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Slot 243 Space Fruits — Game Review

Fruit Bat Crazy Slot Review

Every provider has to have a few of the classics in their assortment. Keeping up with that, BetSoft released Fruit Bat Crazy, a fun game with a theme that players are used to. It’s a 5 reel slot, with 3 rows and 243 ways for the player to land a winning combination. With a common design, the game is mainly focused on the gameplay and payouts which are quite decent.

The Classics are Sometimes the Best Option

Among the sea of fruit-themed slots, it’s hard to find just the right one. This common theme is hard to twist and make unique. The providers tried their best at modernizing the symbols and making the looks of this slot game somewhat different from the rest. Players often choose the simpler and classic slot games, since in those cases the accent is put on the features and payouts that they award.

As mentioned the game is very simple and nothing we haven’t seen before. The background is a faint purple and blue color with sparkles. The reels are wrapped in vines and leaves with the wooden commands that contribute to the fruity theme.

Fruit Bat Crazy Slot Gameplay

The graphics are great with the usual characters sevens, bells, cherries, oranges, watermelons, plums, pineapples, and the diamond as the wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. The game scatter symbol is represented by the fruit bat. The designers tried to make the design of them look newer and more modern. The soundtrack reminds of country music with sounds of the banjo which makes the player feel like they are really somewhere in the countryside collecting fruit.

The gameplay is what it’s all about in this type of slot game. The player can bet a minimum of 0,40 and a maximum of 40 coins per spin. The game has some pretty good opportunities for the player to score coins and the payouts go over a 1000x the stake. The game has cascading mechanics and winning symbols explode making room for new ones to hopefully make new winning combinations. The RTP is set at a somewhat low level, but at 95,22% it’s not that bad.

Watch out for the Fruit Bat

The game has one major feature but it pays very well. The scatter symbol is very beneficial as it has great value on its own. It also triggers the free spins when appearing at least 3 times on the reels. The player can win between 10 and 200 free spins depending on the number of scatters.

Fruit Bat Crazy Slot Paytable

Another great thing for the players who don’t mind spending a bit to gain a bit, the feature can be bought for 90x the regular stake. The player then gets 20 free spins and a chance to win it all back and even more. There is also a way to pay less for the feature and that is simply by playing the game. The player collects Bonus Buy Coins that lower the cost. After the cost of the feature comes to zero, it is automatically activated and grants 20 spins.

The features might not be all that, but they are fun to play and pay off in the end.

Get Ready for a Fruit Attack

The game is a classic, so the players already had a general idea of what it’s supposed to be. It’s hard making a common theme different with its own charm. The creators impressed with the graphics making a classic slot into a modern one. There aren’t many different bonuses, but a classic simple idea calls for simple features. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, then the slot has payouts that count. If you are one of the players who enjoy this type of game, this one should be added to your list.

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How Many Lines Should I Play On A Slot Machine?

One of our most frequent and often asked questions by those getting started playing online slots is a simple one: how many bet lines should I play on slots? The answer is not quite as simple as you might think.

How Many Lines To Play On Slots?

Betways, paylines, betlines, ways to wins… all the same word for the same idea: where do the symbols line up on a slot machine to get a win?

How many lines you should play on a slot machine depends on your experience level. Generally speaking, if you are just starting out on your slot betting journey, it’s better to keep things simple; choose a slot with 20 paylines or less. This will allow you to budget wisely and clearly start to understand how paylines work.

However, considering that casino slots online can now have anything from 1 to 117,649 ways to win and more, are there really no other options for beginners? And more importantly, is there an optimum number of paylines that give you the best odds of winning overall?

It’s easy to get lost and confused in the numbers. We explain exactly how many paylines you should be playing regardless of whether you are starting out or have been playing for a while.

As a beginner or casual gambler, how many lines should I bet on slots?

Just starting out in casino? The obvious answer is to play classic slots. Classic slots are fruit machines with only 3 reels and 1 to 5 paylines. Most of the time, they have the paytable sitting by the side, and it’s easy to see where and how you get wins. There are few to no bonus features.

But we think most gamblers can handle more complicated video slots from the get-go. The features and exciting wins are part of the fun of gambling on slots. And ultimately, you can win more on 5 reel slots than on 3 reels.

Beginners should bet on 10 to 20 line video slots that pay from left to right on consecutive reels. As a bonus, they should also have clear, simple features, a decent paytable and a high Return to Player Rate (over 96% is recommended).

