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Slot 1 Can 2 Can — Game Review

1 Can 2 Can – Toucan Slot machine

1 can 2 can Toucan slot

We here at Pettoucan.com want to cover everything toucan related and therefore felt that we had to write about this fun Toucan slot machine after having stumbled upon it online.
1 Can 2 Can is a play on words and is a slot about toucans (2can). It is a fun and colorful slot machine developed by Nextgen gaming. The game is old and used to be very popular. Today its popularity has veined as more modern slots have become more popular but the slot still maintains a lot of fans that enjoy the game. It is easy to understand why when you play the game. It is fun and colorful. The two toucans that help you win more money by changing symbols into wilds are also a cute touch. The game is a pleasure to play.

The game is centered around toucans, the fruit they eat and their friends in the forest. There is no toucan symbol in the games. The toucans are located outside the gaming area and can fly out onto the wheels. The two toucans will often eat fruits and turn the symbols into wilds. This happens every few spins and makes the game very fun since the toucans help you win very often. It is very rare that you go more than a few spins without winning any money.

The toucans have two friends that are featured as symbols in the game, the sloth and the Iguana. These are the most valuable symbols in the game. Five sloths will trigger the biggest win outside the jackpot. 5 sloths will reward you with 500 coins while five iguanas give you 250 coins. Another valuable symbol is the feathers that give you the chance to win 125 coins.

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All other regular symbols are a combination of letters and fruits. Fruits featured in the game include passionfruit, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, mango, and papaya. All fruits that pet toucans love to eat. Wild toucans are also likely to like them but they are very unlikely to encounter some of these fruits because they are not found where the toucans live in South and Central America.

Game info

1 can 2 can features 5 wheels and 25 pay lines. You can set how many of these pay lines you want to play. The bet per line is fixed to one coin. The coin value can be set as low as 1 cent and as high as $10. The largest possible bet on a single spin is $250. The smallest bet is $0.01. The game has a very clean layout, and the main page only contains a spin button. You have to enter the configuration menu to change the coin value and the number of lines you want to play. The configuration page is only available between spins.


The game contains wilds that can occur randomly when the wheels are spun. They can also be created by the toucans that eat the fruits on the symbols and turn them into wild symbols. The wild symbol can replace any symbol except for the scatter symbol.


1 can 2 can features a scatter symbol that depicts toucans flying over the forest at night. The scatter cannot give you free spins. Instead, they give you the chance to win money based on your total bet on that spin. (not just the bet for the winning line). You need at least 3 scatters to win. 3 scatters give you 5 times your total bet. 15 scatters give you 15 times your total bet.

Bonus Game

This slot machine does not have a bonus game.

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1 Can 2 Can does not feature any progressive jackpot. The largest regular win (the jackpot) is 1000 coins. To win this jackpot you have the get 5 wild symbols in a row. 1000 coins can be worth as little as $10 and as much as $10 000 depending on the coin value you are using.

1000 coins is the maximum amount you can win on a single pay line. You can win more than this on a single spin if you are playing more than one pay line.

Where to play

Games from Nextgen gaming casino can be found in a large number of different casinos. The best way to find a casino to play in is to visit a casino review site and read their reviews for casinos that contain games from Nextgen. Examples of such casinos include Dunder casino, Spin casino, and jackpot city casino. You can also play the game for free by clicking here.

Welcome to Pettoucan.com. A website devoted to toucans and how to care for them as pet birds.

Black-mandibled Toucan

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1-Of-A-Kind Slot Review

1-Of-A-Kind is a new casino slot from Playtech with an extraordinarily unusual grid. This game could be used in encyclopedias to define the word “simplicity”. Playtech has always been an interesting provider with their odd yet satisfying games. One could argue that it feels like a lazy product, but we choose to look at it from another angle. Despite its extreme simplicity, we never see games like this, making it quite innovative, eh? Let’s take a look!

An image of the base game view, seemingly taking place in space

1-Of-A-Kind is a video slot from Playtech that features 1 reels, 1 row, and 1 payline. Players can choose between a wide range of bet sizes with a Min.bet of 0.05 and a Max.bet of 200. The game has a default RTP of 95.60%, but casino operators can also choose from lower RTP variants of 94.4% and 87.5%. 1-Of-A-Kind is played at medium volatility and offers a max win of 10000x the bet.

