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Slot 7s Wild — Game Review

7s Wild Slot

7s Wild Slot

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Let’ just start off by saying that 7s Wild slots is truly incredible. While the game may look like that old-fashioned ‘fruit –machine’ that we know, there is nothing old and dated about it. Want to try out a free spins bonus round? Good!-This is the best game for you.

7s Wild slots is exactly like its name suggests. It will give you many extra chances (seven to be exact) to make that big win. You will do not have a risk your gambling balance.7s Wild slots also allow you to cross over multiple lines that will give you more winnings with higher value. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed.


7s Wild Slot

7s Wild Slot

Where to Play 7s Wild Slot for Real Money:




$1000 BONUS

$1600 BONUS

7s Wild Slot Machine

This game is all about sevens, golden bells, colorful fruits, red sevens and much more. It is one of the few ,a href=”https://www.phparena.net/pelican-pete-slot/
“>casino games that will not disappoint. It is defined by simple graphics and a twinkling background. All of the 7s Wild icons are retro-inspired and will immediately transport you back to the good old days where basics mattered. The good news is that if you prefer playing old school classics, this game will truly accommodate your needs. While it features fewer reels and pay lines in comparison to its other counterparts, there is still a lot more game to be played. It does not really take a lot to understand how 7s Wild Slots Machine works. It simply uses many familiar symbols, 5 reels and a soundtrack that makes things even more excited. Not forgetting a starry background and cherries. You can easily cash out 100 credits. However, if you get lucky and are able to land a total of 3+ oranges, bells or even plants, you will automatically reward with 1000 coins. In addition to this, if you have five 7s, you will truly get the biggest prices. Fortunately, you do not incur any risk when it comes to winning real cash. The game is as straightforward as it gets. Players do not have to do any guessing as far as the game is concerned. 7s Wild Slots goes all the way from 92.3% to 96.08% in delivering payout ranges. This retro game places a great focus on its 5 pay lines and 5 retest also comes with a ×3 Wild Multiples and a 20,000-coin jackpot. Anytime the reel spin, the game entertains you with magnificent sounds in the background. Feel like playing online or in a real money casino? The game is flexible in both ways.

A Night Scene Full of Fruit and Stars

Before you bet on the fruits then you must choose the amount that you may wish to risk with every spin. Remember, there are only five alterable pay lines no matter how many times you want to play. It is also easy to alter your lie bet by using + or – in order to raise or lower your stake. This will suit you no matter what kind of player you are. The game’s retro theme is accompanied by a tinkling sound effect.

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The Wild Symbol

To make matters more exciting, the wild symbol can bring some much-needed fortune in your game. The main icon of the game is seven, you should keep an eye out for this symbol. If you are able to grab five such symbols in a pay line, then even better for you- your bank balance will automatically increase by a total of 500,000 coins. In this substitution process, the wild symbol also comes in handy. It replaces other symbols and gives you a chance to enjoy double payoffs.

Award for the Highest Payout

7s Wild Slots has a handsome payout. The highest amount is 1000 coins and this is available for hitting 5 red sevens on an active pay line. On the other hand, the golden bell will offer you 500 coins for every five symbols. The pay table is third in line and coughs up to 250 coins for five symbols while the orange pays up to 150 coins, equally for five symbols. The cherries offer the lowest reward for five symbols. The slots run left and right and therefore increase your chances of winning. There are also animations that will excite you that involves engulfing symbols as well as the red 7 that is key to the game. When it comes to adjusting the 10 win lines, you will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes from 10 coin denominations up to 1000.

A Classic Title

7s wild slots is a unique name in its own right. In fact, it has many advantages including the fact that it sounds old school. It also makes it possible to win because it does not complicate casino game players who are traditionalists. It will appeal to anyone who a retro experience needs will thoroughly enjoy this game. Overall the title is appealing and will leave you wanting to know what the game is all about. One thing is for sure- there are no distractions in the game. When playing, you will also love the 7s Wild Slots celebration fireworks then you will have a blast as far as this game concerned.

Slot Features

7s Wild slots comes with the following features:


The 7 symbol with flames at flames at it’s because is the game’s symbol. As such, there is no confusion on the symbols that can replace for wins.

Free Spins

In order to win five spins, you will be required to get five normal 7 symbols.