Even if you’ve never placed a single bet at an online casino, we are willing to bet that you can read. This means you can look at the paytable of the machine and see where the symbols need to line up to get you a win.

Do paylines affect how much you can win?

When comparing two or more different slots how many paylines a slot has will not tell you whether you can win big or not. When playing on just one slot it’s always best to play the maximum number of paylines to increase your odds of creating a winning combination.

Overall, the in-game features, the slot volatility, the Return to Player Rate, and the paytable value of the pay symbols will affect how much a slot pays out far more than its payline. But it can be a factor. Slot maths are complicated.

The Sticky Bandit Trail of Blood slot has a top win of 17,279.5x your bet, thanks to its free spins bonus and only 10 paylines. On the other hand, the Flip Royal slot by Quickspin has only a 433x your bet max win and 10 payline. Neither has multipliers to help boost those numbers.

The main difference? The volatility. One barely ever pays, but when it does, it pays big. The others pay little and often. Guess which is which? And guess which is better for beginners?

Top 5 slots for beginners with 10-20 betlines:

We’ve picked slots that give you a whole range of paylines but ultimately fulfil the basic requirement: teaching you how to play slots online, whether that’s getting you comfortable with paylines, volatility, or features.

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These are all low to mid-volatility slots:

  • Eye of The Kraken slot: 3 reels, but with 8 paylines, you can still get comfortable with wild symbols, scatters and even free spins. An upgraded classic slot with a top win of 500x your bet.
  • Starburst slot: you have 5 reels and 10 paylines that pay left to right, and right to left, putting all the focus on those lines. The one big simple feature of expanded wild re-spins allows you to win up to 500x your bet.
  • Tomb Raider slot: this is the base for most video slots online. You get 5 reels, 15 paylines, wild symbols with 2x multipliers, scatters that trigger free spins with 3x multipliers, and a simple pick-me-game with instant cash wins. A top win of 1,500x your bet and a high RTP of 97% give you the best chance to walk away with a little something in your pocket.
  • The Reel King Potty slot: this 5 reel 20 payline fruit machine is iconic with gambling fans everywhere, and part of its charm is its simplicity and the fact you get to play classic slots and video slots at the same time. The max win is around 500x your bet but there’s a jackpot.
  • The Blinged slot: only 5 reels and 10 paylines, but a huge top win of 5,000x your bet, this Play’n GO game gets you ready for more complicated slots with multiple features, medium variance, but a high RTP of 96.25%.

We’ve put them in order of how to play, but you could probably get started on any and have a good time.

Casumo Casino provides you with a wide range of casino slots full of bonus features and big win potential. Play huge jackpot slots or enjoy their bonus-filled casino loyalty program. Go take Casumo for a spin with or without their welcome bonus and we bet it won’t dissapoint.

How many lines should I play on video slots as a more experienced gambler?

If you know the difference between a way to win and a payline, chances are what you are really asking is: how many lines should I play to give me the best odds of winnings on slots?

Experienced gamblers can afford to ignore paylines altogether and enjoy more creative ways to get symbols to pay out, from win-all-ways to cluster pays to changing Megaways. These generally tend to also have a bigger selection of volatile high paying slot machines.

And while it’s true that more paylines don’t mean more wins, that theory changes when you head into betways territory.

The potential is in the number of features and the different ways the game can afford to give you wins. The more creative the features, the more creative the wins.

Top 5 slots for advanced play with no betlines

If you are reading our slot tips, we will assume you are looking for more than the usual selection of ‘Book of Ra’ slots or Jackpots. Instead, you want something different that stands out from the crowd, with the opportunity to win big.