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Despite what it looks like, the game actually has plenty of mechanics. The features are Scatter Symbol, Multiplier Booster, Extra Multiplier Booster, Level Up Feature, Joker Feature, and Free Games.

1-Of-A-Kind Slot Information

We wouldn’t advise you to play this game when drunk, as an ever-rotating background is in play. However, it actually creates a really cool environment. We’re not entirely sure what it’s supposed to depict, but we imagine it’s some sort of spacecraft. Not only because it looks like that, but there are also stars floating on the screen, so space seems like the location. The game itself is placed in a rather small circle in the middle, allowing the environment to breath.

The game can be played on all common mobile devices and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing a full symbol in the wheel.

The lower-paying symbols consist bananas, watermelons, cherries, grapes, lemons, oranges, and bells. Landing one of these will pay 0.2x-1x the bet. The higher-paying symbols include bar, 7, double-bar, double-7, triple-bar, and triple-7. Landing one of these pays 2x-40x the bet. Scatters and Jokers can also land, activating various features. Let’s take a look at them!

1-Of-A-Kind Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot 1-Of-A-Kind?

You can win over 10000x the bet.

What features are available in the slot 1-Of-A-Kind?

The features are Scatter Symbol, Multiplier Booster, Extra Multiplier Booster, Level Up Feature, Joker Feature, and Free Games.

An image of the big win view

Scatter Symbol

Landing a Scatter symbol (diamond) triggers the Free Spins wheel.

Multiplier Booster

Whenever you land a paying symbol, you have a chance to randomly activate the Multiplier Booster. You’ll get to spin a wheel, where your win will be multiplied by up to 25x.

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An image of the multiplier booster feature

Extra Multiplier Booster

This feature is activated in the same way as the regular Multiplier Booster. However, when your win has been multiplied, the multiplier on that wedge will be removed. This will keep on going until you don’t land on a new multiplier. Keep in mind that it is only your original win that will be multiplied, so the wins does not multiply eachother.

Level Up Feature

The Level Up feature can be activated randomly when landing a win. Once again, you’ll spin a wheel, this time containing regular numbers. If you landed a banana, which is the 1st and worst symbol, and you get a 4 in the wheel, you’ll receive a lemon instead, which is the 4th symbol in the paytable, thus paying more.

Joker Feature

If you land a Joker symbol, the Joker feature will be activated, and once again, you’ll spin a wheel. Your goal is to collect 3 blue Joker symbols, awarding you the minor jackpot of 50x the bet. You’ll then proceed to the next wheel, where you want to collect 3 green Jokers, awarding you the major jackpot of 500x the bet. Lastly, landing 3 red Jokers in the last wheel will award you the grand jackpot of 10000x the bet. Unfortunately, we don’t have info or footage of this, so it’s unclear how you get knocked out, but we assume there is some sort of “X” wedge on the wheels.

Free Games

Landing a Scatter symbol will allow you to spin the Free Games wheel, awarding you either the Fruits Free Game (purple) or Respin Free Games (blue).

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Fruits Free Game

Landing the Free Games wheel on the purple section triggers 10 Fruits Free Spins. 5 symbols will be displayed over the game frame. If any of these symbols land in view during the Fruits Free Games, the corresponding icon will be removed. If all 5 Icons are removed, the feature is retriggered with 10 spins.

Respin Free Games

Landing the wheel on the blue section of the Free Games wheel triggers 5 Respin Free Games. Each lower-paying symbol that lands during this trigger an extra respin, and each higher-paying symbol that lands awards an extra 3 respins.

1-Of-A-Kind Slot Conclusion

1-Of-A-Kind, is, in many ways, just what the name proposes. You only need 1 symbol to make a winning combination, so there’s that, but it is also really one-of-a-kind. We’ve never seen something quite like this, and that’s both a negative and a positive. Of course, we love innovative gameplay, and regardless of whether you like it or not, this is something different.

When going into this game, we expected a really simple game, and it probably is once you get the hang of it, but the info section was a bit confusing, and we didn’t manage to land all the features, so we apologize if some of our explanations weren’t 100% correct. However, we like that the game wasn’t as straightforward as we had thought, as it adds an interesting aspect to the gameplay.

1-Of-A-Kind by Playtech is a 1-reel, 1-row game with plenty of interesting features to take part in.

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