Surprises in Store

This game is truly of surprises. First of all, Octopus gaming has always been at the top of the charts and it is no surprise that 7s Wild slots is a brilliant game. The inclusion of a ‘wild’ symbol that has been substituted for others to make wins was once a novelty but this time, the bold game has been taken the bull by the horns. The symbol in the game is old-school fruits. The slots are also fast, smooth to play and have been designed to the 7. The first time you press the ‘spin button’, the frame of the slot contains pictures of fruits and bells. Does it get any better than this? Once you spin, the graphics on the reels will have bouncing fruits. There are also other fruits like banana, pears and many more. The graphics on the game complies with today’s standards. There are also many non-fruit symbols such as a bottle of wine which qualifies as the scatter symbol. Even sounds are also retro. Random spinning can net you up to 480 coins. Activating the free spins round is highly exciting. This is because it will award you five free spins immediately. As such, you will enjoy more potential winning spins.

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The Highest Payoff and Red seven Awards

The payouts for this game are truly magnificent. The highest being 1000 coins that are available for hitting. In addition, the 7s Wild slot. The second best symbol offers up to 500 coins for five symbols. The plum which coughs up to 250 coins in the third line. There is no doubt that you will enjoy everything that this game has to offer.

7s Wild Slot

Slot TypesClassic Slots
Slot Game FeaturesWild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet0.05
Max. Bet150
Slot RTP96.08%

All You Need To Know About 7s Wild Slots

All You Need To Know About 7s Wild Slots

Games can be fun yet addicting. Its packages and new features can keep you glued to the screens all day long. There is no greater feeling on earth that can be compared to playing online casino games. Aside from the general games, slot games are known to excite, entertain, and comfort many players around the globe. The best part: it is designed to suit the low, average, and high budget earners. In recent times, land-based casino games and online slot games have been introduced to the gaming world. So, everyone gets to enjoy the side of the coin they most feel comfortable with. Land-based casino games are superb, but online slot games have taken over the world. With 7s wild slots, online games are believed to have an advantage over the land-based casinos in terms of game varieties. It beats the land-based casinos to a fault; one of the many reasons 7s players increase on a daily. From the benefits to play for free, to the creativity behind 7s wild slot graphic theme, online players get to enjoy every ounce of it over the traditional games. So, let’s talk properly about 7s wild slots.

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Additional info
Released 2017 Software Spielo Rolls 5 Paylines 5 Minimum Bet 1 per line Maximum Bet 200 per line

How to play 7s wild slots?

7s wild slots is a name but a unique one at that. It is a special online fruit video machine that operates on five reels and five pay lines. Designed with numerous symbols like gold bells, firey-red sevens, plums, cherries, and oranges, 7s wild slot is the complete slot package. It provides an avenue to play for as low as $25 for a spin. More so, with its 5 paylines’ option, you can place your bet to a ton of $1000. Talking about the extra advantage, 7s wild slot has an icon flaming red seven, which allows you to continue with your paylines using other symbols. What more? This great bonus increases players winning combination from different locations.

7s wild slots added features

7s wild slots added features

Although it looks way old fashioned, at first sight, it operates with modern features. 7s wild slot machine plays with a unique soundtrack that’ll teleport you back to the 80s. You’ll surely groove to the beats and enjoy yourself throughout the game time. Also, 7s wild slot machine offers its players free spin bonus rounds to increase their chances to win the jackpot. What more can you envisage? The symbols are amazing, visuals are quite simple, and the entire slot machine looks like blazing seven games. The starry background with brightly colored 2-dimensional symbols touching the 5×3 grid surface will ignite your enthusiasm to a peak.

7s wild slot review payout

The payout of 7s wild slots is likely to increase when you land more than two oranges, plums, or bells on the grid. To get the biggest award, though, you’ll have to match five red 7s on one of the five paylines. Matching the 7s on the paylines does not only reward you a $1000, but you also get the chance to launch five free spins at intervals. For the golden ball, plum symbol, oranges and cherries, you’ll have to hit five red sevens, too. But their rewards are 500 coins, 250 coins, 150 coins, and ten coins respectively for each spin.

7s wild slot RTP

The 7s wild game works with a flexible RTP. With 92.03% to 96% wagered units returned to players and a chance to play within five pay lines, you will agree that players would surely have some fun time on this slot machine. Staking bets on 7s wild slot machine can start from a minimum of 25 coins to a maximum of 150 coins on a single pay line.

Special symbols in 7s wild slot machine

7s wild slots do not fully operate on bonus rounds, scatters, and multiplier mechanisms. However, it offers the following symbols:

The wild symbol

The number 7 is the perfect number for rest. It symbolizes the wild game in this slot machine. Surrounded by flames, the wild symbol finds its place at the base of the slot machine. It replaces other symbols and has a strong will to make more wins during a spin.