Thunderkick Shifting Seas Slot Game

All these slot games are dangerous high variance high win slots with no paylines:

  1. Moon Princess 100 slot: We had to have a cluster pay grid slot on our selection, and we picked this one because it has a top win of 15,000x your bet, thanks to 100x multipliers in the bonus. The RTP of 96.2% is decent, and the low min bet of 0.20 is affordable.
  2. Misery Mining slots: If you’ve never played NoLimit City slots, give us a favour. Start with this 3×3 video slot with 12 paying symbols that can increase the reels to 7×7 and up to 823,543 ways to win. You’ve found your new favourite game studio if you get anywhere near the top win of 70,000x your bet.
  3. Shifting Seas slot: The Bonanza review is the obvious choice for a 117,649 way-to-win machine, but we don’t like the obvious. Shifting Seas will surprise you at every turn as the reels expand on each win and allow you to cash in as much as 15,000x your bet.
  4. Wild Pops slot: Here, you get wins when 3 or more symbols are just adjacent to each other on the 5 reels. The wins pop, two symbols replace them, and you can grow this WildPops slot to 33,614 win ways super paying machine. The top win is 10,941x your bet.
  5. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Rush slot: Do you know what a MegaCluster is? No? Have fun finding out in this Big Time Gaming slot with a top win of 55,060x your bet, a high RTP of 96.44%, 17 potential bonus features, and over a million ways to win.
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We could go on forever, but we hope that this is enough to get you excited about playing volatile high-win slots with no paylines.

Play a huge range of mobile and online slots at Leo Vegas casino and enjoy their exclusive LeoJackpots Games, where you could win millions.

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What do lines mean on a slot?

A line or payline is the exact place symbols must fall on a slot machine to pay out money.

In a traditional one payline classic slot, symbols must fall directly next to each other horizontally, from left to right, on each of the 3 reels.


If you have 5 paylines, you have 3 horizontal lines (one on each row of the 3×3 slot), and two crisis cross diagonal lines. You get a win if symbols fall within any of these grid patterns.

5 Reel Fire Joker Slot Machine

The more paylines you have, the more complicated the grid pattern. This is mostly true of 5 and 6-reel slot machines.

What are ways to win slots?

Ways to win slots pay from left to right when symbols are adjacent to each other. Then don’t need to follow a line; you just multiply the number of symbols per reel to give you the number of ways to win.

For example, a 5×3 reel slot where the exact same symbols fall on every grid space would give you 243 ways to win. Because if you multiply 3×3×3×3×3, it equals 243.

How many ways to win you get depends on how many reels and how many rows of symbols you have available.

What are Megaways slots?

Megaways are like the jacked up version of ways to win slots.

Some of the best Megaways slots tend to have 6 reels, but the number of rows per reel changes from spin to spin. You multiply the symbols as per the ways to win slot and line them up left to right.

Big Bass Bonanza Megaways Slot

But on a spin, reel 1 might be two rows high, with reel 2 three rows high, reel 3 two rows high, reel 4 five rows high, reel 5 seven rows high, and reel 6 six rows high. Multiply 2x3x2x5x7x6 and you have 2520 ways to win. And that’s just one spin. On the next spin those rows will all change again.

The general maximum number of ways to win in a Megaways slot tends to be around 117,649 ways to win.

What are Cluster Pays slots?

Cluster pay slots don’t pay left to right or right or left. Instead, they pay when a certain number of symbols (usually around 5 to 8) are touching vertically or horizontally anywhere on the reels.


The best examples are the grid slots by Play’n GO Gaming. If you haven’t already experienced them, we recommend you go play at your nearest online casino.

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243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot review – Free DEMO

As the name suggests, 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot has a fruit and jewel theme. It was released in August 2020 by Tom Horn Gaming. This classic fruit online slot games with a modern approach is a successor of 243 Crystal Fruits. Unlike its predecessor, it has a reversed respin feature and its graphics have been upgraded.

What do people ask about 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed casino game?
Where to play 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot DEMO for free?

Click on the link and enjoy 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed free play DEMO on SmartCasinoGuide!

What are the unique features of the 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed casino game?

The slot game has two special features:

Find out more about both of them in our prepared slot review!

Is it a high Return to Player (RTP) slot machine?

Yes! 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed online slot has 96.01% of RTP percentage. Please find out more about online slots RTP in our prepared review.

Does the slot game has Bonus Buy feature?

❌ Not this version… Probably, it will be added in the future.

What is the 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed maximum win?

The slot game lets you win up to 990.5x your bet! It is a very nice reward!

Also, when you spin, the winning combinations do not explode but freeze. They now have a more seductive look, and overall, the game has a more contemporary appeal. This video slot can be played on desktop and mobile devices. This sophisticated fruity game has a demo version, so you can try it out before playing for real.

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot game mechanics

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed is a five-reel video slot with three rows. There are 243 paylines. To win, you must know how to use the buttons, specifically the spins button. On the bottom right-hand side, there is a huge octagon-shaped button, and that’s where you spin the reels.

