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Slot 11 Champions — Game Review

Review of the new 11 Champions slot

Looking forward to the European Soccer Championship? So are we! It was postponed to the middle of the 2021, but no need to get upset. Microgaming has prepared a surprise for all soccer fans — a new online slot — 11 Champions. Soon every mobile casino will launch this game, so you can try your luck in it. In the meantime, we have prepared for you a detailed review with all the options and features of the new online slot machine.


Although we say that the game is represented by Microgaming, the developers are actually Gameburger Studio. They are a young talented team who developed the game exclusively for Microgaming. Lately it has become a common practice for gambling giants to sponsor teams of talented game developers and release games together. Large companies get first-class slots, and young developers get a chance to launch their games in a ready infrastructure: any mobile casino for real money will be happy to host slots from a well-known manufacturer.

A great example of such cooperation is Fortinium online slot or the recent Wild Catch, which was created by Stormcraft Studios for Microgaming. These games are so popular that it’s hard to find a mobile casino that doesn’t have them. But will 11 Champions prove to be that good? Read our review to find out for sure!

General info about 11 Champions

  • Paylines: 20
  • Reels: 5×3+Action Reel™ reel system
  • Minimum bet: 0.2
  • Maximum bet: 50
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: yes
  • Percentage payout: 95.93% RTP
  • Theme of the game: sports, soccer, competition
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What makes 11 Champions special?

If you look at the gambling blogs (like ours), it is easy to see that every year a huge number of online games are released. The only pity is that many of them look like twin brothers. Standard reels, universal mechanics, nothing new. It’s nice that 11 Champions is an exception!

So, what is unusual about it? First of all, it’s the unusual layout of the reels. Instead of the usual 5×5 field, you will find here a horizontal Action Reel™ layout. On it we will stop in detail a little later. Another important point is the dynamics. In 11 Champions online slot you’re not just a passive observer, you’re a player who has to outrun your opponents and score goals. The game aims to give you a feeling of total immersion in the atmosphere of a soccer match. You will have to choose positions, pass and score goals. And, of course, receive a well-deserved reward! The game has several jackpots that will add a little adrenaline to the gameplay. All in all, we liked the atmosphere in 11 Champions, it’s bright, intense, dynamic, full of excitement and ineffable soccer action. After all, that’s exactly why we love soccer and casino games for money, right?

The key mechanics of the new online slot

The first thing you should pay attention to is the choice of position before starting the game. The Action Reel™ system is responsible for this. It determines the positions on the field and also activates the Blazing Wild Streak™ feature. At the very beginning of the game, you can choose a new position for your player. Once you start spinning the reel, your player can circle the ball, or he can pass. And the best part is that you can score goals! As a reward for each goal, you get a free spin with a multiplier. So, your chances for big winnings are high!

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Microgaming knows what players like best, and that’s why there are four different jackpots! When 3 Scatter symbols fall on the field, the player gets into the jackpot round. He has to pick cards until he collects a set of three. Depending on the cards collected, you will get one of four jackpots: Grand, Major, Minor or Mini.

What else do you need to know?

Pay attention to the trophy symbols. When you collect three trophies, you get a bonus that can be used to pick cards during the jackpot round. And that means you can get x5000 of your bet! There’s another nice bonus: you can change the colors of the interface. Choose the color of your favorite team to make your immersion in the atmosphere of a soccer match even more complete.

Conclusions about the game

Any casino will only benefit from 11 Champions online slot. We like its excellent dynamics, drive and the opportunity to feel like a soccer star. The elaborate mechanics, including the unusual reel layout, are not the least of the factors. The player gets more opportunities to participate in the gameplay. And a nice bonus was the ability to change the color scheme of the game, customizing it to your liking. And most of all we liked the opportunity to hit one of the jackpots!

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Distributed Slots: Riot Games announced regional slot allocations for Valorant Champions 2023

Distributed Slots: Riot Games announced regional slot allocations for Valorant Champions 2023

Valorant is in its third year of competitive play, and Champions 2023 is now on the horizon. The 2023 Valorant Champions Tour culminates in Champions 2023, set to take place in Los Angeles this year. As the biggest event of Riot’s FPS title, the S-tier tournament will include 16 of the best teams in the world in attendance.

What we know so far

As previously announced, Champions 2023 will take place between August 6th until the 26th. Moreover, it was also announced that unlike previous iterations, Champions will now take place across two locations. The early rounds will be held at the Shrine Auditorium, while the semi-finals onwards will be played at the Kia Forum.

VCT 2023 Summer Roadmap. Credit: Valorant Esports // Riot Games

Announced Slot Allocation

Each of the VCT leagues will receive 3 slots, meaning there will be guaranteed 9 of the partner teams arriving at VCT Champions, the top 3 contenders from each of the leagues. Moreover, each of the VCT leagues will also receive their own Last Chance Qualifier, allowing each league to send one more participant to champions for a total of 12 teams from each region through the regular circuit.

Furthermore, the winner of VCT Masters Tokyo, will earn an extra slot for their region, allowing for a total of 13 teams from the regional partner organizations. Riot has also announced, to the surprise of some, that China will be receiving three slots this year for Champions, bringing the total to 16 teams. Here is the complete breakdown of the slots:

  • VCT Americas: 3 slots (+1 from LCQ)
  • VCT EMEA: 3 slots (+1 from LCQ)
  • VCT Pacific: 3 slots (+1 from LCQ)
  • China: 3 slots
  • VCT Masters Tokyo: 1 extra slot for the region
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China’s receiving of three slots was the biggest surprise for many, with this being the largest delegation the region will be able to send out to an international Valorant event. Moreover, this comes off the heels that VCT Masters Tokyo will be attended by two new teams aside from the given slots in the form of EDward Gaming and Attacking Soul Esports.

VCT Champions 2023 Slot Distribution Graphic. Credit: Valorant Esports // Riot Games

Summer Roadmap Schedule

Challengers Ascension (June 28th-July 16th)

The 23 Challengers Leagues will reach their conclusion with the Ascension tournament. Each of the three regions will host their own Ascension tournament, looking to promote three teams to the International Leagues in 2024.

Champions 2023 China Qualifiers (July 3rd-16th)

Twelve Chinese teams will battle through a qualifier, with the top three teams to receive invites to Champions 2023.

Last Chance Qualifier (For all three major regions)

Final chance for teams in the international leagues to claim a qualification spot to Champions 2023. Moreover, each of the LCQ’s will qualify four teams including the LCQ, except for the region who wins VCT Masters Tokyo, who will earn an extra qualification spot.

Earned through Combat

The qualified teams for each region will be determine by their league standings at the end of the split, seeing the top three teams receiving automatic invitation. Because of the unique design of this year’s circuit, Masters and Champions will occur one after the other, with only the Last Chance Qualifier in between. This means, that the top three teams from each region will not only receive invites to VCT Masters Tokyo, but also Champions 2023, bringing incredible weight to each of the games this split for all three regions.

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