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The free spin symbol

For you to partake in free bonus spins, you need to have five free spin options, understand your pay line options, and choose your bet size. However, remember that getting free bonus spins requires you to get seven regular symbols scattered on the reel. So, to hit the jackpot, you need to understand the free spin principles and spin your way for a jackpot.

7s wild slot free spins and jackpot

To win large sums in 7s wild game, you need to get five red sevens surfacing on any part of the reel. When this is done successfully, free five spins will be awarded to you, and you can be on track to win the main jackpot.

7s wild tips

If you are a newbie gambler, you may find it difficult to win with this slot machine. However, here are some tips to turn you into a pro:

  • You can use a minimum of 5 coins and a maximum of 500 coins per pay line.
  • The pay lines make up the winning combination from left to right.
  • Chances to win the jackpot bet is seemingly low. However, you can win other gambling options like free bonuses.
  • With the gambling options, you can walk away with no regrets.
  • You get the chance to play 7s wild slot online before staking real cash.
  • You should start up with small bets at the early stage of the game to avoid surprises and loss.
  • With this outlined strategy, newbie and old players stand a chance to win big in this slot game.

7s wild slot on mobile

7s wild slot is available for mobile, tablet, and IOS users. The android device has to be a 5.0 version, while for iPhone users, a 10.0 or higher version is required for the iOS device. When you are playing on these devices, though, you’ll have to change it into a landscape mode. Aside from the mobile devices, you can access 7s wild slot on your personal computer or laptop through your internet serviced web browsers.

How to play 7s wild slot on your mobile?

  • Set your total bet amount.
  • Make your decision about the auto spin options.
  • Check the paytable.
  • Understand the reel wins.
  • Finally, spin the reels.

About 7s wild slot development

Designed by Spielo, a brand known for its full range game product across the global market, this fruit casino game is the seventh heaven. Spielo game machine comes in a variety. From bar games, slot machines, and online gambling games, their services have extended into the international market. Spielo boasts of a team propelled to delivering the best services in the gaming world. It also makes use of slot catalogs in multi-game machines, TopBox machine, Progressive machines, and machines with 3D imaged facilities.

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Frequently asked questions on 7s wild slot

Frequently asked questions on 7s wild slot

Is 7s wild slot available for free?

Yes, 7s wild slot offers free games with a helpful substitute.

Can you play 7s wild slot with real cash?

Playing with real cash is real fun. So, 7s wild slot sure provides some real cash games.

Do I need to download the 7s wild slot?

Unfortunately, no download is required, but you can have an instant play.

What are the reels and pay lines of 7s wild slot like?

7s wild slot operates with five reels and five pay lines option. Sweetly with its pay line option, you can stake bets as low as $25 and as high as $1000.

Can I play 7s wild slot on my mobile device?

7s wild game is available for mobile and tablet users. However, you’ll have to turn your mobile device into landscape mode to enjoy it fully.

How about the free bonuses?

To win free bonuses in 7s wild slot games, you’d have to match five 7s on each reel. Matching five 7s on the reel gives you an edge to launch five free spins at intervals; this is the only chance to claim the biggest prize.

What is the lowest bet I can stake?

You can begin 7s wild slot bet with a token of $25.

What is the highest bet I can stake?

The highest stake is a thousand dollars ($1000).

Is the RTP platform functional?

The theoretical payout of 7s wild game ranges from 92.03% to 96.08%. So, it is very functional.

Can I get free spins?

Yes, you sure can get five free spins at intervals.

Who is entitled to play 7s wild slot?

Players above 18 years can play this online slot with no worries. However, check out the gambling laws of your location to be guided appropriately.

Is it a modern online slot game?

In a way, it is modern, but it makes use of familiar symbols and soundtracks, which reminds you of the good old days.

Can first-timers try out 7s wild games?

You learn to crawl before you walk. Although there might be challenges as a beginner gambler, nonetheless, you can become a pro if you learn its nooks and crannies.

What are the special symbols of the 7s wild slot?

7s wild slots do not fully operate on bonus rounds, scatters, and multiplier mechanisms, however, it offers wild and free spin symbols.

Any benefit as a newbie or returning player for 7s wild slot?

You get the chance to play 7s wild slot online before staking real cash.

Wrapping up

With its return to player package, every player is likely to go home a winner. However, high rollers may enjoy the better part of the winning compared to low rollers.

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