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed online casino slot game has Wild features

To spin the reels non-stop, an autoplay button of up to 100 spins can be found next to the spin button. You can adjust your bet from a minimum of 0.50 EUR to a maximum of 100 EUR. Casino games online are all about luck, of course, but if you’d like your wins to be a little bigger, you can increase your bet amount.

You can also cross your fingers for the biggest winning combinations on the screen. The Wild 243 symbol substitutes all the other symbols and triggers the 243 reversed respin feature. That’s where winning combinations freeze as you spin, and more are added for great payouts.

The multiplier also increases until it reaches the 5x multiplier. Other symbols have to appear on three to five reels. You can look out for the number seven and watermelon symbol as they pay out more. This slot is available in over 17 languages, including German, English, and Spanish.

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed casino game special symbols

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot has high volatility. Once the Wild 243 symbol triggers the 243 reversed respin, you’re in for big wins. On top of that, there is a possibility your wins could be multiplied up to five times.

The red seven, watermelon, kiwi, and grapes symbols can also be considered special as they have various big wins than other symbols. Five red sevens will give you 20x your bet, while watermelons will give you 12x. Then both the kiwi and grapes pay 2x to 8x your bet. The rest of the fruits will pay a maximum of either 1,5x to 2x your bet.

The base game has five win lines that pay from left to right. These five paylines are your chances of scoring any wins. Then the 243 paylines become possible when you have the wild symbols by your side during the reversed respins.

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Online slot machine 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed has multipliers feature

There aren’t many special symbols in this title, as there is only one wild symbol, no scatter, and no bonus symbol. However, every symbol becomes special during the reversed respins feature. Every winning combination, whether from the lowest or the highest paying symbol, is locked in and increases your winnings.

During this special feature, the fruits with a non-winning combination explode and make space for more winning combinations. Everything is as sweet and tasty as these fruits during the reversed respins.

This is a simple slot with simple winning combinations. Things get exciting when the reversed respins feature is triggered. Its high volatility compares really well to the exciting progressive jackpot titles. While playing the standard game, you are constantly pressing buttons for the wild symbols to appear and trigger the special feature for, possibly, your biggest win to come.

What makes 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed game special?

As mentioned above, this is a simple slot title. Since it’s an upgraded version of 243 Crystal Fruits, the high-definition graphics and added features make it special. The fruit symbols have a crystal appeal. With their bright colors, these stunning symbols boast fun and wealth. Also, as you may have figured, the reversed respin feature makes it extra special. It can pay up to 990 times your bet. With a 100 EUR bet, you can earn up to 99,000 EUR.

Unlike most Tom Horn Gaming slots, 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed does not have a background story it carries with it. Therefore each player interested in it can easily relate to it. Moreover, not only is it a classic, it has a pinch of modernity in it.

So, whether you are into classic or contemporary slots, you are more likely to enjoy this one. If you were more into the old version of this slot, you shouldn’t worry about a thing, either. This is an upgrade with more appealing features, not a complete change.

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot game Super Win - Big Win

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed online slot Betting limits and Winnings

This slot accommodates the on-the-budget players as well as high rollers. Its minimum bet goes down to as low as 0.50 EUR while the maximum bet goes up to 100 EUR. Though this doesn’t determine your chances of winning big, it does dictate the amount you’ll get. For instance, a bet of 0,50 EUR can get a 990 times payout which amounts to 495 EUR, which is 200 times lower than when you’ve bet 100 EUR.

The 990 times your bet payout is the maximum win, with an RTP of 96.01%. 243 Crystal Fruits is, without any doubt, highly volatile. However, it is not a jackpot slot but does give you the feel of that type of slot.

243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot review – Conclusion

The 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed slot is pretty simple, which makes it great for new and existing players. Though it has high volatility, the return to the player is fairly high. The reversed respins feature makes it extra special. Its pay lines transform from five to 243. Thus, this Tom Horn Gaming game gives you the possibility of winning up to 990x your bet.

It is an affordable slot where you can place a 0.50 EUR bet. Watch the fruits freeze and explode while your payouts increase. The reversed respins are made particularly special by the multiplier, which can increase your winnings up to 5x. So, whether you are a new slot player or would like to try out a new slot title, this is for you.

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