the Save Rollback feature, but will still be counted towards unlocking achievements.

If you have any question or encounter any issue while using Save Rollback, please share them in this thread.

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